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What has — or hasnt — been achieved in gun reform since Giffords shooting
As the world struggles to address another mass shooting at an elementary school, some Arizonans have been working nonstop for years to reform gun laws in a state and country generally resistant to such efforts.
Tensions high at AZ Senate during school shooting debate
Tensions were high on the Arizona Senate floor Wednesday as lawmakers debated the root causes of this week’s shooting at an elementary school in Texas.
Senate committee will investigate Rogers online comments
The Arizona Senate's ethics committee voted Wednesday to formally investigate a Republican lawmaker's online comments that appeared to blame the federal government for the recent massacre at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York.
Arizona GOP Hires New State Director
The state Republican Party has a new state director. Alex Melendez is a joint hire with the Arizona GOP and Republican National Committee, and has worked for a number of candidates, including Mitt Romney and Rick Scott. With me to talk about the new hire and other issues is Jonathan Lines, chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.
Sept. 14, 2017
Trump Criticizes McCain, Flake At Phoenix Rally
T-shirts, hats and signs with the words “Make America Great Again” dominated the crowd of supporters at President Donald Trump’s rally in Phoenix on Tuesday night. President Trump did not mention Sens. Jeff Flake and John McCain by name, but his speech made it clear he was unhappy with the pair.
Aug. 23, 2017
Tuesday Night: Updates From KJZZ Reporters In Downtown Phoenix
Phoenix police say people threw rocks and bottles at law enforcement, prompting them to use pepper balls and pepper spray around 8:40 p.m. to clear the area after President Donald Trump's rally at the Phoenix Convention Center on Tuesday night.
Aug. 22, 2017
President Trump Heading To Phoenix In Politically Tense Visit
President Trump heads to Phoenix Tuesday for a campaign-style rally. This will be Trump’s first trip back to Arizona since the election. It will also be the president’s first time in front of a crowd since deadly violence broke out in Charlottesville, Virginia, this month at a white supremacist rally.
Aug. 22, 2017
Live Updates: President Trump In Phoenix
KJZZ reporters will be at the rally and at planned protests. Follow the latest news and check back for updates.
Aug. 18, 2017
Effort To Recall Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey Fails
Leonard Clark said he knew it was a long shot when he began organizing a recall drive against Gov. Doug Ducey.
Aug. 7, 2017
New Arizona Poll: 62% Disapprove Of Sen. Flakes Performance
A new poll of Arizonans shows that despite his new book and recent pushback against President Donald Trump, the state’s junior senator remains deeply unpopular.
Aug. 3, 2017
Judge Orders Arizona Legislature To Put Millions Into Elected Officials Pension
The pressure on Arizona and municipalities around the state to take action on pension costs is growing. This week, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Timothy Thomason called on the state Legislature to put additional millions into the statewide pension system for judges and other elected officials.
July 25, 2017
 New Rule Adopted By Arizona Clean Elections Creating Controversy
A new rule adopted by the Arizona Clean Elections Commission is sparking some controversy at the state Capitol this week. The Commission instituted new regulations clarifying and modernizing the process for candidates who take clean-elections money and then use it to hire political parties or consultants.
July 25, 2017
How Did McCain Shape Trumps Road To The White House?
Whether he meant to or not, Sen. John McCain has played an important role in Donald Trump’s path to the White House and throughout his time in office. That's according to Washington Post reporter Amber Phillips, who recently chronicled how their paths have intersected for the Post blog The Fix.
July 25, 2017
What Does U.S. Constitution Say About Election Fraud?
There are a number of investigations going on right now in Washington, D.C., looking into Russian meddling in last year’s election, and whether or not the Trump campaign was involved in any way. And that’s led to some discussion about what happens to the election results if those investigations find there was collusion or other foul play.
July 18, 2017
New Arizona Voter Initiative Law May Be Costly, Possibly Unconstitutional
Challengers seeking to block new voter Initiative law warn hurdles are costly and unconstitutional.
July 13, 2017
Sen. McCain Not Surprised By Trump Jr.s Meetings With Russian Operative
Arizona’s senior senator is concerned, but John McCain says he is not surprised by revelations of Donald Trump Jr.’s meetings with an alleged Russian operative.
July 11, 2017
Judge Rejects Libertarian Complaint Of Voter Rights Violations In Arizona
A federal judge rejects Libertarian Party arguments voters' constitutional rights are violated by Republican angled law.
July 11, 2017
Former Attorney General Tom Horne Cleared Of 2010 Campaign Violations
Former Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne cleared of finance violations stemming from his 2010 campaign.
July 6, 2017
Michele Reagan Details Concerns About Trumps Election Commission
Last week, the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity sent a letter to all 50 states asking for information on voter rolls. Secretary of State Michele Reagan says her office officially received the letter Monday and later that day rejected the request for voter registration data, citing security and legality concerns.
July 5, 2017
 As Trump Panel Seeks Voter Data, Arizona Has A Lot Of Information
President Donald Trump's commission investigating alleged voter fraud in the 2016 elections has asked states for a list of voter data, if state law allows it to be public. In Arizona, that’s a lot of information.
July 1, 2017
Arizona Lawmaker Wants To Stop College Students From Voting Where They Live
A Flagstaff Republican lawmaker wants to stop college students from voting where they live most of the year. The idea is to prevent them from unfairly influencing local elections.
June 16, 2017
Arizona Supreme Court Will Have Last Word On Tom Hornes Campaign Finance Case
Arizona Supreme Court expects to rule on former A.G. Tom Horne's appeal in campaign finance scheme.
May 25, 2017
Tucson Sales Tax Election Count Tuesday
Tucsonans have until 7 p.m. Tuesday to cast and turn in ballots in the special city election on a half-cent increase in the sales tax.
May 15, 2017