News Staff

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Digital Editor
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Senior Field Correspondent - Hermosillo
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Senior Field Correspondent
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Senior Producer - The Show
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Senior Field Correspondent
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Senior Field Correspondent
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Senior Field Correspondent - Downtown
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Senior Field Correspondent - Science
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Senior Editor
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Producer - The Show
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Assistant Digital Editor
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Fronteras Desk Senior Editor
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Senior Producer - The Show
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Senior Producer - The Show
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Senior Field Correspondent - Tucson
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Senior Editor
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Senior Field Correspondent - Tempe
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Morning Edition Producer
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Digital Editor
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Senior Digital Editor
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Executive Producer - The Show
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Intern - The Show
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Managing Editor
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Assistant Digital Editor
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Senior Field Correspondent - Hermosillo

Music Staff

First Name Last Name Position
Bob Corritore Those Lowdown Blues Host
Bryan Houston Announcer / Jazz Host
Blaise Lantana Music Director and Host
Chazz Rayburn Announcer / Jazz Host
Michele Robins Announcer / Jazz Host

Senior Management

Name Title Phone Number E-mail
Jon Hoban Vice President, Division of Public Service 480-834-5627 E-mail Jon
John Sage Associate Vice President 480-834-5627 E-mail John
Linda Pastori General Manager, Development 480-834-5627 E-mail Linda
Matt Myers Associate General Manager, SPOT 127 480-774-8382 E-mail Matt