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Tucson is investing in electric vehicles. Why cost shouldnt be a concern
Beginning Dec. 1, Tucson is requiring all new developments and parking lots with at least 50 spaces to offer electric vehicle charging stations.
Sept. 12, 2022
La Niña could spell a warmer, drier winter for the Southwest
Cold water in the Pacific Ocean is pushing towards the surface, changing weather patterns above our region for the third straight year. Typically, that means colder, wetter winters for the northwestern portion of the country, and a warmer, drier winter in the Southwest.
Sept. 12, 2022
Bees likely find flowers using patterns, not just colors
Despite poor distance vision beyond a few centimeters and a brain smaller than a grain of rice, a bee can fly for miles, find food and triangulate the best path home. New research shows the social insects may rely on a mix of colors and patterns to find their targets.
Sept. 12, 2022
Pre-COVID-19 psychological distress can increase long COVID-19 risks
Long COVID-19 can upend people’s lives for months or years, but experts have yet to pin down which traits are linked to developing the condition. New research suggests psychological distress might play a significant role.
Sept. 12, 2022
Experts call for scaling up wastewater monitoring for disease detection
Wastewater monitoring rose to prominence during the pandemic, when states like Arizona used it to detect the emergence of the omicron variant. Now, concerns over polio and monkeypox have inspired 18 scientists to call for scaling up the surveillance.
Sept. 9, 2022
Hot Town: How to garden in Phoenixs triple-digit heat
The Show series Hot Town is exploring all of the sometimes surprising ways our lives are shaped by the Phoenix heat — including in our yards. Meet master gardener Melissa Kruse-Peeples.
Sept. 8, 2022
Extreme heat, cold may drive up online hate speech
Scientists have long tried to clarify the complex relationship between uncomfortable temperatures, human behavior and societal stability. Climate change has only added urgency to the question. A new study offers some clues.
Sept. 7, 2022
Arizona COVID-19 cases drop to 4-month low
COVID-19 cases in Arizona this week dropped to the lowest level the state has seen since late April.
Sept. 7, 2022
A small satellite developed at ASU is part of a larger moon mission
A tiny satellite developed at ASU is part of a larger mission to learn more about water on the moon.
Sept. 7, 2022
How this Phoenix building was designed to combat heat
The University of Arizona’s Health Sciences Education Building in downtown Phoenix is making Arizona healthier — not just from facilitating health classes, but from mitigating heat with its copper-clad exterior.
Sept. 7, 2022
Carbon dioxide detected on exoplanet for the 1st time
Carbon dioxide is a prevalent molecule on Earth. And while scientists have expected that to be true for many other planets, it was only detected on an exoplanet for the first time recently with the James Webb Space Telescope.
Sept. 7, 2022
Hot Town: Early newspaper coverage of Phoenix heat might surprise you
Despite all the attributes of being the country’s fifth largest metropolis, what Phoenix is really known for is the heat. The Show series Hot Town explores the Valley's hotness in all its forms. The Hot Town series starts with a look back at Phoenix's heat history.
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Sept. 6, 2022
Hurricane Kay could cool Southwests high temps
Labor Day is supposed to mark the end of summer, but autumn does not appear to be in the air here in the Valley.
Sept. 6, 2022
University of Arizona gets $11 million grant for solar storage research
The U.S. Department of Energy has granted University of Arizona almost $11 million over four years to support an Energy Frontier Research Center there. The center’s research on energy conversion and storage could advance solar progress.
Sept. 5, 2022
Mars Perseverance tool makes as much O2 as a modest tree
Future plans for a round-trip to Mars must overcome major supply hurdles, including the hundreds of tons of oxygen needed to propel the return trip. A lunchbox-sized gadget on the Perseverance rover might provide an answer.
Sept. 2, 2022
Navajo Nation sees success in COVID-19 vaccination for children
The Indian Health Service says the Navajo Nation has been exceptional at rolling out the COVID-19 vaccine to children, but still faces many logistical challenges especially with the youngest age group.
Sept. 2, 2022
Health officials encourage Arizonans 65+ to get 2022 flu shots
As new variants of COVID-19 become more dominant and flu season approaches, health officials are encouraging Arizonans 65 and up to roll up their sleeves.
Sept. 2, 2022
Ransomware attacks grow smarter, costlier to fight
Over the past few years alone, ransomware attacks have temporarily shut down Flagstaff public schools and cost medical systems and managed care companies millions of dollars.
Sept. 2, 2022
3 cases of measles confirmed in Maricopa County
One adult and two children in Maricopa County recently contracted measles, according to the Maricopa County Department of Public Health. One was hospitalized.
Sept. 1, 2022
Infrastructure funds to restore water levels at Lake Mead hatchery
The Bureau of Reclamation has announced that funding in the bipartisan infrastructure law includes more than $8 million to replace the water supply line at Lake Mead Hatchery.
Sept. 1, 2022