Andrew Bernier

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Super Bowl Central Achieves 73 Percent Waste Diversion Rate Andrew Bernier Feb. 24, 2015
National Science Foundation Director Visits The Valley Andrew Bernier Feb. 23, 2015
ASU Workshop Hopes To Inspire And Increase Use Of Rehabilitation Robotics Andrew Bernier Feb. 17, 2015
New Report Predicts Southwest Will Become Drier Than Ever Andrew Bernier Feb. 17, 2015
California Condor Success Credited To Multi-Agency Partnership Andrew Bernier Feb. 13, 2015
Fourth Year Of AZ SciTech Festival Officially Underway Andrew Bernier Feb. 11, 2015
Desert Animal Relocation Efforts Often Prove Unsuccessful Andrew Bernier Feb. 2, 2015
Super Bowl Showcases Several Sustainability Efforts Andrew Bernier Jan. 29, 2015
Arizona SciTech Festival Kicks Off At Super Bowl Central Andrew Bernier Jan. 28, 2015
Super Bowl Exhibit Sparks Science Of Football Andrew Bernier Jan. 27, 2015
UA-Run Camera On Mars Orbiter Spots Lander Lost For A Decade Andrew Bernier Jan. 20, 2015
Climate Change May Make Airplane Takeoffs More Difficult, Expensive Andrew Bernier Jan. 20, 2015
University of Arizona Establishes New Medical Biorepository Andrew Bernier Jan. 12, 2015
EPA: Climate Action Is In Community's Hands Andrew Bernier Jan. 7, 2015
EPA Administrator Defends Fuel Standards And Public Transit Amid Falling Gas Prices Andrew Bernier Jan. 7, 2015
With Flu Season Well Underway In Phoenix, The Worst Is Still To Come Andrew Bernier Jan. 6, 2015
Super Bowl Program Supports Growing Urban Forest In Phoenix Andrew Bernier Dec. 29, 2014
ADOT Updates 'Clean Air Blue Skies' Plate Eligibility Andrew Bernier Dec. 23, 2014
Non-Toxic Algal Outbreak in Lake Havasu Due To Invasive Species Andrew Bernier Dec. 22, 2014
Large Philanthropist Gift To UA-Partnered Giant Magellan Telescope Observatory Andrew Bernier Dec. 16, 2014
U.S. Energy Secretary Dr. Ernest Moniz On STEM Education Andrew Bernier Dec. 12, 2014
Tempe Breaks Ground on New Water Testing Lab Andrew Bernier Dec. 12, 2014
Alternative Fuels Not Created Equal in the Valley Andrew Bernier Dec. 10, 2014
Mesa Pilots Textile Recycling Program Drop-Off Sites Andrew Bernier Dec. 2, 2014
AIA Recognizes Robotics As A High School Sport Andrew Bernier Dec. 2, 2014