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Mental Health Providers See Uptick In Cases Due To Pandemic Stress
As the pandemic drags into its eighth month, the mental health implications of it for millions of people are becoming more clear.
Oct. 27, 2020
Thousands Of Chiricahua Leopard Frogs Released Into The Wild
So far in 2020, it seems if it’s not one thing, it’s another. It may feel like there’s been nothing really worth celebrating. At times like these, we need to take the small victories as they come — such as saving endangered animals.
Oct. 26, 2020
U.S. Grants Broadband Licenses To Native American Tribes
The Federal Communications Commission has granted broadcast licenses ideal for high-speed wireless internet to rural tribal governments in New Mexico, Arizona and elsewhere. The 2.5 GHz licenses have been granted to 154 Native American communities so far, the commission announced in a statement Friday.
Oct. 26, 2020
Masks Could Save 130,000 U.S. Lives By End Of February
With coronavirus vaccines and treatments still in development, states must rely on social policies to bring the current surge under control. Now, a new study shows universal mask-wearing could make a huge difference — especially in Arizona.
Oct. 26, 2020
Study Says Airplane Cleaning Products Kill COVID-19
Even as airlines post billion-dollar losses, the U.S. Department of Transportation has declined to mandate mask-wearing on airplanes. But a study of cleaning methods by Boeing and the University of Arizona could offer some hope for the future of flight.
Oct. 25, 2020
Study: Fears Of A Rare Side Effect Unfounded In Coronavirus Vaccines
Almost half of Americans say they would not get a COVID-19 vaccine if it were available today, according to a September poll by the Pew Research Center. A new study might help allay those fears.
Oct. 24, 2020
Pinal County Sues Family Members Of Purdue Pharma Owners Over Opioid Epidemic
The deal reached this week between the U.S. Justice Department and the maker of OxyContin, Purdue Pharma, does not end the legal issues for the pharmaceutical company. Other states, counties and cities — including Pinal County — have legal claims against the firm and its owners.
Oct. 23, 2020
Expert Explains So-Called Super-Spreaders Effect On Coronavirus Transmission
Most of the country is seeing a strong surge of COVID-19 cases. Arizona is no exception, with the number of cases here nearly doubling in recent weeks. But we may have additional insight into who’s causing that spike — so-called “superspreaders” — which can be people and events.
Oct. 23, 2020
Forest Management Easier Said Than Done
In June of 2002, nearly half a million acres burned in the Arizona high country. At the time, the Rodeo-Chediski Fire was the largest wildfire in the state’s history. There was too much fuel in the forest, a buildup that began more than a century ago. Enough people saw the record-breaking fire and agreed that something needed to be done to prevent the next big fire.
Oct. 23, 2020
Director: Surge Concerning, But Its Not A Time To Panic
Public health experts are warning the rising daily new cases mirrors what we saw in mid-June before the state experienced a massive surge. And the state recently submitted its COVID-19 vaccination plan to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for review.
Oct. 22, 2020
In Grasslands, Wildfires Fuel Calls For New Solutions
In the West, wildfires don’t just happen in forests. Researchers are looking at how fighting invasive species could help prevent drought-fueled fires on the range. Our look at where water and fire intersect across the region continues.
Oct. 22, 2020
AZ COVID-19 Case Rates Approach Early Summer Levels
After clawing back from leading the world in COVID-19 cases per capita, Arizona is once again accelerating toward summer levels.
Oct. 21, 2020
Latinos In Arizona Now Make Up Nearly A Quarter Of Eligible Voters
New data published by the Pew Research Center throws into sharp relief just how much our country — and our state — have changed in recent decades. Nilda Flores-Gonzalez makes the case that increasing diversity is good for all of us.
Oct. 21, 2020
Arizona Republic: Schools Not Getting Safety Inspections
More and more students and teachers are spending more time in the classroom across Arizona, as COVID-19 metrics allow for increased in-person instruction. But Lily Altavena of the Arizona Republic points out those school buildings are not getting inspections to make sure they’re safe.
Oct. 21, 2020
Wildfires Jeopardize Access To Drinking Water
For many western communities, their water supplies originate from melting snow, high up in the mountains. But this summer’s record-breaking wildfires have reduced some headwater forests to burnt trees and heaps of ash.
Oct. 21, 2020
OSIRIS-REx Holds Bits Of Previously Visited Asteroid
The OSIRIS-REx mission is designed to retrieve a sample from the asteroid Bennu. But Bennu itself holds samples from another asteroid NASA visited not long ago.
Oct. 20, 2020
99% Invisible Host Explores Hidden World Of Design In New Book
Whether it’s roads, buildings, or items big and small around the house, there are a lot of things we simply don’t notice — or even take for granted. But design is all around us — at all times. Roman Mars has dug more deeply into those topics in the new book "The 99% Invisible City: A Field Guide to the Hidden World of Everyday Design."
Oct. 20, 2020
Homeowners Who Avoid Wildfire Damage Can Find Themselves In New Flood Zone
Record-breaking wildfires have burned through the Western U.S. in 2020. As firefighters tamp down their immediate effects, those who live nearby are coming to grips with the lingering danger of wildfires. Even long after the flames are gone, residents face a serious increase in the threat of flooding.
Oct. 20, 2020
Scientists Getting Ready To Collect Sample From Asteroid Bennu
A spacecraft that launched in 2016 will make its first attempt Oct. 20 to collect a sample from the surface of the asteroid Bennu, and then bring it back to Earth. The OSIRIS-REx mission is NASA’s first sample return mission since the Apollo Era, and the first time the agency is bringing back a piece of an asteroid.
Oct. 19, 2020
How Cooler Temps Could Affect Coronavirus Spread Across AZ
Daily new COVID-19 cases are on the rise again, and with cooler weather in the air, The Show wanted to know what might be ahead in the weeks and months to come. Dr. Purnima Madhivanan is an infectious disease epidemiologist with the University of Arizona.
Oct. 19, 2020