Andrew Bernier

Title Author(s) Publication Date
An Interview With Dr. James Hansen, The 'Father Of Climate Change Awareness' Andrew Bernier Feb. 26, 2016
How Peoria Police Are Using New Technology To Better Predict When And Where Crime Will Happen Andrew Bernier Feb. 24, 2016
Phoenix Mayo Clinic Opens New Cancer Center, Proton Beam Therapy Program Andrew Bernier Feb. 22, 2016
Phoenix Children's Hospital, City To Host Cancer MoonShot 2020 Pediatric Cancer Research Andrew Bernier Feb. 19, 2016
Arizona Researchers: Specific Genes May Make Some Prone To 'Broken Heart Syndrome' Andrew Bernier Feb. 12, 2016
Scientists Present Evidence Of Hidden Giant Planet On Edge Of Solar System Andrew Bernier Jan. 20, 2016
Arizona Researchers: Immobile Infants Can Be Just As At Risk For Accidental Poison Ingestion Andrew Bernier Jan. 18, 2016
UA College Of Medicine-Phoenix Dean Named Finalist For New Texas Medical School Andrew Bernier Jan. 18, 2016
Arizona Sets Record For Highest Low Temperature Average In 2015 Andrew Bernier Jan. 18, 2016
Arizona Momentarily Free Of Any Areas Of Severe Drought Andrew Bernier Jan. 15, 2016
ASU Scientists Uncover How Clay Can Kill Harmful Bacteria Andrew Bernier Jan. 11, 2016
Ranked Near Top In Opportunity And Bottom For Readiness, Arizona's STEM Future Mixed Andrew Bernier Jan. 11, 2016
ASU Mathematician: Cancer Cells May Move More Like Flocks Of Birds Andrew Bernier Dec. 22, 2015
Survey: Different Perspectives On Science, Health Held By Different Groups Andrew Bernier Dec. 21, 2015
Arizona Native American Students Travel To Sri Lanka As STEAM Ambassadors Andrew Bernier Dec. 18, 2015
Arizona Researcher: Shift In Sourcing Material Allowed Ancient People To Build Massive Structures Andrew Bernier Dec. 9, 2015
Wildlife Crossings Connect Critical Habitats Disrupted By Arizona Highways Andrew Bernier Dec. 4, 2015
Tucson Exploring Tax Regulations For Popular Short-Term Rentals Andrew Bernier Nov. 27, 2015
Valley Residents Encouraged To Recycle Cooking Grease Andrew Bernier Nov. 27, 2015
Buffalo Chip Saloon In Cave Creek Destroyed By Thanksgiving Day Fire Andrew Bernier Nov. 26, 2015
Obama Administration Sends Letter to Governors Who Won't Accept Refugees Andrew Bernier Nov. 26, 2015
UA Research Discovers Conifer Trees Duplicated Entire Genome Sequence During Evolution Andrew Bernier Nov. 24, 2015
University Of Arizona Lab Works To Eradicate Remaining Poliovirus Types Andrew Bernier Nov. 23, 2015
Innovative Efforts Address Millions Of Pounds Of Food Waste In Arizona Andrew Bernier Nov. 13, 2015
Arizona Agencies Picked For International Pancreas Cancer Research Dream Team Andrew Bernier Nov. 12, 2015