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Senate panel OKs last minute bills on initiatives, schools
The Arizona Senate's appropriations committee on Wednesday advanced a series of last minute measures on hot-button issues as the Legislature prepares to adjourn for the year.
Kelly co-sponsors bill to help grandparents raising kids
Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly co-sponsored a bill to connect grandparents raising grandchildren with additional services and resources. Kelly said the Informing Grandfamilies Act would have a meaningful impact on families like those who testified in favor of the bill on Thursday.
Report: Trump campaign boss in AZ subpoenaed by DOJ
The Washington Post reports that a Trump campaign official who worked in Arizona has been subpoenaed by the Justice Department. The summons comes after Tuesday’s Jan. 6 hearing, where the House Select Committee said the former president was directly involved in a scheme to have phony electors replace real ones in states, like Arizona, that Trump lost.
Advocates push for 2 new election initiatives for 2022 ballot
There are two new election initiatives organizers are hoping to get on the 2022 ballot, and they come from advocates on both sides of the aisle.
Feb. 10, 2022
GOP lawmakers want Supreme Court to kill Prop 208 education tax
Republican lawmakers are asking the Arizona Supreme Court to immediately rule that the voter-approved tax on wealthy people to help fund schools cannot be enforced.
Feb. 10, 2022
How plans for a Turning Point USA school fell apart
Turning Point USA had partnered with an Arizona company to create Turning Point Academy, a K-12 curriculum for parents seeking an “America first” education for their kids. But those plans, and that partnership, fell apart last week as reporters at the Washington Post asked questions.
Feb. 9, 2022
AZ group looking to add measure to ballot to protect early voting rules
The move comes as the Legislature has been moving multiple bills that would change voting rules for the state.
Feb. 9, 2022
Novel offers insight into Ukrainians struggle vs. Russia
The world has been watching Ukraine closely in recent weeks, as Russia has amassed an estimated 100,000 troops on the border in anticipation of a possible invasion. At the geopolitical level, the next steps will be vital. But what about how the average Ukrainian citizen could be affected?
Feb. 9, 2022
U.S. appeals court allows clinics to make abortion referrals while lawsuit is heard
The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will allow federally funded family planning clinics to make abortion referrals for now. Arizona joined 11 other states suing to reinstate rules that were put in place under former President Donald Trump.
Feb. 9, 2022
Survivor of forced child marriage is trying to change laws
At age 15, Sasha Taylor was arranged to be married to a man seven years her senior. In a recent op-ed for the Washington Post, Sasha Taylor wrote about being a third-generation child bride and her efforts to codify bans on child marriages into state law.
Feb. 9, 2022
Hobbs sues Brnovich after he threatened lawsuit
Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is suing Attorney General Mark Brnovich after he threatened a lawsuit against her. Brnovich threatened to sue Hobbs if she temporarily shut down an online system that allows election candidates to collect qualifying signatures for the ballot.
Feb. 9, 2022
AZ Senate Committee passes bill to expand private school voucher program
The voucher program expansion if passed could include any student within the boundaries of a Title 1 school regardless of financial status.
Feb. 9, 2022
Crazy, lazy and hazy: Why Holocaust analogies have no place in politics
The pandemic has increased the number of Holocaust-related analogies that public figures and social media trolls share with the public.
Feb. 8, 2022
Brnovich: Ducey can use Guard troops to engage in war against cartels
The actions of drug cartels and smugglers on the border constitute an "invasion" that allows Gov. Doug Ducey to use the National Guard to "engage in war," according to Attorney General Mark Brnovich.
Feb. 8, 2022
Most Arizonans vote early. Some Republicans in the Legislature want to change that
A state Senate committee approved a measure Feb. 8 that would prevent many Arizonans from voting early. This is not the only effort being made this year to reduce the number of Arizonans who vote early; currently, most do.
More Arizona politics news
Feb. 8, 2022
Lawmakers introduce Arizona LGBT anti-discrimination bill
A bipartisan group of Arizona lawmakers that includes the Republican House speaker announced Monday they were introducing legislation that would for the first time protect gay and transgender people from discrimination by businesses, landlords and employers.
Feb. 8, 2022
Kelly backs bill to streamline licensing for truck drivers
Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly wants to help resolve issues in the shipping industry that have plagued ports and highways, and left consumers feeling the pain of inflation in their pocketbooks.
Feb. 7, 2022
AZ House passes bill to ban racial discrimination, limit affirmative action
The resolution “Stop Critical Race Theory” would ban both racial discrimination in public institutions and preferential treatment under affirmative action.
Feb. 7, 2022
County Attorney Adel: I have nothing to hide
Members of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors are publicly calling out County Attorney Allister Adel for not being present. The Show spoke with Adel about those concerns as well as her stint in rehab.
Feb. 7, 2022
Boas: Mayorkas isnt cutting it as Homeland Security chief
Criticisms from both progressives and conservatives about the southern border have put Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in the spotlight.
Feb. 7, 2022
Critics: Bill to increase affordable housing options would revoke cities zoning rights
It will be another busy week at the state Capitol as lawmakers debate yet more election-related bills, as well as those dealing with masks and other COVID-19-related restrictions.
Feb. 7, 2022
AZ House pushes bill restricting gender options on government files
The state House of Representatives Committee on Government and Elections passed a measure that would require state forms to only provide male or female to indicate a person’s sex.
Feb. 7, 2022
U.S. Attorney for Arizona Gary Restaino says threat cases are on the rise
The top federal prosecutor in Arizona says there has been a rise in the number of threat cases both locally and nationally. Gary Restaino, the new U.S. attorney for Arizona, said when a person is accused of making threats, their political and religious beliefs don’t factor into the case.
Feb. 7, 2022