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The Beautiful, Confounding Springs Of The Grand Canyon
Snowpack plays a big role in the West’s water supply. But researchers say that groundwater is equally important — particularly in the Colorado River watershed. Some are examining the walls of the Grand Canyon to understand how groundwater responds to climate change.
CDC: Fully Vaccinated People Can Unmask; Thats 1 In 3 Arizonans
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday COVID-19 vaccines are effective enough that fully vaccinated Americans don’t need face masks anymore in most settings. About a third of Arizona’s population is now fully vaccinated.
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11 hours ago
Electric Vehicle Company ElectraMeccanica Breaks Ground In Mesa
A Canadian company has broken ground on a 230,000-plus square foot factory in Mesa, where it will manufacture a three-wheeled electric vehicle called SOLO.
10 hours ago
How A New Law On Doxxing Could Impact Arizonas Free Speech
Among the bills Gov. Doug Ducey has signed into law during the current legislative session is one meant to tighten restrictions on doxxing — the process of revealing personal information about someone else online. The bill passed the Legislature with bipartisan support, but some are concerned it goes too far and may actually help limit political-related speech.
May. 13, 2021
How The Colonial Pipeline Shutdown Highlights Flaws In U.S. Cybersecurity
The Colonial Pipeline has been restarted, days after a cyberattack sent it offline and prompted panic buying of gasoline in a number of states in the eastern U.S. The Show spoke with Nadya Bliss, who directs ASU’s Global Security Initiative, about how the Colonial Pipeline attack affects perception of how important cybersecurity is.
May. 13, 2021
Many Older Adults With Hearing Loss Arent Getting The Care They Need
Hearing loss is a common problem among older adults. But it’s often left untreated for lots of reasons — but a big reason, according to one researcher, is ageism.
May. 13, 2021
Report: Teens Turn To Social Media For Health Help During Pandemic
Nearly 40% of teens reported symptoms of moderate to severe depression last year, amidst the pandemic, but social media has been a key in helping them stay connected.
May. 12, 2021
OSIRIS-REx Begins 2-Year Trip Home With Asteroid Rubble
With rubble from an asteroid tucked inside, a NASA spacecraft fired its engines and began the long journey back to Earth on Monday, leaving the ancient space rock in its rearview mirror.
May. 11, 2021
Whats Behind Rise In COVID-19 Cases Among Kids?
The share of new COVID-19 cases that are among children has been on the rise. At the same time, we might see Emergency Use Authorization granted as early as this week for the Pfizer vaccine for kids 12 and older.
May. 10, 2021
Immigration Journalists Launch Comadres Al Aire Podcast
Journalists Valeria Fernandez and Maritza Felix have covered immigration and immigrants in the region for many Spanish-language outlets. But in all of that reporting, they’ve seen something missing — especially for immigrant women. That’s why they’re combining forces to create a new podcast that launches May 10 called "Comadres Al Aire."
May. 10, 2021
Applications To Internal Medicine Programs Up During Pandemic
The pandemic has disrupted traditional medical education, from upending trainee schedules to requiring students and educators to provide COVID-19 vaccinations and patient care. But one study says it’s also brought an uptick in some residency and fellowship applications
May. 6, 2021
Arizona Utility Regulators Reject 100% Clean Energy Rules
Arizona's utility regulators have rejected new rules that would have required most of the state's electricity providers to get 100% of their power from clean energy sources by 2050 to limit carbon emissions and address climate change.
May. 7, 2021
Arizona Mulberries: Debunking Mulberry Myths
If you’ve hit a farmers’ market anytime recently, logged onto social media or gone to a local restaurant, you’ve probably seen locally-grown mulberries. They’re everywhere in the Valley right now, and they often get a bad rap. But Jacq Davis says all of that is a misunderstanding, and that the berries are top notch.
May. 6, 2021
Why Nuclear Fallout From The Cold War Shows Up In Todays Honey
During the Cold War, approximately 2,000 above-ground detonations had taken place throughout the American Southwest, the Pacific and sites in the south and central Soviet Union. The effects of these tests are still being experienced today.
May. 6, 2021
Donkey-Dug Desert Wells Benefit Many Species
When winter streams in the Sonoran Desert dry up, horses and donkeys start digging wells up to six feet deep. New research shows the broad ecological impacts of those watering holes.
May. 5, 2021
Chiricahua National Monument Named Dark Sky Park
A southern Arizona park has been recognized by the International Dark Sky Association. Chiricahua National Monument in southeastern Arizona is known for its scenic rock formations, called hoodoos.
May. 3, 2021
Why Climate Change Makes Young People Worried About Having Kids
Climate change has changed the way a lot of us think about the future, but for what seems like a growing number of young people, it’s changing something fundamental: Their decision to have children.
May. 4, 2021
Ducey Asks DOD For Help With Contaminated Water Near Air Force Bases
Gov. Doug Ducey wants the U.S. Defense Department to look into possible groundwater contamination near air force bases in Arizona.
May. 4, 2021
How Childhood Trauma Can Lead To Poor Health Outcomes Later In Life
Kids often experience adversity growing up. For some, it’s watching their parents go through a divorce. For others, that trauma can be experienced as child abuse or living with a parent battling addiction. Researchers know these Adverse Childhood Experiences can have lasting impacts. But a recent study shows there’s also a financial toll, impacting the entire community.
May. 3, 2021
Study: COVID-19 Survivors Face Increase Risk Of Death, Health Problems
A new study found that COVID-19 survivors have a higher risk of death and health problems. Researchers also found that doctors are using prescription opioids to manage symptoms experienced by those long haul survivors.
May. 3, 2021
Latino Vaccination Rates Lag Behind White Population In AZ
Nearly 3 million people have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine here. More than 40% of Arizonans have been vaccinated. But when you look more closely at those numbers, disparities become clear.
May. 3, 2021