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Senate panel OKs last minute bills on initiatives, schools
The Arizona Senate's appropriations committee on Wednesday advanced a series of last minute measures on hot-button issues as the Legislature prepares to adjourn for the year.
Kelly co-sponsors bill to help grandparents raising kids
Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly co-sponsored a bill to connect grandparents raising grandchildren with additional services and resources. Kelly said the Informing Grandfamilies Act would have a meaningful impact on families like those who testified in favor of the bill on Thursday.
Report: Trump campaign boss in AZ subpoenaed by DOJ
The Washington Post reports that a Trump campaign official who worked in Arizona has been subpoenaed by the Justice Department. The summons comes after Tuesday’s Jan. 6 hearing, where the House Select Committee said the former president was directly involved in a scheme to have phony electors replace real ones in states, like Arizona, that Trump lost.
Attorney: Montenegro Was ‘Grooming’ Staffer For Sexual Relationship
Stephanie Holford, who sent a topless photo to congressional candidate Steve Montenegro issued a statement through her lawyer on Thursday. Her lawyer also released text messages.
Feb. 23, 2018
Lesko Campaign Finance Scandal May Be ‘Gray Area’
Debbie Lesko is under fire after she gave money from her state re-election campaign to a SuperPAC supporting her federal campaign for Congress.
Feb. 22, 2018
Some Lawmakers Want Voters To Eliminate Prop 206 Provision
Some Arizona lawmakers want to make it harder for workers to claim that their termination was a retaliatory act.
Feb. 22, 2018
With Shooter Out, Whats Next For Yumas Legislative District 13?
Arizona agriculture leaders are hopeful the new leadership in Legislative District 13 marks a swing in rural interests having a bigger role in the Legislature.
Feb. 22, 2018
Arizona Lawmaker Wants To Lower Age For Public Service
The measure would require voter support this fall to modify Arizona’s Constitution to remove the minimum age required to serve elected office which is currently set at 25.
Feb. 20, 2018
AZs 8th Congressional District Candidates Make Their Cases
The upcoming special primary election in Arizona’s 8th Congressional District has several well-known Republican candidates, and it’s a heavily Republican seat. While there are 12 GOP candidates running in that party's primary, two Democrats are competing for a spot in the general election in April.
Feb. 20, 2018
Arizona Republican, Democratic Parties Gearing Up For Midterms
The 2018 midterm elections are still about nine months away, but the state parties in Arizona, and elsewhere, are already in gear in advance of those contests.
Feb. 19, 2018
Candidates, SuperPACS Report Campaign Spending In AZ08
The most recent financial reports are out in the the special election in Arizona's 8th Congressional district.
Feb. 16, 2018
Poll: Climate Ripe For Progressive Politics In Arizona
A new poll suggests the pump is primed for progressive political candidates in Arizona in 2018.
Feb. 14, 2018
Committee Votes To Send Minimum Wage Law Back Voters
An Arizona House committee backed a plan to send the 2016 voter-approved minimum wage hike and paid sick leave initiative back to the ballot.
Feb. 13, 2018
Arizona Receives A D For Voting Cybersecurity In Nationwide Report
A new 50-state election security report from the Center for American Progress finds that most election systems remain vulnerable to hacking and other interference by foreign governments.
Feb. 13, 2018
Tempe Election Voter Registration Deadline Nears
Voters will consider a slate of six city council candidates and three ballot propositions.
Feb. 6, 2018
Grassroots Group Looks To Protect Proposition 206 Provisions
Grassroots organizations who helped promote Arizona's Proposition 206 want to make sure its provisions remain intact as approved by voters in November 2016.
Jan. 30, 2018
Monday Is Deadline For Voter Registration In AZ08 Primary
Voters in Arizona's 8th Congressional district have until 11:59pm on Monday to register to vote for the primary.
Jan. 29, 2018
2 Democratic Candidates For Trent Franks Seat Debate In Phoenix
For the second night in a row, a debate was held in the special election to replace Trent Franks. This time, it was the Democrats’ turn.
Jan. 26, 2018
When Was The Last Time An AZ Dem Won A U.S. Senate Seat?
With talks of Arizona turning purple, does a moderate Democrat have a chance at a statewide election? This story looks back to see how Arizona’s past may mirror today’s politics.
Jan. 26, 2018
5 GOP Candidates Vying To Replace Trent Franks Debate
Republican candidates in the 8th Congressional District race debated in Phoenix Wednesday night.
Jan. 25, 2018
Arpaios Entrance In Senate Race Changes Fundraising Landscape
Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s entrance into the Arizona Senate race has shaken up an already crowded field of competitors.
Jan. 18, 2018
Congresswoman Martha McSally Running For Senate
With the vintage fighter plane she would later climb into and fly into Phoenix as her backdrop, Southern Arizona Congresswoman Martha McSally announced Friday morning she is running for Sen. Jeff Flake’s seat.
Jan. 12, 2018
Arpaio Entrance Into GOP Primary Shakes Up Race
After teasing it for months, former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said he is running for U.S. Senate.
Jan. 10, 2018