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Corning to open fiber cable plant in Gilbert
The materials science company Corning Incorporated has announced plans to build an optical cable plant in Gilbert. The industry’s western-most U.S. manufacturing site is slated to open in 2024 and create 250 jobs.
Aug. 31, 2022
New COVID-19 omicron boosters could arrive in AZ soon
Arizona’s COVID-19 outbreak continues to show signs of improvement, according to the latest update from the state health department. And the state could soon begin offering updated booster vaccines to protect against a potential winter surge.
Aug. 31, 2022
Meet the astronomer behind the sound of a black hole
NASA has released audio of a black hole, countering many misconceptions that there's no sound in space. Kimberly Arcand is the scientist behind it. Her official title is visualization scientist and emerging tech lead for NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory.
Aug. 31, 2022
Scientists say we should treat the urban heat island like a disease
The heart of the Phoenix metro area — and its downtowns, in particular — has faced decades dealing with the effects of the urban heat island.
Aug. 31, 2022
Sen. Kelly touts Arizona opportunities to rake in CHIPS Act funding
U.S. Sen. Mark Kelly says Arizona is “well-positioned” to take advantage of new funding available via the CHIPS and Science Act, which includes $52 billion dedicated to boosting domestic semiconductor manufacturing.
Aug. 31, 2022
Navajo Nation awarded more than $50M for high-speed internet
The Navajo Nation will be receiving more than $50 million to fund internet access projects across the reservation. The funding comes through the U.S. Department of Commerce and will go to deploy high-speed internet infrastructure.
Aug. 31, 2022
Tempe-based First Solar announces U.S. expansion
One of the goals of the Inflation Reduction Act was to spur investment in clean energy. A Tempe-based firm says it will expand its operations as a result.
Aug. 30, 2022
Free program for home COVID-19 tests ends Friday
If you want to order free at-home COVID-19 tests from the federal government, you have just a few days left to get your request in.
Aug. 30, 2022
Abortion by the numbers: How AZ compares with the rest of the U.S.
Planned Parenthood Arizona become one of few abortion providers in Arizona offering abortion care Aug. 29 as it resumed services at its Tucson facility. But how common are abortions in Arizona? Who’s getting them?
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Aug. 30, 2022
Author worries new grief diagnosis could skew how we perceive loss
The American Psychiatric Association has added "Prolonged Grief Disorder" to the DSM-5. But Rebecca Soffer says grief is personal, and often doesn't follow a specific timeline.
Aug. 30, 2022
Saguaro Census finds Arizonas iconic desert cactus could be in trouble
Findings show most cacti in the Valley are damaged and older, with few young plants popping up to supplement future growth.
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Aug. 30, 2022
Ground-based telescopes need love, too
Research continues quietly atop southern Arizona mountains while the Webb space telescope makes headlines.
Aug. 30, 2022
Study: Reproductive health providers hampered by Trump-era policies
The Guttmacher Institute conducted interviews with publicly funded, family-planning health care providers. Their study found that restrictive state and federal policies had a negative impact on a person’s ability to access birth control.
Aug. 30, 2022
UA studies memory in young people with Down syndrome
University of Arizona researchers are studying memory and brain development in young people living with Down syndrome.
Aug. 29, 2022
Bat in Grand Canyon river corridor tests positive for rabies
Grand Canyon National Park reports that a bat on the Colorado River corridor has tested positive for rabies. The bat was brought in for testing in mid-August.
Aug. 29, 2022
Planned Parenthood resumes abortion care in Tucson
Planned Parenthood Arizona has resumed abortion care services at its Tucson facility. It's the first time services are being offered by the organization since being paused statewide shortly after the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade.
Aug. 29, 2022
Walmart delivery drones may be coming to Arizona
Is it a bird or a plane? Turns out, for some Arizonans, it could be a Walmart drone with your delivery.
Aug. 29, 2022
Why Arizonans could benefit from swapping cars for golf carts
Despite efforts like light rail and buses, the Valley remains a car city. But some innovators would like to see “car culture” shift to “car culture.” Golf carts, that is.
Aug. 29, 2022
How lean bodies, good lab results can mask liver disease
In March, KJZZ’s Arizona Science Desk reported that people who are lean can face surprisingly high risk for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, a group of illnesses that can progress to cirrhosis and cancer. New research by TGen and Temple University might help explain why.
Aug. 29, 2022
Saguaro National Park tries to stop invasive grass
Saguaro National Park in southern Arizona will resume aerial spray treatments to address the spread of buffelgrass in the park.
Aug. 27, 2022