Andrew Bernier

Title Author(s) Publication Date
ASU-Built Space Instrument Part Of NASA's OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Andrew Bernier June 23, 2015
ASU Researchers Develop Foldable Batteries Andrew Bernier June 19, 2015
NAU Ice Lab Preps For New Pluto Data From New Horizons Space Probe Andrew Bernier June 19, 2015
El Niño Expected to Last Into 2016; May Bring Moisture, Cooler Temps Andrew Bernier June 11, 2015
ASU Professor Takes Part in International Climate Negotiations Andrew Bernier June 8, 2015
Solar Impulse Plane Delays Trans-Pacific Flight Due to Weather, Damage Andrew Bernier June 4, 2015
ASU Partners With Argonne National Laboratory For Research Andrew Bernier June 4, 2015
City of Phoenix Invests Into Northern Arizona Forests Andrew Bernier May 29, 2015
Report: Taller Trees At Greater Risk From Climate Change Andrew Bernier May 26, 2015
ASU Service Connects Biologists To Questions From Around The World Andrew Bernier May 26, 2015
Study: Cold-Blooded Animals May Struggle To Adapt To Climate Change Andrew Bernier May 21, 2015
Phoenix-Area Mentors Focus On Young Women Interested In STEAM Careers Andrew Bernier May 11, 2015
TGen Partnership Study Advances Research On Often-Fatal Brain Tumor Andrew Bernier May 4, 2015
Arizona Partnership Opens Door For Food-Borne Illness Vaccine Andrew Bernier April 30, 2015
How An Old Mesa Pool Became A Garden And An International Nonprofit Andrew Bernier April 28, 2015
ASU Researcher Using Salmonella To Fight Cancer Cells Andrew Bernier April 20, 2015
Arizona Researchers: Fungus Could Be Key To Slowing Destructive Bark Beetles Andrew Bernier April 15, 2015
STEM Guitar Project Strikes A Chord With Arizona Teachers Andrew Bernier March 27, 2015
Placing Arizona Medical Students In Rural Areas Still A Challenge Andrew Bernier March 25, 2015
New Arizona Technology Aims To Improve Crop Quality, Yield Andrew Bernier March 17, 2015
UA To Study Effects Of Sleep Patterns On STEM Education Andrew Bernier March 13, 2015
Solar Impulse Plane Takes Off With Phoenix Stop Planned Andrew Bernier March 9, 2015
Arizona's Growing Alzheimer's Population Sought For Research Participation Andrew Bernier March 5, 2015
ASU-Led Discovery Closes In On Human Origin Andrew Bernier March 4, 2015
UA Telescopes Help Discover Massive Black Hole at 'Cosmic Dawn' Andrew Bernier Feb. 26, 2015