Andrew Bernier

Title Author(s) Publication Date
ASU Researchers Develop Jetpack Technology to Help Ground Troop Mobility Andrew Bernier Dec. 1, 2014
Former Audubon Society President Becomes Prescott College President Andrew Bernier Dec. 1, 2014
Project Hopes To Build Massive To-Scale Earth Model in Arizona Andrew Bernier Nov. 20, 2014
City of Phoenix Opens Live Data Access On Valley Metro Transit System Andrew Bernier Nov. 18, 2014
Experimental Spinal Cord Procedure Tested At Phoenix Hospital Andrew Bernier Nov. 14, 2014
UA Study Researches Link Between Sleep And Developmental Disorders Andrew Bernier Nov. 11, 2014
New UA Medical School In Phoenix Becoming An International Model Andrew Bernier Nov. 6, 2014
Arizona A Candidate For Gamma Radiation Observatory Andrew Bernier Nov. 5, 2014
Elementary School On The Reservation Visits Mars Andrew Bernier Nov. 4, 2014
Making And Innovation Find A New Home In The Valley Andrew Bernier Nov. 4, 2014
ADOT To Introduce Smarter Paving Method Andrew Bernier Oct. 22, 2014
Arizona Telescope Keeps Watch on Modified NASA Mission Andrew Bernier Oct. 20, 2014
Leaders Across Southwest Deliberate Drought Policy Andrew Bernier Oct. 14, 2014
How Do Fall Leaves Get Their Color? Andrew Bernier Oct. 14, 2014
Desert Shrub May Be Future of Rubber Production Andrew Bernier Oct. 13, 2014
Local and Federal Heads Discuss Arizona's Global Economic Impact Andrew Bernier Oct. 8, 2014
Phoenix Children’s Hospital Opens New Genomics Research Institute Andrew Bernier Oct. 6, 2014
New Urban Farmers Should Take A Closer Look At Valley Soil Andrew Bernier Oct. 2, 2014
Series of Southwest Storms Comes From Unique Circumstances Andrew Bernier Sept. 18, 2014
Changes In National Institute Of Health Funding Affects Arizona Institutions Andrew Bernier Sept. 16, 2014
Survey Finds Large Support For Redistributed Renewable Energy Revenues Andrew Bernier Sept. 10, 2014
Valley Oncologist Leads American Society for Radiation Oncology Andrew Bernier Sept. 9, 2014
TGen, ASU Concussion Research Continues Into Second Year Andrew Bernier Sept. 8, 2014
Agriculture Secretary Connects Ag, Renewable Energy Andrew Bernier Sept. 5, 2014
University of Arizona Overhauls Planetarium Projection System Andrew Bernier Sept. 1, 2014