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Judge orders Cochise County supervisors to certify the 2022 election
A judge has ordered the Cochise County Board of Supervisors to hold an emergency meeting this afternoon to certify the results of the 2022 election. Shortly after 3:30 p.m., two of the three members of the board quickly convened a meeting to follow the judge's order.
County attorney says any potential threats against election officials will be investigated
After county officials received threats in the aftermath of last month’s midterm elections, Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell says she will vigorously pursue any cases of intimidation made against them.
How Supreme Courts ruling over ICE priorities could impact deportations
The Supreme Court has heard arguments in a case centered on Immigration and Customs Enforcement's deportation priorities.
Maricopa County Recorders Race Heats Up With More Campaign Spending
Over the last 30 years the race for Maricopa County Recorder has rarely seen a challenger, let alone significant campaign spending. That’s completely different this year.
Oct. 26, 2016
Immigrants And Their Allies Are Trying To Get Sheriff Joe Arpaio Voted Out Of Office
Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has gained friends and foes all over the country for his hard-line stance on illegal immigration. Now immigrants and their allies in various states are among those mobilizing an effort to get him out of office.
Oct. 26, 2016
Arizonans Vote In Dry Race This Fall
If you look down the ballot — pretty far down, in fact — you’ll see a number of candidates for the Central Arizona Water Conservation District.
Oct. 25, 2016
How Secure Is Online Voting?
Early voting is well under way in Arizona and a number of other states, in advance of Election Day on Nov. 8. And some of those voters are casting their ballots online.
Oct. 25, 2016
West-MEC Technical Education District Looks To Voters For Funding
Voters in the West Valley will be seeing another issue on their ballot on Nov. 8, asking them to vote "Yes" or "No" for a $141 million bond to fund West-MEC, or the Western Maricopa Education Center District.
Oct. 25, 2016
Utility-Backed Political Group To Spend On Arizona Corporation Commission Race
An independent expenditure committee called the Arizona Coalition for Reliable Electricity recently formed and plans to spend $1 million in the final run up to the election to support the three Republicans in the race: Andy Tobin, Bob Burns and Boyd Dunn.
Oct. 25, 2016
Will Proposition 123 Influence Arizona Voters On School Bonds, Overrides This Election?
Twenty school districts in the county have bonds or overrides up for a vote this year, an effort to counteract huge cuts to education funding from the Arizona Legislature since 2009.
Oct. 25, 2016
20 Maricopa County School Districts Have Overrides, Bonds Up For Vote
Voters will decide on bonds or overrides for 20 districts, funding which comes from property taxes. There are three types of elections on the ballot for school funding in Arizona this year.
Oct. 25, 2016
Gov. Ducey: Arizona Election Results Will Be Accurate
With just two weeks to go until the general election, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey says he trusts the state’s election results will be accurate.
Oct. 25, 2016
Hundreds Knock On Doors For Anti-Sheriff Joe Arpaio Canvass
A campaign called Bazta Arpaio that aims to get voters to vote out Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio says it held the largest canvass against the six-term sheriff in history over the weekend.
Oct. 24, 2016
 Is This Election Stressing You Out? You’re Not Alone
The American Psychological Association released a survey this week that shows more than half of Americans say the election is stressing them out.
Oct. 21, 2016
Effort To Get Out The Native American Vote Spans Arizona 22 Tribes
There are concerted efforts during this cycle to get more members of all of Arizona’s tribes registered to vote and casting their ballots before or on November 8.
Oct. 21, 2016
Arizona Saw Lots Of Presidential Politics This Week - Will It Impact The Election?
KJZZ's The Show has two perspectives on the political week that was in Arizona, and what the next couple of weeks leading up to Election Day may have in store
Oct. 21, 2016
Free Food Offered At 7 Saturday Early Voting Sites In Maricopa County
The Arizona Democratic Party is sending food trucks to each of the seven early voting sites that will be open on Saturday.
Oct. 21, 2016
5 Candidates Vie For 2 Seats On Maricopa Community College Governing Board
Maricopa County Community College District is one of the largest community college districts in the country, enrolling more than 120,000 students at 10 colleges.
Oct. 21, 2016
Arizona Democrats Sue Over Holiday Voter Registration Deadline
National and state Democratic groups say election officials improperly set the voter registration deadline on a holiday and are asking a judge to allow voters who registered one day past the deadline to vote in the upcoming election.
Oct. 21, 2016
Maricopa County Election Officials Processing Onslaught Of Registration Forms
A portion of the paper voter registration forms are incomplete, which has contributed to delays in processing the forms.
Oct. 20, 2016
Surprise Voters Consider Secondary Property Tax
The city of Surprise wants to add a secondary property tax to pay for a wide range of projects officials say are overdue.
Oct. 20, 2016
First Lady Michelle Obama Rallies For Hillary Clinton In Phoenix
“This is unlike any other time in those thirty five years that I have felt this kind of excitement about the possibility of Arizona going blue," said Arizona resident Judy Register.
Oct. 20, 2016
Poll: Tough Races Ahead For Donald Trump, Joe Arpaio In Arizona
The results of a new Morrison Institute/Arizona Republic poll show November 8 may be a difficult one for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.
Oct. 20, 2016