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Phoenix optimistic about new federal funding for transportation projects
As construction continues for two light rail extensions in Phoenix, leaders are feeling optimistic about adding more.
County Recorder Joins Pro-Bono Legal Network For Election Workers
Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer will serve on the advisory board of a new pro-bono legal network for election workers.
Sept. 10, 2021
Audit Supporter Threatens Arizona GOP Senator
A Republican state senator who has backed away from the election review she once supported is now the victim of at least one threat.
Sept. 10, 2021
AZ Climate Activists Urge Congress To Pass Bidens Plan
Environmentalists gathered at the state Capitol on Friday morning, urging Congress to pass President Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan as part of his budget proposal. It would allocate $3.5 trillion in spending for climate change initiatives, health care and public schools.
Sept. 10, 2021
County Attorney Seeking Treatment For Anxiety, Alcohol
Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel announced Friday that she is seeking treatment to address her mental health and unhealthy coping behaviors. Adel says that throughout the past year, she has struggled with anxiety, an eating disorder and alcohol use.
Sept. 10, 2021
Phoenix To Consider Adding Interactive Kiosks Downtown
Phoenix leaders will consider adding interactive digital kiosks on city sidewalks and public spaces.
Sept. 13, 2021
New Poll Shows Majority Of AZ Voters Are For Mask Mandates
A recent poll found 59% of likely voters surveyed were against a new law that bans mask mandates.
Sept. 10, 2021
AZ Groups Push For Immigration Reform In Reconciliation Bill
The U.S. Senate goes back in session next week and a coalition of pro-immigrant groups are pressing Arizona’s two moderate Democrats to deliver a pathway to citizenship for millions. The massive budget resolution moving through Congress includes $107 billion that could be used to get it done.
Sept. 9, 2021
Ducey Vows To Push Back On New Vaccine Requirements
President Biden plans to require many U.S. employers to mandate COVID-19 vaccines or regular tests for workers. Gov. Doug Ducey is calling the plan big government overreach.
Sept. 9, 2021
New Law Aims To Increase Schools Scheduling Flexibility
A new state law set to take effect later this month will allow school districts to experiment with new learning environments and new kinds of schedules. Supporters say the measure is about flexibility and letting schools tailor classes and educational models to meet their — and their students’ — needs.
Sept. 9, 2021
Secretary Of State Proposes To Change Voting Procedures
Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is proposing to require county officials to count ballots for president and statewide offices even if the voter casts it at the wrong polling location.
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Sept. 9, 2021
How The Definition Of Patriotism Changes Over Time
In our current, deeply divided political environment, the word "patriotism" has become especially loaded. The Show spoke with Yale Professor Steven Smith and began the conversation by asking him whether the definition of patriotism has changed or whether its meaning is defined by our times.
Sept. 9, 2021
UA Faculty, Staff Working To Help Afghan Colleagues Leave Country
Hundreds of Americans and Afghan citizens that worked with the U.S. over the past two decades remain in Afghanistan; many are trying to leave the country now that the Taliban has taken control. Among them: 12 people and their immediate families who worked with the University of Arizona through a partnership with a university in Kabul.
Sept. 9, 2021
WATCH: Biden Outlines COVID-19 Strategy
President Joe Biden outlined a new "six-pronged" strategy to combat rising coronavirus cases across the country. His remarks come as a surge of new COVID-19 cases has led to rising numbers of hospitalizations and deaths in many states.
Ducey Vows To Push Back As Biden Announces Vaccine Requirements
Sept. 9, 2021
Arizona Republican Legislator Abruptly Announces Resignation
Arizona state Rep. Bret Roberts abruptly announced Wednesday he's resigning from the Legislature, just two weeks after he filed to run for reelection. The Republican from Maricopa said stepping down is what's best for his family.
Sept. 9, 2021
Barton To Become Phoenix’s First Black City Manager
The Phoenix City Council unanimously approved the next city manager. During Wednesday’s meeting, Jeff Barton received high praise from the mayor and all eight council members.
Sept. 8, 2021
Engel Quits AZ Senate To Focus On Congressional Race
Democratic state Sen. Kirsten Engel of Tucson has resigned to focus on her campaign for the U.S. House.
Sept. 8, 2021
What Emails Do And Dont Tell Us About The Arizona Audit
Last week, lawyers representing state Senate Republicans released a cache of records from the so-called audit of the 2020 Maricopa County election results. Nearly 22,000 documents were released and within those, about 3,000 of those are emails between Republican senators and the contractors being paid to carry out this process.
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Sept. 8, 2021
Rise And Fall Of Bin Laden: A Closer Look At The Man Behind 9/11
Peter Bergen, co-director of ASU’s Center on the Future of War, followed Osama bin Laden’s career beginning in 1997. His latest book includes new information about bin Laden, including his final days, and also includes perspective that covering bin Laden for more than two decades has provided.
Sept. 8, 2021
Arizona Unemployment Benefit Ends With Hopes Of Incentivizing Return To Work
Arizona is one of 26 states that halted the expanded unemployment benefit last Friday that workers have been receiving since the pandemic began. The reason is to incentivize a return to work. Of those 26 states, 25 have Republican governors.
Lawsuit Argues Ducey Violated Arizona Law In Cutting Benefits
Sept. 8, 2021
AZ Stops Investing In Company That Owns Ben & Jerrys
State Treasurer Kimberly Yee announced Tuesday that she is selling off all of the state's notes it holds in loans to Unilever. That follows the announcement that the company will no longer sell its Ben & Jerry's brand ice cream in Israeli-occupied territories.
Sept. 7, 2021