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Record Number Of Women Run For Congress In 2020
There are a record number of women running for Congress this year — again. More than 580 women are candidates for House seats. That follows the 2018 cycle, in which nearly 480 women filed for Congressional offices; that year was often described as a “year of the woman.” But this time around, the numbers are being bolstered, at least in part, by an increase in the number of Republican women running for the House.
3 hours ago
WATCH: Trump, Finnish President Hold Press Conference
President Trump held a press conference with Finnish President Sauli Niinisto, marking 100 years of diplomatic relations between the countries. The remarks came amid an open impeachment inquiry into Trump.
Oct. 2, 2019
Federal Judge: 2016 Arizona School Funding Plan Illegal
At the root of the issue is a 2013 Arizona Supreme Court ruling that the state had ignored a 2000 voter-approved mandate to increase state aid to schools annually to keep pace with inflation. Ducey declined to increase taxes to comply with that ruling. Instead he and legislative leaders came up with a plan to tap into the special trust fund.
Oct. 1, 2019
Book Digs Into Lasting Impact Of Trumps Rhetoric
From Iran to North Korea to the Middle East, President Trump’s foreign policy ultimately hasn’t been dramatically different, in most ways, from his recent predecessors.
Oct. 1, 2019
The Takeaway: Impeachment Saga Puts New Spotlight on Federal Whistleblower Complaints
Two federal whistleblowers describe the retaliation they faced when speaking out on government misconduct.
Oct. 1, 2019
Tucson Residents Dissatisfied With 4th Avenue Development
Downtown Tucson, like downtown Phoenix, is under the pressure of development, as new investors come in and build, and some old favorites close their doors.
Oct. 1, 2019
Thieves Accessing Arizona Driver Licenses For Years
For years identity thieves exploited a state website to obtain other peoples' drivers licenses. A joint investigation and Arizona’s Family and CBS 5 found organized crime rings used the IDs to open fraudulent bank accounts.
Oct. 1, 2019
CEOs Consider Conscious Capitalism In Roundtable
Traditionally, business leaders have focused on employment, profits and shareholders. Now some assert that it may be time to shift some emphasis towards corporate responsibility and "the needs of all stakeholders."
Oct. 1, 2019
UA Receives Criticism In Handling Of Attack On Black Student
The case of two white students who are accused of verbally and physically assaulting a black student on campus last month is making waves. The students were referred to the university’s Diversion Program, a move that outraged many on campus.
Oct. 1, 2019
Arizona Politics Update: Prop 123, Interest Rate Caps And Electric Shutoffs
It’s another hectic day in Arizona politics.
Oct. 1, 2019
Sandy Hook Promise PSA Sends Emotional Message
A student runs down the hallway, another uses her jacket to try to lock doors, another breaks windows with a new skateboard to let students escape. And finally, a girl hides in a bathroom stall, crying, texting "I love you mom," as we hear someone coming in.
Sept. 30, 2019
BBC Look-Ahead: 70 Years Of The Peoples Republic Of China
Tuesday is a big day in, China. It’s the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic.
Sept. 30, 2019
Boas: Where Will Arizonas GOP Fall On A Trump Impeachment?
The Show regularly checks in with Editorial Board of the Arizona Republic to talk about the big issues facing the state and the region — featured in the newspaper’s Viewpoints section.
Sept. 30, 2019
Why Climate Change Is An Everything Issue
Katharine Hayhoe never meant to become a climate scientist. In fact, in college she started out studying astrophysics, but she needed one more class to finish her degree, and she found a new one over in the geography department on climate science.
Sept. 30, 2019
Trumps Aims To Further Limit Refugee Resettlement
The Trump administration has steadily been shrinking the cap on refugee resettlement in the states.
Sept. 30, 2019
5 Migrant Mothers Sue Over Family Separations
Five migrant families are suing the federal government over what they call the "ongoing trauma" they suffered after being separated by immigration authorities at the Arizona border last year.
Sept. 30, 2019
AZ Chamber Of Commerce: USMCA Will Pass Regardless Of Possible Impeachment
The president a leading Arizona business group expects the U.S. Congress to ratify the US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement (USMCA) soon to improve the state’s economy — regardless of a possible impeachment process.
Sept. 30, 2019
Study: Latinos Most Affected By Affordable Housing Crisis
One of the fastest growing populations in Arizona and the U.S. is also the most affected by the affordable housing crisis: Latinos.
Sept. 30, 2019
Tuesday Is Deadline For Elections Manual To Go To Ducey, Brnovich
Tuesday is the deadline for Arizona’s draft Election Procedures Manual to go to the governor and attorney general for review. The state hasn’t had a new manual in five years.
Sept. 30, 2019
Group Opposes Some Provisions In Recreational Marijuana Initiative
Members of the Arizona Cannabis Chamber of Commerce are fighting an initiative proposing to legalize recreational use marijuana. The members say they have nothing against allowing adults to buy marijuana.
Sept. 30, 2019
U.S. Ambassador In Mexico Wants To Modernize Border
Christopher Landau, the recently appointed U.S. ambassador in Mexico, met with a community of American expats in Mexico City on Saturday. And he told them he wants to be remembered as the ambassador who modernized the border.
Sept. 30, 2019