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Feds, states want Supreme Court to end Navajo fight for Colorado River water
States that rely on water from the over-tapped Colorado River want the U.S. Supreme Court to block a lawsuit from the Navajo Nation that could upend how water is shared in the Western U.S.
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Hobbs signs executive order expanding discrimination protections for state employees
The order directs state agencies to eliminate all barriers restricting employment that are not directly related to the job. The expansion includes gender identity, political affiliation and marital status.
Jan. 4, 2023
Bowers reflects on his time in the Legislature
It has been an eventful couple of years for outgoing Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers.
Jan. 4, 2023
The abortion landscape in Arizona has changed dramatically. Hear voices from both sides
Cathi Herrod has long been one of the leading voices against abortion rights in Arizona. Caroline Mello Roberson is the Southwest regional director of NARAL, which lobbies for abortion rights across the country. The Show spoke with both of them about the legal and political landscape surrounding abortion in Arizona.
Jan. 4, 2023
Pinal County AG race recount discrepancy very unusual
The vote counting is over and the lawsuits over the results are mostly over with. But there are some outstanding questions about what happened in one county after a recount was completed there.
Jan. 4, 2023
AZ schools bracing for another fight over spending cap in Legislature
Arizona school districts are facing a now-familiar dilemma: whether or not they’ll be allowed to spend money the state has allocated to them.
Jan. 4, 2023
AZ plays a prominent role in U.S. politics again as Gosar bucks McCarthy nomination
The GOP on Tuesday did not officially take political control of the U.S. House as enough dissenters from their caucus did not vote to elect California Republican Kevin McCarthy as the next Speaker.
Jan. 3, 2023
Hobbs wont disclose costs behind inauguration ceremony
Incoming Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs is kicking off her term with a celebratory ball, a first for a new governor since Fife Symington had one in the 1990s. But Hobbs, who touted transparency as part of her leadership, has refused to disclose which people or corporations are paying for the party.
Jan. 3, 2023
Mark Kelly sworn in to new term as U.S. senator
Sen. Mark Kelly was sworn into office Tuesday morning, beginning his first full six-year term in the U.S. Senate.
Jan. 3, 2023
Elvia Díaz: Why Brittney Griner is the Arizonan of the Year
It’s a new year and that means the Editorial Board of The Arizona Republic is announcing its Arizonan of the Year. And this year’s is someone who captured all of our attention intensely this year as her life hung in the balance between two world powers and a brutal war: Brittney Griner.
Jan. 3, 2023
Arizona Horizon host Ted Simons on why candidate debates matter
The issue of debates became a big one over the course of Arizona's midterm elections. Ted Simons says debates are an important part of the process — both for candidates and for voters.
Jan. 3, 2023
Whats happening in the AZ government as the calendar turns to 2023
With The Show to talk about the state Court of Appeals abortion ruling and some other goings-on in state government as the calendar turns to 2023 is Howard Fischer of Capitol Media Services.
Jan. 3, 2023
AG Mayes will not challenge ruling on territorial abortion law
Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes says she does not plan on challenging a ruling from the state Court of Appeals that allows doctors to perform abortions through the 15th week of pregnancy.
Jan. 3, 2023
Theres a major change to the way Arizona taxes are collected
With the new year comes a major change to the way state taxes are collected in Arizona that not many people are talking about. A new flat tax rate of 2.5% across the board takes effect in the state, replacing individual brackets based on income.
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Jan. 2, 2023
Bill would regulate preferred pronouns, preferred names in schools
A new proposal by a Republican legislator would bar school employees from knowingly referring to a student by a pronoun "that differs from the pronoun that matches the student's biological sex,” despite what the student wants.
Jan. 2, 2023
Arizona lawmakers can ignore open-meeting laws, Supreme Court says
State lawmakers are free to ignore laws they approved requiring public access to their meetings and there's nothing that courts can do about it, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled Friday.
Jan. 2, 2023
Pinal County faces criticism for AG election recount
The recount for the Arizona attorney general race saw a notable decrease in the margin of votes between Republican Abe Hamadeh and Democrat Kris Mayes. While the updated result still showed Mayes as the winner, Pinal County faced criticism for having an undercount of more than 500 votes.
Jan. 1, 2023
Taking down shipping containers at border will cost $76 million
After months of scrutiny from environmentalists, immigration advocates and the U.S. government, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey is taking down the shipping containers he had seemingly illegally put up.
Dec. 30, 2022
AG says Title 42 is one of only ways state has to slow illegal immigration
Title 42 allows border agents to turn away migrants, on the grounds of COVID-19, before they can seek asylum. When President Joe Biden tried to dismantle it, a group of 19 Republican state attorneys general sued.
Dec. 30, 2022
Lake, Finchem still want to outlaw machines to tabulate votes
Losing Republican candidates Kari Lake and Mark Finchem are still attempting to outlaw the use of machines to tabulate votes in Arizona.
Dec. 30, 2022
The lasting legacy of 2022 in Arizona politics
A lot has happened over the last 12 months in politics here in Arizona — from a lengthy and oftentimes contentious legislative session to a series of high-profile election races to the state’s senior senator switching political parties.
Dec. 29, 2022