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Researchers unite in call for sustainable food systems
More than 30 researchers from a dozen countries have authored a perspectives paper in the journal Nature Sustainability calling for the world to shift to more sustainable food systems. They say the overhaul should be guided by education and research, and based on principles like sufficiency, renewal, distributed benefits, access and community.
Aug. 18, 2022
At last, good news about PFAS forever chemicals removal
In June, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued four health advisories for PFAS in drinking water, and Arizona officials found alarming levels of the pervasive toxins in a Prescott restaurant's water supply. Now, new research offers hope for taking the "forever" out of these "forever chemicals."
Aug. 18, 2022
Director of Aunt Ritas shares monkeypox experience
As of Aug. 18, there are 183 probable and confirmed cases of monkeypox in Maricopa County. And one of those infected is Jimmy Thomason, director of Aunt Rita's Foundation.
Aug. 18, 2022
Officials handling of monkeypox susceptibility echoes misinformation from HIV/AIDS epidemic
When monkeypox first emerged as a health concern, much of the focus was on the LGBTQ community. But as it becomes clearer that susceptibility to the virus isn't based on sexual behavior, the narrative is changing.
Aug. 18, 2022
Microchip tapped to build next-gen spaceflight processor
NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has selected Microchip Technology of Chandler to develop its next generation of high-performance spaceflight computer processors.
Aug. 17, 2022
56% of infected dont know they have COVID-19
Experts have credited omicron’s swift spread to both biological and social factors, from its greater transmissibility to a relaxation of social precautions. But new research shows another insidious factor at work: Most infected people don’t know they have it.
Aug. 17, 2022
How COVID-19, monkeypox have revealed racial inequities in health care
Concerns about racial disparities in health care are again coming to the forefront as worries over monkeypox's transmission increase.
Aug. 17, 2022
Report: Phoenix will see hotter temps in coming decades
It’s hot now, but Phoenix is only going to get hotter over the next 30 years. A new report from the climate research firm, First Street Foundation, projects Maricopa County could see days that reach 125 degrees by the middle of this century.
Aug. 16, 2022
UA prepares for COVID-19 and monkeypox
The University of Arizona is facing fights to stop the spread of monkeypox on campus, as well as the stigma that follows the disease.
Aug. 16, 2022
Further evidence shows mRNA vaccines safe during pregnancy
Females who are pregnant face a greater risk of severe COVID-19 outcomes, yet their vaccination rates still lag behind. Now, a study of more than 90,000 females provides further evidence that mRNA vaccines are safe during pregnancy.
Aug. 16, 2022
Could the ocean provide a cure for the Southwest water problem?
It's a picture-perfect day in Southern California. The sun is beating down on this Carlsbad beach, where volleyballs hit the sand and surfers paddle out into the waves. Just steps from here, the salty water lapping the shore is being transformed.
Aug. 16, 2022
Final prelaunch underway for NASA Artemis I mission
NASA’s Artemis I mission is slated to begin rolling toward its launch pad at Kennedy Space Center on Tuesday, where it is scheduled to lift off on Aug. 29. A cargo of small research satellites — including one from ASU — will be hitching a ride.
Aug. 15, 2022
Monsoon brings out palo verde beetles, toads
Shinji Otsuru is a keeper at the Phoenix Zoo who takes care of reptiles and amphibians. The Show spoke with Otsuru about what kinds of creatures we tend to see in the Phoenix area around this time of year.
Aug. 15, 2022
People with COVID-19 seek more medical help, even 6 months after infection
Up to six months after infection, more than 70% of COVID-19 patients still have at least one symptom, but health care systems concentrate resources on treating the initial disease, not its aftereffects.
Aug. 13, 2022
Monkeypox transmission rate has experts worried
Monkeypox isn’t spreading the same way as COVID-19, or infecting nearly as many people, but it is another public health concern in our communities. But why is society being hit by another contagious illness?
Aug. 12, 2022
How summers — and COVID-19 — rob Arizonans of vital sleep
It’s said “a good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.” But many Arizonans find long, hot summer days, demanding work schedules and even pandemic side-effects can foul up their 40 winks — a deficit that can lead to health nightmares.
More Arizona science news
Aug. 12, 2022
Mushroom Society cooks up foraged fungi for annual foray
It's wild mushroom season, and the Arizona Mushroom Society is hosting its biggest gathering of the year Aug. 12-14.
Aug. 11, 2022
Research confirms firefighting could cause cancer. Thats a big deal for sick firefighters
The International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified the occupational exposure firefighters face as carcinogenic.
Aug. 11, 2022
An active monsoon will not end the drought, but its good for wildlife
Experts agree that the active monsoon is not going to end the drought or raise water levels at Lake Powell. But the rain does have a lot of benefits.
Aug. 10, 2022
Phoenix program offers free gardens, training, maintenance
The city of Phoenix Office of Environmental Programs has kicked off the next cohort of its Backyard Garden Program, which will give a free garden to more than 90 Phoenix households.
Aug. 10, 2022