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Gov. Ducey Ending Pandemic Occupancy Limits For Businesses
Gov. Doug Ducey has issued a new executive order that lifts pandemic occupancy limits on businesses. Under the executive order, occupancy percentage limitations will expire for businesses such as restaurants, gyms, theaters and bars.
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17 AZ GOP Lawmakers Demand Ward Audit Partys Leadership Election
More than a third of GOP state senators and representatives demanded that Kelli Ward, the head of the Arizona Republican Party, audit her own re-election as party chair or stop leading efforts to audit the 2020 general election.
Feb. 4, 2021
Will Election Audits Change Any Voters Minds?
Senate President Karen Fann has acknowledged that even if her chamber’s audit finds no problems with the machinery used in the 2020 elections, that probably will not convince everyone who believes in the conspiracy theories that the election was rigged or stolen that it was, in fact, not. So what will all of these audits actually achieve?
Feb. 4, 2021
Republicans Seek To Lower AZ Business Property Taxes
A Republican-backed bill seeks to lower property taxes for Arizona businesses. State Sen. J.D. Mesnard (R-Mesa) is proposing dropping the business assessment ratio from 18% to 17%, with the eventual goal of lowering it to 15%.
Feb. 4, 2021
Arizona Sues Over Biden Plan To Pause Deportations
The most recent federal data show that field offices in San Antonio and Phoenix ranked No. 1 and No. 2 respectively for deporting the most people in a year. The Arizona Attorney General’s Office, just like its Texas counterpart, is now suing the Biden administration over an order to pause deportations.
Feb. 4, 2021
Senate Republicans Support Resolution To Arrest County Supervisors For Contempt
Every Republican in the Arizona Senate supports a resolution to hold the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors in contempt and arrest supervisors for failing to turn over access to voting records.
Feb. 3, 2021
Prison Oversight Bill Unanimously Approved By Criminal Justice Reform Committee
Several bills made it through the state House Committee on Criminal Justice Reform on Wednesday. One piece of legislation would create an oversight body to investigate conditions in the Arizona Department of Corrections. Chaired by Rep. Walt Blackman, the committee heard a slate of bills that would impact sentencing and conditions in state prisons.
Feb. 3, 2021
Unhappy With Senators Like Sinema, Democratic Constituents Form PAC
When Kyrsten Sinema was a U.S. Senate candidate in 2018, her campaign was praised for being on target with what Arizona swing voters were interested in. Sinema went on to win that race and, in the Senate, has proven to be someone who will cross the aisle. Right now, though, that is causing some consternation among her Democratic supporters.
Feb. 3, 2021
Tempe Mayor Details Decision For Police Reform, First Months In Office
Following the demands for law enforcement reform last summer, a number of cities and communities have adopted policy changes suggested by 8 Can't Wait — with Tempe among them. The Show spoke with Tempe Mayor Corey Woods for more about that and other elements of his first six months in office.
Feb. 3, 2021
Do AZs Moderate Dem Senators Have More Influence In Senate?
Arizona has two Democratic U.S. senators for the first time in decades. And with Democrats holding a tiny majority in the chamber, the conventional wisdom is that moderates, like Sens. Sinema and Kelly, could hold sway over bills moving through Congress.
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Feb. 3, 2021
Bill Would Limit Recorder-Led Voter Registration Drives To Government Property
Republican Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita is proposing restrictions on the ability of county recorders in Arizona to hold voter registration drives on non-government property.
Feb. 3, 2021
Maricopa County Supervisors Reject Senates Latest Demand For Voting Records
The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors refused to comply with Senate Republicans’ latest demand for access to voting machines, software and the more than 2 million ballots cast in the 2020 general election.
Feb. 2, 2021
Rep. Kavanagh Warns Colleagues About Ending Emergency Order
One longtime Arizona Republican lawmaker is warning his colleagues that ending the current emergency order may not have the results they want. The Show spoke with Rep. John Kavanagh for more about how he thinks the governor has handled the situation.
Feb. 2, 2021
How Sports Betting Could Impact Arizonas Economy
Last month, Gov. Doug Ducey announced his support for expanding gaming in Arizona to include sports betting. Currently, 18 states allow legal sports betting in various forms. The Show spoke with Adam Candee, a sports and gaming analyst located in Las Vegas, about the success of state sports betting programs.
Feb. 2, 2021
How AZs Former Redistricting Chair Approached Her Role
The third incarnation of Arizona’s voter-approved Independent Redistricting Commission (IRC) will begin doing its official work Feb. 2, as the four partisan members — two Democrats and two Republicans — chose their independent chair — Erika Neuberg — last week. The IRC uses U.S. Census data and a list of criteria to draw Arizona’s congressional and legislative district maps.
Feb. 2, 2021
Committee OKs $900,000 To Promote AZ Dude Ranches
The House Committee on Land, Agriculture and Rural Affairs has approved spending $900,000 in tax dollars in a bid to convince Arizonans and others across the country to visit the state's remaining dude ranches.
Feb. 2, 2021
Mexico’s Underscored Gas Pollution Might Bring Opportunities With U.S.
President Biden has signed several executive orders prioritizing the environment. A new study suggests that high levels of methane in Mexico might become an area of interest for his administration.
Feb. 8, 2021
Arizona Republicans Push For Changes To Oversight Of Election Procedures
Arizona lawmakers adopt the laws governing how elections are held. But it’s the secretary of state, working closely with county election officials, who writes a how-to guide for following those laws. Now some Republican legislators want to have a say in what’s included in the elections procedures manual.
Feb. 1, 2021
Russia Responds To Sonoran Senator Who Criticized Sputnik V Vaccine
Mexico’s president announced last week that his country will purchase millions of doses of the Russian COVID-19 vaccine. Afterward, a Sonoran senator accused the government of being cheap — prompting a response from Russia.
Feb. 1, 2021
AMLO Reappears After Days Quarantined From COVID-19
Last week, Mexico’s president, who has flouted some of the science related to the pandemic, made public that he had contracted COVID-19. And after rumors spread about his condition, the president appeared in an online video last weekend, still optimistic about his government’s strategy.
Feb. 1, 2021
Rogers Denies Ethics Complaint Allegations
State Sen. Wendy Rogers denied allegations in an ethics complaint that she verbally abused her former legislative assistant weeks into the job.
Feb. 1, 2021