Jude Joffe-Block

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Title Author(s) Publication Date
Arpaio Closer To Facing Contempt Charges Jude Joffe-Block, Mark Brodie Dec. 5, 2014
Dead Deputy Tested Positive For Meth Jude Joffe-Block Dec. 5, 2014
Judge: Arpaio's Violations Require Court Action Jude Joffe-Block Dec. 4, 2014
Border Patrol Wants More Women To Join Its Ranks Jude Joffe-Block Dec. 3, 2014
Judge Considering Criminal Contempt For Arpaio Jude Joffe-Block Dec. 2, 2014
Federal Judge Rules 133 Ballots In CD2 Race Won't Be Counted Jude Joffe-Block Nov. 27, 2014
Southern Arizona Expects Rush Of Mexican Shoppers On Black Friday Jude Joffe-Block Nov. 27, 2014
Arizona DREAMers Could Be Close To Getting Driver's Licenses Jude Joffe-Block Nov. 24, 2014
Judge Warns Arpaio He Could Be Held In Contempt Jude Joffe-Block Nov. 20, 2014
Affordable Care Act Headed To US Supreme Court Again Jude Joffe-Block Nov. 7, 2014
County Attorney Says He's Close To Revoking Deal For Mom Who Left Kids In Car Jude Joffe-Block Nov. 5, 2014
Valley Doctor Will Not Face Criminal Charges For Walking Around Sky Harbor With Gun Jude Joffe-Block Nov. 5, 2014
Montgomery To Ask Supreme Court To Preserve Law Denying Immigrants Bail Jude Joffe-Block Oct. 31, 2014
Monitor's Report Criticizes Sheriff’s Investigation Jude Joffe-Block Oct. 31, 2014
Judge Slams Arpaio For Investigation Mistakes, Comments Jude Joffe-Block Oct. 29, 2014
Judge To Hear Update On MCSO Internal Criminal Investigation Jude Joffe-Block Oct. 27, 2014
Many Differences, But Not Much Public Debate In Arizona Superintendent Race Jude Joffe-Block Oct. 22, 2014
Federal Judge Hears Arguments Challenging Arpaio's Worksite Raids Jude Joffe-Block Oct. 17, 2014
Rights Group: Screening For Asylum Seekers Is Flawed Jude Joffe-Block Oct. 16, 2014
Ribbon Cutting Nogales Commemorates Expanded Border Crossing Jude Joffe-Block Oct. 14, 2014
Mexico To Improve Highway Route To Nogales Jude Joffe-Block Oct. 13, 2014
Lawyer Arrested At SB1070 Protest Looks To Continue Lawsuit Against Maricopa County Jude Joffe-Block Oct. 8, 2014
El Salvador Tries To Rein In Crime With Community Policing Jude Joffe-Block Oct. 7, 2014
US Seeks To Curb Central American Child Exodus With Youth Programs Jude Joffe-Block Oct. 6, 2014
People Gather To Read Banned Plays In Phoenix Jude Joffe-Block Oct. 3, 2014