GOP lawmaker blocks bill the trans community says is an attack
Arizona Sen. Ken Bennett (R-Prescott) voted twice Monday in favor of policies critics say target the transgender community. Then, he cast a crucial third vote against those same policies.
Hobbs plans trade mission to Mexico, not to discuss border security
Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs is headed to Mexico, but not to tackle immigration and border security issues. The governor and business leaders, including Arizona Commerce Authority President and CEO Sandra Watson, will instead focus on trade and economic development.
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As funding runs out, Tucson could ask Border Patrol to drop migrants off at air force base
Tucson councilmembers discussed several options for what could come next — including asking the Border Patrol to drop off migrants at a federal facility, like the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, and getting more assistance from the state.
A new lawmaker at the Arizona House of Representatives won bipartisan support for a piece of legislation he first brought to the Capitol over a decade ago as a high school senior.
The Arizona Legislature has long been a place where fierce policy debates could be had, as well as the occasional personal insult. But some observers say decorum at the Capitol has recently been getting worse.
Democratic lawmakers and Latino advocacy groups are calling on Arizona businesses and state senators to oppose a Republican proposal they say will unfairly target the Latino community.
The bill is the second to address cultivated meat sales in the Legislature this year.
Several Republican members of Arizona’s Congressional delegation co-sponsored legislation that is receiving new scrutiny after the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that frozen embryos are children.
Arizona’s Kris Mayes joined a bipartisan coalition of state attorneys general and the Federal Trade Commission in filing a lawsuit to stop the largest proposed merger of grocery stores in the U.S.
President Joe Biden is reportedly poised to sign an executive order that would prevent people crossing the border illegally from seeking asylum. Arizona Republic editor Elvia Díaz says the move will not be a magic wand.
Arizona lawmakers will be debating bills on some familiar topics this week — from elections to so-called "culture war" issues. This, as House and Senate committees start taking up measures from the opposite chamber after last week’s crossover week.
The World Trade Organization will be holding a ministerial conference in Abu Dhabi for much of this week. The group is nearly 30 years old and has more than 160 member states, which represents more than 98% of global trade. For a look at some of the key global stories in the coming days, The Show caught up with the BBC’s Jonathan Frewin in London.
Nearly $200 million in grant money was made available on Wednesday to grow and add more apprenticeship programs. The Arizona Department of Economic Security says apprenticeships let people earn a competitive wage while they learn a new trade.
More than 100 saguaros were transplanted in Trumps rush to build border wall. Many have died
Saguaro cactuses typically endure in the Sonoran Desert for 150 to 200 years — unless their lifespan is cut short. A recent government report found that in the rush to put up a border wall, that’s exactly what happened.
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Trump wins South Carolina
Former President Donald Trump has won South Carolina's Republican presidential primary, according to a race call from the Associated Press that came as polls closed statewide.
During a reelection campaign event on Wednesday, President Joe Biden said he’s canceling student debt for nearly 153,000. About 3% of them are Arizonans.
Arizona’s Auditor General has released a scathing report, criticizing the State Land Department for leasing land to a Saudi-owned company in western Arizona at cheap rates.
A week to recognize Arizona’s beer culture and its economic contributions became officially recognized once again Friday. Arizona Beer Week is now running in its 14th year.
A bill that passed the Arizona Senate would set legal definitions for “male” and "female," as well as other gendered terms, like “mother” and “father."
Marcus Dell’Artino of First Strategic and Stacy Pearson of Lumen Strategies joined The Show to talk about U.S. Rep. Debbie Lesko running for Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, a spat between two high-profile Arizona Republicans and more.
The Arizona Senate passed a bill on party lines that would give teachers or administrators at public and charter schools the option to read and post the Ten Commandments.