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Attorney Generals Office Hotline Fields Voter Concerns
Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has established a hotline for complaints and is working with Arizona law enforcement to address public concerns about voter safety.
Trump Campers Arrive Early To Rally For Prime Seats, Camaraderie
Supporters of President Donald Trump arrived to camp on a Phoenix sidewalk, waiting in line to see the president speak well over a day before his scheduled rally at the Arizona State Fairgrounds.
Feb. 18, 2020
AZ House Moves Forward With Ethics Investigation Of Rep. Cook
The Arizona House is moving forward with an ethics investigation into one of its own. Rep. David Cook is accused of having an improper personal relationship with a female lobbyist and offering the Pinal County sheriff a campaign contribution in exchange for getting rid of a property seizure.
Feb. 18, 2020
ANALYSIS: Nevada Democratic Debate
Democratic presidential candidates are debating once again, this time in Las Vegas ahead of Saturday's caucuses in Nevada. Follow NPR's live analysis on Wednesday night.
Feb. 19, 2020
Trump Administration To Waive Contracting Laws For Wall
The Trump administration has said it will waive federal contracting laws to allow more than 170 miles of southern border wall to be built more quickly. The laws include open competition requirements and other fail-safes — and the move will almost certainly draw criticism. Elliot Spagat is following this story for the Associated Press.
Feb. 18, 2020
Tuesday Night Is Voter Registration Deadline For PPE
People must register by 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday to vote in the upcoming Presidential Preference Election. One way to register is to go to You can also visit your county recorder’s office. And you’ll have to register as a Democrat because only that party is holding a presidential primary this year in Arizona.
Feb. 18, 2020
California Legislature Poised To Apologize Japanese Internment
Later this week, the California Legislature is expected to issue a formal apology to Japanese-Americans who were sent to internment camps during World War II. Arizona was the home of two of those camps, which combined housed an estimated 20,000 people.
Feb. 18, 2020
Herstam: Dems Should Chill Out On Presidential Nominee
Political observer Chris Herstam has a message for his fellow Democrats: chill out. He points to a new model for forecasting elections, which suggests any of the Democratic candidates can beat Trump.
Feb. 18, 2020
What The Trump Visit Says About Politics In AZ
President Trump will be back in town on Wednesday to hold a rally for his reelection campaign. While both sides of the aisle agree that Arizona is a true battleground state in this year’s election, Trump can count on support from Arizona's Republican leaders that he didn't have in 2016.
New Phoenix Police Tools For Trump’s Visit
Feb. 18, 2020
House Ethics Committee To Meet On Rep. David Cook
State lawmakers come back to the Arizona Capitol this week with a bevy of issues on their agendas, ranging from rideshare fees to citizen initiatives to university speech.
Feb. 17, 2020
Education Leaders Launch Second Attempt To Get Invest In Ed On Arizona Ballot
Arizona education leaders launched their latest effort Monday to get more money to teachers and classrooms. They hope voters will approve a tax on the state’s wealthiest residents.
Feb. 17, 2020
Grover Norquist Talks Criminal Justice Reform, Tariffs, Deficits
The push for criminal justice reform in Arizona has some unexpected allies. Grover Norquist, best known for his stand against taxes, is in the Valley tonight to talk about criminal justice reform.
Feb. 17, 2020
DNC Chairman Holds Health Care, Social Security Roundtable
Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez was in Phoenix on Monday for a roundtable discussion on Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. Perez spoke about pre-existing conditions, which he says can be a source of anxiety for people concerned about obtaining or maintaining health insurance.
Feb. 18, 2020
Democratic Debate Cements Arizonas Battleground Status
Phoenix will host a Democratic presidential debate on March 15. The announcement speaks to Arizona’s new status as a battleground state and some candidates' high-dollar spending here to woo voters.
Feb. 17, 2020
Monday Hearing Set For Rideshare Bill
A bill that would put a stop to rideshare fees at Arizona’s airports will have its first hearing Monday. This comes after Phoenix planned new fees at Sky Harbor.
Feb. 17, 2020
Phoenix Releases Plans For President Trump’s Visit
Safety and security plans are underway for President Donald Trump’s campaign event in Phoenix on Wednesday. President Trump is scheduled to appear at the Arizona Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum at 7 p.m.
Feb. 17, 2020
Transgender Athlete Bill Passes State House Committee
In a party-line vote, an Arizona House panel voted to ban transgender girls and women from participating in sports that don't match their biological sex.
Feb. 17, 2020
Armed Activists Rally For Second Amendment At Capitol
Thousands of Second Amendment supporters gathered at the state Capitol to support pro-gun candidates and oppose measures they say violate their gun rights.
Feb. 16, 2020
Gilbert Council Member Chosen As New Maricopa County Assessor
Eddie Cook was unanimously chosen from the list of five finalists interviewed by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to finish out the rest of 2020 as County Assessor.
Feb. 14, 2020
Phoenix To Host Democratic Debate In March
Phoenix has been chosen to host the 11th Democratic primary debate two days before the state's Presidential Preference Election.
Feb. 14, 2020
Rep. Raul Grijalva Wins Unilateral Subpoena Power
Democrats on the U.S. House Natural Resources Committee have given its chairman, Arizona’s Raul Grijalva, unilateral subpoena power. Wednesday’s party-line vote means Grijalva can issue subpoenas without first having the committee vote on them.
Feb. 14, 2020