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Researchers say they have a vaccine that prevents Valley fever in dogs
Researchers from the University of Arizona College of Medicine say they’ve found a vaccine that effectively prevents Valley fever in dogs.
Oct. 27, 2021
Former officer says refusing vaccine is an issue of police culture
As cities around the country consider vaccine mandates for employees — including Tucson, here in Arizona — one area that’s proving difficult when it comes to compliance is police departments.
Oct. 27, 2021
Sonora says cloud seeding with silver iodide produced more rain
As in many parts of Arizona, Sonora enjoyed a wet monsoon season, a welcome change from last year’s disappointing summer that left many in the state’s critical agricultural sector desperate. Federal and state officials are chalking some of that up to cloud seeding.
Oct. 27, 2021
Apache County reports highest rate of recent COVID-19 cases in Arizona
The U.S. is averaging less than half as many COVID-19 cases per day now as it was in early September. But in Arizona, cases have plateaued at a fairly high level. Apache County in the northeast corner of the state has been reporting the highest rate of new cases recently.
Oct. 26, 2021
This beetle was released to kill non-native plants. Now its an invader
Invasive species can have dramatic effects on our ecosystem, as Arizona’s high country was hit in the past by bark beetles — creatures that increased the risk of wildfires. Now a different kind of beetle is causing other worries in our state.
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Oct. 26, 2021
During pregnancy, the vaccine conversation isnt always easy
Late last month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued an urgent health advisory asking pregnant people to get vaccinated against COVID-19. But the message from health authorities on whether or not they should get the vaccine has not always been consistent.
Oct. 26, 2021
COVID-19 is now Arizonas leading cause of death
COVID-19 has been the leading cause of death in Arizona during the pandemic. According to a new report from the Arizona Public Health Association, COVID-19 beat out other leading causes such as heart disease and cancer in the state.
Oct. 26, 2021
Scientists call for global guidelines governing DNA research on human remains
The rapid growth of DNA research on human remains raises many ethical concerns, but not all guidelines apply equally well in every setting. Now, more than 60 experts from 31 countries have published five rules they hope will work anywhere in the world.
Oct. 26, 2021
ASU will help build an office park space station
A global group of companies and universities has announced plans to develop an "office park in space" to open by the end of the decade. ASU will play a leadership role in the enterprise, which includes Blue Origin, Sierra Space and Boeing.
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Oct. 26, 2021
Meet the scientist in charge of dealing with heat in Phoenix
Phoenix has become the first city in the country to open a publicly funded Office of Heat Response and Mitigation; that’s part of nearly $3 million to deal with heat and climate change in the most recent city budget.
Oct. 25, 2021
How PCH is getting ready to vaccinate younger kids
To learn what the COVID-19 vaccine rollout could look like for kids 5-11 in Arizona, The Show spoke with Dr. Wasim Ballan, a pediatric infectious diseases specialist at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.
Oct. 25, 2021
Archaeologists find link between Maya, Olmec cultures
A lack of data has long hindered attempts to link the Olmec and Maya cultures, and to trace the origins of a recurring building pattern that may connect them. New research uses remote sensing to help fill in the blanks.
Oct. 25, 2021
This author imagines email thats better for our brains
It has most likely happened to all of us — we’re working on something, and we hear the ding of a new email or instant message. We immediately stop what we’re doing to check and respond to the new message. But Cal Newport says that is not an ideal way to work. In fact, he says it’s a productivity disaster, among other problems.
Oct. 22, 2021
Human rights panel to hear Navajo uranium contamination case
A group representing Navajo communities is presenting its case to an international human rights body, saying U.S. regulators violated the rights of tribal members when they cleared the way for uranium mining in western New Mexico.
Oct. 22, 2021
Arizonas health department encourages booster shots for eligible adults
Arizona’s health department is encouraging older adults and other eligible groups to plan to get the additional shot once CDC recommendations are finalized.
Oct. 21, 2021
Lowell Observatory reopens to the public next month
After closing its doors 20 months ago due to COVID-19 concerns, Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff will reopen for general admission on Nov. 15.
Oct. 21, 2021
Citizen scientists help fill in map of disease-carrying ticks
Tick-borne illnesses have spread into new areas over the past two decades. But expensive and limited surveys reveal only part of the picture. Now, a citizen science project led in part by TGen and NAU has found disease-carrying ticks in 116 counties missed by the CDC.
Oct. 21, 2021
CDC study shows Pfizer vaccine is effective in kids 12-18
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released a study showing the effectiveness of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in adolescents aged 12 to 18. The numbers are very promising.
Oct. 20, 2021
Anxiety rising among women and kids, report shows
The newest report from America’s Health Rankings shines a light on the unique challenges faced by women and children — especially in light of the pandemic. In Arizona, in particular, it finds anxiety has increased more than 20% among children and teens since 2017.
Oct. 20, 2021
Maricopa County is planning ahead to get kids vaccinated
A Food and Drug Administration panel is expected to meet next week to consider emergency use authorization for Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for kids ages 5 to 11. Maricopa County Public Health is already making a plan to get Arizona children vaccinated.
Oct. 19, 2021