Alexandra Olgin

Title Author(s) Publication Date
School Funding: 1 Arizona District Turns Out The Lights On Fridays Alexandra Olgin April 18, 2016
How Arizona Hunters Angling To Take Down Bighorn Sheep Have Contributed Thousands To Conservation Alexandra Olgin March 7, 2016
Arizona Education Funding: Classroom Spending Not Always Tied To Student Success Alexandra Olgin March 1, 2016
Arizona DCS Closes Emergency Placement Center For Children Alexandra Olgin Feb. 29, 2016
House Approves Bill Limiting Child Abuse, Neglect Investigations From Hotline Calls Alexandra Olgin Feb. 24, 2016
House Reinforces SB 1070 Provisions On Immigration Lawsuits Alexandra Olgin Feb. 24, 2016
Ombudsman's Report: Arizona DCS Violated Law By Interviewing Child Without Consent Alexandra Olgin Feb. 18, 2016
Arizona Child Welfare System Struggling To Retain Caseworkers Alexandra Olgin Feb. 17, 2016
Lawmakers To Review Child Welfare Agency Budget Alexandra Olgin Feb. 16, 2016
Arizona Lawmakers Push Bill Raising Qualifications Of Child Welfare Director Alexandra Olgin Feb. 9, 2016
Arizona Legislative Committee Passes Bills To Help With DCS Workload Alexandra Olgin Feb. 8, 2016
Arizona Lawmakers To Consider Definition Of Child Abuse And Neglect Alexandra Olgin Feb. 8, 2016
Arizona Lawmakers Consider Disclosure Limits For Crime Records Alexandra Olgin Feb. 4, 2016
Arizona Prison System Proposes Community Corrections Center Alexandra Olgin Feb. 2, 2016
WHO Declares Public Health Emergency Related To Zika Virus Alexandra Olgin Feb. 1, 2016
Arizona DCS Looks To Change Definition Of Child Abuse And Neglect Alexandra Olgin Jan. 30, 2016
Arizona DCS Completing More Investigations, But Court Cases Increase Alexandra Olgin Jan. 29, 2016
Police: 3 Sprayed With Tomato Juice Outside Tempe Planned Parenthood Alexandra Olgin Jan. 27, 2016
Drug Court Program Helps Arizona Families Stay Together Alexandra Olgin Jan. 27, 2016
Lawmakers Consider Process For Prescribing Alternative Medicines Alexandra Olgin Jan. 25, 2016
Arizona Superintendent Douglas Talks About Need For Consistent School Funding Alexandra Olgin Jan. 20, 2016
Social Work Association Calls For New Leadership At Arizona DCS Alexandra Olgin Jan. 13, 2016
MCAO Reports 43 Officer-Involved Shootings Last Year In Maricopa County Alexandra Olgin Jan. 13, 2016
Lawsuit Resumes Over Arizona's Lethal Injection Drugs Alexandra Olgin Jan. 12, 2016
Arizona Lawmaker Plans To Reinstate Child Health Insurance Program Alexandra Olgin Jan. 8, 2016