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Title Author(s) Publication Date
Why the term Latinx is out and Latine is in Lauren Gilger May 7, 2024
Climate change will make Arizona more urban, more expensive Mark Brodie May 7, 2024
This writer examines the 'tradwife' movement and how it fits in with feminism Sam Dingman May 7, 2024
Latinos are moving to the right politically. How will that impact the 2024 election? Lauren Gilger May 7, 2024
The many ways protest music supplements Black social justice movements Mark Brodie May 7, 2024
Tempe organizations give out free pads, tampons to fight period poverty Kathy Ritchie May 7, 2024
This Arizona Supreme Court ruling affects what kind of 2024 election cases courts will hear Mark Brodie May 7, 2024
Arizona ranks 49th in per-student education spending Jill Ryan May 7, 2024
CDC urges states to protect farmworkers from bird flu Kirsten Dorman May 7, 2024
Pima County leaders seek federal help for a new urban wildlife refuge on Santa Cruz River Alisa Reznick May 6, 2024
Kern punished for using AZ Senate facilities to speak with antisemitic talk show host Wayne Schutsky May 6, 2024
Gilbert scheduled to consider police request for money for budget deficit Matthew Casey May 6, 2024
Valley Metro holds town halls ahead of new fare system Matthew Casey May 6, 2024
ADOT encourages drivers to get vehicles summer-ready Kirsten Dorman May 6, 2024
State Court of Appeals rules in favor of 2022 law designed to protect Arizonans from creditors Greg Hahne May 6, 2024
Snoop Dogg will lend his name to Arizona Bowl in Tucson Mark Brodie
Associated Press
May 6, 2024
Arizona law bars universities from boycotting Israel Wayne Schutsky May 6, 2024
How Arizona's 'fake elector' case is different from others around the U.S. Lauren Gilger May 6, 2024
Author David Toomey tries to figure out why animals play Sam Dingman May 6, 2024
Allhands: New proposal could help metro Phoenix cities wean off groundwater Lauren Gilger May 6, 2024
The groundwater supply in Cochise County is shrinking. Efforts to stop it haven't worked well Mark Brodie May 6, 2024
ASU police are accused of removing protesters' hijabs Lauren Gilger May 6, 2024
At the Capitol: Possible clarity on Arizona's 1864 abortion law Mark Brodie May 6, 2024
This nonprofit animal rescue team is trying to save pets, strays on the San Carlos Apache Reservation Gabriel Pietrorazio May 6, 2024
Kelly warns about a Chinese takeover of Taiwan, touts AZ semiconductor plants Tom Maxedon May 6, 2024