Arizona Elections

AZ Democratic Leaders Campaign Online For Biden
While President Trump continues to hold in-person campaign rallies, Democrats in Arizona have been going online to make the case for Joe Biden.
4 hours ago
Republicans Consider Switching Parties
Grant Woods served as Arizona’s Attorney General from 1991 to 1999 as a Republican. But Woods has recently spoken seriously about switching to the Democratic Party, saying he’s having a difficult time being in the GOP in the age of President Trump, and he isn’t alone in the party switch discussion.
Oct. 3, 2018
Do Protests Influence Election Results?
Political protests have been especially intense since President Trump took office, with the most recent being focused on the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh. But are protests sustainable, and do they end up influencing election results?
Oct. 2, 2018
Flake: Its Difficult To Work Across Party Lines While Running
Senator Jeff Flake explained to a crowd in Boston why he pushed for an FBI investigation into allegations against Kavanaugh.
Oct. 2, 2018
Boas Weighs In On Arizona Gubernatorial Debates
The Show regularly checks in with Editorial Board of the Arizona Republic to talk about the big issues facing the state and the region — featured in the newspaper’s Viewpoints section.
Oct. 1, 2018
League Of Women Voters AZ Sees Hike In Membership
Women are expected to vote en masses not seen since the 1920's, but don't expect them to vote on a candidate by gender.
Oct. 1, 2018
Clean Elections Act Supporters Focus On Just Half Of Measure
The Secretary of State’s office sent out voter guides last week with information on what ballot measures voters will see on their November ballot and all of the support statements for Proposition 306 focus on just one aspect of the clean election measure.
Oct. 1, 2018
Both AZ Candidates For Governor Oppose Prop 126
Proposition 126 is a ballot initiative that would introduce language to the Arizona Constitution forbidding state lawmakers from taxing medical services, child care and even veterinary bills. Arizona lawmakers already can do that now — and have not.
Oct. 1, 2018
Phoenix Mayoral Candidates Debate
Light rail was just one hot topic during Wednesday night’s mayoral debate. KJZZ’s Christina Estes served as moderator and joined The Show to talk about the event.
Sept. 28, 2018
KJZZs Friday NewsCap Sept. 28, 2018
To talk about this week’s two Arizona gubernatorial debates, the Brett Kavanaugh hearing and more, Jon Gabriel, editor-in-chief at, and David Lujan, director of the Arizona Center for Economic Progress, joined The Show.
Sept. 28, 2018
Will Clean Energy Initiative Create Jobs — Or Cost Them?
A new study released by backers of the campaign to raise Arizona’s renewable energy standards to 50 percent by 2030 found that if the initiative passes, Arizona’s solar industry could add 16,000 new jobs by 2030. Many disagree with that assessment — and The Show heard from both sides.
Sept. 26, 2018
Candidates Spar On Taxes, Education, Border Wall
Gov. Doug Ducey and David Garcia met for the second time in two nights. The hour-long debate in Tucson included some heated exchanges.
Sept. 26, 2018
On National Issues: AZ Voters Care Most About Health Care
The study released Tuesday by West Health Institute asked for voter concerns state by state regarding six national topics: business or trade, environment, national security, immigration, jobs and the economy, and health care costs.
Sept. 25, 2018
WATCH: Gubernatorial Candidates Debate
Gov. Doug Ducey and David Garcia faced off Tuesday night. The debate was moderated by KJZZ's Steve Goldstein, Arizona Public Media's Lorraine Rivera and Christopher Conover, and Joe Ferguson of the Arizona Daily Star.
Sept. 25, 2018
Has The Word Resistance Become Overused?
The term "resistance" has been used for centuries. To some, it applies as a useful catch-all phrase against the president and his congressional supporters. For others, though, it’s an ambiguous word that — the more it’s used — the more its power is diluted.
Sept. 25, 2018
Dueling Reports Lay Blame For Primary Day Voting Problems
As Arizona looks ahead to November’s election, there has been a lot of news about the candidates and their views, but questions about the problems hundreds of polling places encountered were at the top of mind on primary day and questions still remain.
Sept. 25, 2018
Heres How To Register To Vote In Arizona
If you have a driver's license ID card from the MVD you can register online through the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office. Otherwise you can request registration forms by mail or register in-person at your county recorder's office.
Sept. 25, 2018
Ducey, Garcia Spar In Gubernatorial Debate
Arizona's gubernatorial candidates squared off on Monday in a televised debate.
Sept. 25, 2018
#RedForEd Supporters Want To Oust AZ Supreme Court Judges
Some leaders of the #RedForEd movement and some supporters of the Invest in Education ballot initiative are expressing concerns about the ruling that knocked Invest in Ed off November’s ballot. That includes the assertion that the Ducey administration knew how the state justices had ruled individually against Invest in Ed.
Sept. 24, 2018
Kyl: Ducey Had To Do Fair Amount Of Arm-Twisting For Kyl To Agree To Job
Jon Kyl had been working as an attorney and lobbyist and was preparing to retire completely this year — until Gov. Doug Ducey called and asked him to be the interim replacement for the late Sen. John McCain. Kyl’s areas of expertise are considered water and intelligence, and he also was on the Senate Judiciary Committee for nearly 18 years.
Sept. 24, 2018
Candidates Walk Fine Line On Health Care
Eight years after the Affordable Care Act led to a “shellacking” for Democrats in the 2010 midterms, the party is running again on health care. Republicans nationally have been quieter on the issue.
Sept. 24, 2018