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Q&AZ: When Can Arizonans Who Failed To Pay Fines Get Their Drivers Licenses Reinstated?
After the passage of recent legislation, a listener used KJZZ's Q&AZ project to ask when and how people can go to the MVD and get their driver’s licenses reinstated.
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Aug. 5, 2021
Should Kids Under 12 Go To School In Person?
Arizona students are heading back to school as concerns grow over rising COVID-19 cases and the Delta variant. Through KJZZ's Q&AZ project, one listener asked what infectious disease experts recommend for children not old enough to get a vaccine: remote or in-person classes?
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July 24, 2021
Q&AZ: Why Are There 2 KJZZs?
In 1985, KMCR became KJZZ, using call letters to reference the station’s late-night jazz programming. In 1993, a TV station in Utah adopted the same name, for a different reason. Through KJZZ's Q&AZ project, one listener asked: Why is there a TV station in Utah with the same call letters as this radio station?
July 10, 2021
Q&AZ: Why Has San Carlos Lake Gone Dry?
While Arizona’s farmers have been preparing for extreme drought conditions, water shortages in some areas have reached drastic lows. Through KJZZ’s Q&AZ Project, a listener asked: Why has San Carlos Lake behind Coolidge Dam gone dry?
July 2, 2021
Q&AZ: How Do Wildfires Get Their Names?
During this wildfire season, Arizona has seen the likes of the Boggy Creek Fire, the Backbone Fire and the Shamrock Fire. Through KJZZ's Q&AZ Project, a listener asked: How do these new fires get their names?
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June 19, 2021
Q&AZ: Why Is George Gervin Prep School In Phoenix?
In 2012, the George Gervin Prep Academy opened its doors in Phoenix, despite the fact that '70s ABA and NBA star George Gervin has no connection to the city. Through our Q&AZ Project, one listener asked: Why is there a George Gervin Prep School in Phoenix? Wasn’t he based in San Antonio?
May 24, 2021
Q&AZ: Can I Store A Can Of Gas In My Car This Summer?
Temperatures are reaching triple digits, and reports of potential gas shortages have come from around the United States this week. Through KJZZ's Q&AZ project, a listener asked: Is it safe to keep a full gas can in my trunk during a Phoenix summer?
May 24, 2021
Q&AZ: What Happens If Chiricahua Becomes A National Park?
Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly proposed a bill in the U.S. Senate last month to upgrade Chiricahua National Monument to Arizona's fourth national park. Through KJZZ's Q&AZ project, a listener asked: Would this upgraded status to national park mean additional funding or just a name change?
May 20, 2021
Q&AZ: How Often Does Phoenix Redraw Its Districts?
With the 2020 census results collected, states and cities are close to drawing new district boundaries. Through KJZZ's Q&AZ project, a listener asked: How often do Phoenix City Council districts get redistricted? Who draws the new lines?
May 16, 2021
Q&AZ: Are Microchips Too Thirsty For Drought-Stricken Arizona?
In March, Intel announced a $20 billion factory expansion in Chandler, and Taiwan Semiconductor is building a new plant in Phoenix. One listener wondered why so many companies bring such a water-intensive process to drought-stricken Arizona.
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May 19, 2021
Q&AZ: Can AZ COVID-19 Death Rate Truly Be So High?
Tragically, Arizona’s rate of death from COVID-19 has been among the highest in the nation, with more than 17,000 lives lost. It’s a shocking number, so one listener asked through KJZZ's Q&AZ reporting project how the total gets calculated, and if it’s possible the number is inflated.
May 10, 2021
Q&AZ: How Are Arizona Road Projects Scheduled?
Two listeners through KJZZ's Q&AZ reporting project asked how various road projects are scheduled. Problems on Arizona's public roads, like fallen signs or potholes, can usually be reported to a transportation department. But Maricopa County Department of Transportation’s Zoe Richmond says knowing which agency is responsible for each road can be tricky.
April 26, 2021
Q&AZ: Can Office Space Be Used To House Homelessness People?
One listener asked through KJZZ's Q&AZ project if vacant office space in metro Phoenix could be use to house people experiencing homelessness.
April 22, 2021
Q&AZ: Will Valley Metro Expand Light Rail To Power Road?
Through our Q&AZ project, one listener asked: Are there any plans to extend the light rail eastward to Power Road in Mesa?
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April 10, 2021
Q&AZ: How Can A Homebound Senior Get The Vaccine?
Through KJZZ's Q&AZ reporting project, several listeners have asked how homebound seniors can get the coronavirus vaccine. In Arizona, efforts are underway to make that happen.
April 9, 2021
Q&AZ: Is Phoenix Having More Windy Days?
As part of KJZZ's Q&AZ project, one listener asked why has the number of windy days in metro Phoenix increased in recent years. April is most likely the windiest month in Arizona, although it may depend on where in Arizona you are.
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April 9, 2021
Q&AZ: Do State Vaccine Statistics Reflect Only Arizona Residents?
As a part of KJZZ's Q&AZ project, one listener asked: Does the listed number of Arizonans vaccinated only reflect Arizona residents? The Arizona Department of Health Services’ data dashboard shows a running total of COVID-19 vaccinations in the state.
March 14, 2021
Can Workers Still Be Fired For Pot  Use After Prop 207?
Proposition 207 recently legalized the use of recreational marijuana for those 21 and older in Arizona. Through KJZZ's Q&AZ Project, one listener asked: Can workers get fired in Arizona for using marijuana, even if it’s legal to consume in the state?
Feb. 28, 2021
Q&AZ: What Is The Ben And Catherine Ivy Foundation?
The Ben and Catherine Ivy Foundation has donated $1 million to the COVID-19 Vaccination Site at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, as well as over $5 million to the Arizona Coronavirus Relief Fund. Through KJZZ's Q&AZ reporting project, one listener asked: Who are Ben and Catherine Ivy, and what is the Ivy Foundation?
Feb. 16, 2021
Q&AZ: When Can Essential Workers Get Vaccines?
Essential workers are in the next batch of people eligible for COVID-19 vaccines in Arizona. Through our Q&AZ reporting project, a state employee wants to know when he will can finally sign up for an appointment.
Jan. 17, 2021