Arizona Elections

Arizona Primary Firing On All Cylinders Despite COVID-19
Aug. 4 is primary day in Arizona, and The Show caught up with Secretary of State Katie Hobbs just about 90 minutes after polls opened. The Show also spoke with Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes for a look at how things were going for Maricopa County.
1 hour ago
State Senate Committee Takes First Step To Repeal Arizona Clean Elections Act
The Senate Judiciary Committee took the first step in repealing the Arizona Clean Elections Act. The measure would eliminate the program but retain the money.
Feb. 19, 2015
Arizonas Top Five Spenders In The 2014 Election
Two Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidates were among the highest spenders in the state for the 2014 election.
Jan. 28, 2015
The Maricopa County Superior Court announced Wednesday that Republican Martha McSally has won in Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District after a mandatory recount.
Dec. 18, 2014
 Recount In CD2 Moves Closer To Completion
The recount in the 2nd Congressional District is getting closer to the finish line. The district includes half of Pima County and all of Cochise County, and both have finished their electronic recount.
Dec. 11, 2014
 Recount Underway In Arizona
The recount in Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District race is underway in Pima County. Republican Martha McSally beat Democrat Ron Barber by just 161 votes, triggering the recount.
Dec. 4, 2014
Election Delayed Again; Navajo President Won
The Navajo presidential election has been postponed again. And come inauguration day Jan. 13, there won’t be a new president.
Nov. 20, 2014
Democrat Asks For More Votes To Be Counted In Arizona Congressional District
An attorney for the Ron Barber campaign has asked that about 130 rejected early and provisional ballots be counted.
Nov. 18, 2014
Why Arizona Democrats Didnt Do Better In Pima County Elections
Election Day didn’t go well for Democratic statewide candidates in Arizona.
Nov. 14, 2014
 Results Are In, But McSally
Pima County finished counting all ballots from the Nov. 4 general election. But there still isn’t an official winner in Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District race.
Nov. 13, 2014
Navajo Presidential Election Tentatively Set For Dec. 23
The Navajo presidential election is tentatively set for Dec. 23. The tribe could get a new Navajo president for Christmas, if the current candidate remains on the ballot.
Nov. 13, 2014
 More Early Ballots Discovered In Barber/McSally Congressional Race
More delays and more confusion in Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District race. About 200 more early ballots have been discovered by Pima County elections workers.
Nov. 12, 2014
Recount Possible In CD2 Race Between Barber, McSally
The 2nd Congressional District race is even closer now that nearly all ballots have been counted in Pima County. Republican Martha McSally held a lead Tuesday evening of just 133 votes over Democratic incumbent Ron Barber. A recount is possible at this point.
Nov. 12, 2014
Navajo Presidential Election Re-Scheduled
Navajo Election Officials have set a date for the tribe’s rescheduled presidential election.
Nov. 11, 2014
Maricopa County Elections Officials Finish Counting Early And Provisional Ballots
The Maricopa County Elections office finished counting early ballots.
Nov. 10, 2014
 Judge Denies McSally Request To Halt Ballot Counting In CD2 Race
There is still not a winner named in Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District race between Republican Martha McSally and Democratic Incumbent Ron Barber. Over the weekend McSally’s campaign challenged the verification of provisional ballots in Pima County. On Monday a judge denied the request.
Nov. 10, 2014
Maricopa County Faces More Outstanding Ballots Than 2012, But Predicts An Easier Count
The Maricopa County Elections Office has started to count outstanding ballots from Tuesday's general election, and will continue tabulating every day until it's done.
Nov. 6, 2014
Latino Voter Turnout Low In 2014 Midterm Elections
Latino voter groups estimate turnout in the 2014 midterm elections was even lower than 2010.
Nov. 5, 2014
Vote Count In Maricopa County To Resume Thursday Morning
About 160,000 early and provisional ballots still have yet to be tabulated in Maricopa County. Election officials will start counting again Thursday morning and hope to have them done by the middle to end of next week.
Nov. 5, 2014
Tobin Concedes To Kirkpatrick In US House Race
Despite a million dollar effort to topple the two-term incumbent, Democratic Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick has managed to hold onto her seat in Arizona's sprawling 1st Congressional District.
Nov. 5, 2014
Phoenix Votes Down Pension-Reform Measure
A contentious pension-reform initiative in Phoenix was defeated in Tuesday’s election.
Nov. 5, 2014