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AZ Arizona bill is the latest in a long history of Pledge of Allegiance fights
A bill making its way through the Arizona Legislature would require students in public schools to recite the pledge. They could only be excused by the request of a parent.
Catch Up On Arizona Congressional Primaries
Arizona’s primary election is coming up on August 30. We went over three of the state’s congressional primaries with Jim Nintzel of the Tucson Weekly and Robert Robb of The Arizona Republic.
Aug. 24, 2016
Will A Criminal Referral Hurt Or Help Americas Toughest Sheriff In Primary?
Six-term incumbent Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is the front-runner in next week’s Republican primary. But just 11 days before the Aug. 30 primary election, a federal judge referred the sheriff for criminal contempt charges for repeatedly violating orders in a racial profiling case.
Aug. 24, 2016
Sen. John McCain Faces Kelli Ward In Arizona Primary Race
Ward's campaign has zeroed in on a dissatisfaction with voters of the status quo in Washington. McCain's campaign is touting his accomplishments to show why knowing the political system works.
Aug. 24, 2016
Arizona Tells Voters: Dont Dilly Dally On Returning Those Early Ballots
Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan says you should take action today.
Aug. 23, 2016
Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell To Face Rare Primary Challenger
Arizona’s primary election is a week away. As part of KJZZ’s election coverage this Fall, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the high profile races going on across the county and state. Among them is the race for the Maricopa County recorder’s office. This is one of the rare elections in which incumbent Helen Purcell has faced a primary challenger.
Aug. 23, 2016
Republicans Outnumber Democrats, Independents In Latest Voter Counts
The Secretary of State’s office reports 47,000 more registered voters in Arizona since the last statewide election in May.
Aug. 22, 2016
Maricopa County Recorders Office: Its OK If Youve Received Two Early Ballots
Thousands of voters have received two ballots in the mail.
Aug. 19, 2016
Greater Urgency For Young People To Vote This Election
Recent presidential election years have illustrated the increasing polarization among American voters. Those on both the conservative and progressive ends of the spectrum have become even more entrenched.
Aug. 17, 2016
Some Republicans Already Looking Past Election
November’s election is still nearly 90 days away, but a number of Republicans are already preparing a post-mortem on the presidential race, thanks to Donald Trump’s presence at the top of ticket.
Aug. 17, 2016
Friday Deadline To Request Early Ballot For Arizona Primary
Unlike the March Presidential Preference Election, Independents can vote in the upcoming primary. But, they must indicate which party ballot they want.
Aug. 17, 2016
The Business Of Politics, And The Politics Of Business
What are the considerations for a business that wants to express its political views?
Aug. 16, 2016
National Democrats Bolster Arizona Party
Donald Trump’s presence at the top of the GOP ticket has led to some polls indicating that Democrats in states that traditionally favor Republicans in November could have reason for optimism. National Democrats Bolster Arizona Party
Aug. 15, 2016
What Rights Do You Have To Talk Politics In The Office?
How much can we talk politics at the office? The issue seems to come up every two years, as elections loom.
Aug. 12, 2016
Critics Of Legal Pot Initiative In Court Friday
Oral arguments are taking place Friday afternoon, in the case brought by opponents of the newly-certified ballot measure legalizing recreational marijuana in Arizona.
Aug. 12, 2016
Enough Signatures Gathered To Put Legalizing Pot On Arizona Ballot
Supporters of legalizing recreational marijuana in Arizona kicked off their “Yes on Prop 205” campaign Thursday, the same day the Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan affirmed they had officially gathered enough signatures to put the issue on the November ballot.
Aug. 11, 2016
What A Legal Marijuana Policy Roll-Out Could Look Like
The issue of legalizing marijuana is the subject of a two-day conference being put on Thursday and Friday by ASU’s Morrison Institute, and includes pro and con arguments, as well as presentations by independent experts.
Aug. 11, 2016
Minimum Wage Ballot Measure In Court Thursday
The fate of whether voters get to decide two ballot measures dealing with wages could depend on who shows up in court and that starts Thursday.
Aug. 11, 2016
Recreational Marijuana Ballot Initiative Likely To Be Certified Thursday
It appears likely that state officials will certify a petition to legalize recreational marijuana for the November ballot, but that doesn’t mean voters will get to decide the issue this year.
Aug. 10, 2016
Arizona Ballot Harvesting Law One Of Several Challenged Across The Country
A pending lawsuit challenges a new state law banning the practice critics call “ballot harvesting.” It’s just one of a handful of election and voting-related laws that have been challenged across the country over the past several weeks. Arizona 'Ballot Harvesting' Law One Of Several Challenged Across The Country
Aug. 10, 2016
Can Christine Jones Maintain Early Lead In Congressional Race?
The signs are up and the ballots are out – Arizona’s primary campaign season is in full swing. Matthew Benson, a director with the Phoenix-based firm Veridus, joins KJZZ's Here and Now for an update.
Aug. 10, 2016