Jude Joffe-Block

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Title Author(s) Publication Date
ACLU Launches App To Report Racial Profiling in Arizona Jude Joffe-Block Jun. 18, 2013
DOJ Expected To Join Negotiations With Arpaio Attorneys Jude Joffe-Block Jun. 14, 2013
Debate Over Arpaio Policing Kicks Off In Phoenix Jude Joffe-Block Jun. 13, 2013
Billboard Attacks Arizona Senator For Immigration Bill Support Jude Joffe-Block Jun. 11, 2013
Senate To Start Debate On Immigration Reform Jude Joffe-Block Jun. 6, 2013
Fate Of Controversial Program Part Of DHS Budget Debate Jude Joffe-Block Jun. 5, 2013
Sonora Governor Reassures Arizona Visitors Jude Joffe-Block May. 31, 2013
Judge Finds Legal Errors In ICE Training Jude Joffe-Block May. 31, 2013
Civil Rights Groups Claim Arizona Abortion Law Discriminatory Jude Joffe-Block May. 29, 2013
Pro Immigrant Groups Applaud Immigration Bill Progress Jude Joffe-Block May. 22, 2013
Foreign Retirees Could Benefit From Immigration Bill Jude Joffe-Block May. 21, 2013
DACA License Ban Stands For Now In Arizona Jude Joffe-Block May. 17, 2013
Visiting Where Others Cannot Jude Joffe-Block May. 17, 2013
Remeasuring Border Security Effectiveness Jude Joffe-Block, John Rosman May. 13, 2013
Hundreds Of Amendments Could Challenge Immigration Bill Jude Joffe-Block, Michel Marizco May. 8, 2013
Survey Finds Many Latinos Reluctant To Contact Police Jude Joffe-Block May. 8, 2013
Some Arizona Immigrants May Not Be Eligible For Immigration Reform Jude Joffe-Block May. 6, 2013
May 1 Marches Show Trajectory Of Immigration Movement Jude Joffe-Block Apr. 30, 2013
Asking Mexico To Look Beyond Arizona's Headlines Jude Joffe-Block Apr. 30, 2013
No SCOTUS Review For Alabama Immigration Law Jude Joffe-Block Apr. 29, 2013
In Mexico, Talk Of Immigration Reform Raises Hopes For Visits Home Jude Joffe-Block Apr. 26, 2013
DACA Challengers' Arguments Resonate With Judge Jude Joffe-Block Apr. 25, 2013
Experts Discuss Immigration Reform At ASU Panel Jude Joffe-Block Apr. 19, 2013
Phoenix Sports Teams Look To Mexico For Fans Jude Joffe-Block Apr. 18, 2013
Phoenix's Wish List For Relations With Mexico Jude Joffe-Block Apr. 16, 2013