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Brnovich wants Ducey to call Legislature back for special session on abortion
Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich is asking Gov. Doug Ducey to call a special legislative session to help clarify the legal status of abortion in the state.
Abortion ban ruling is not what 90% of Arizonans want
Voter sentiments do not align with the recent court ruling that effectively outlawed most abortions in Arizona, according to public opinion polling data collected this month.
Despite Sinemas campy outfits, queer community doesnt always feel represented
Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is probably one of the most powerful queer women in the country. And writer Nathan Kohrman sees a lot of camp in her ever-analyzed wardrobe.
Sen. Sinema defends bipartisanship at McConnell Center
Most Americans prefer politicians who work across the aisle, Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema said Monday in a forceful defense of her brand of bipartisanship, which has infuriated the left and is likely to draw her a primary challenge.
Sept. 27, 2022
Phoenix approves $500,000 to expand gated alley program
More than five years ago, a disturbing crime in central Phoenix forced neighbors to take action. They convinced the city to let them install locked gates to block public access to alleys behind their homes. Now, more neighborhoods across Phoenix can do the same.
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Sept. 28, 2022
Public opinion is shifting on abortion bans
A Pima County judge said Sept. 23 that Arizona can enforce a near-total ban on abortions. And Arizona is not the only state in the country to enact an abortion ban, or near-total ban since the fall of Roe v. Wade.
Sept. 27, 2022
DACA recipients and those who didnt qualify await ruling on future of program
The future of hundreds of thousands of DACA recipients rests in the hands of a federal appeals court that is expected to rule soon, potentially ending the program all together.
Sept. 27, 2022
Goldwater Institute says voucher petition fell short on signatures
On Friday, volunteers with Save Our Schools Arizona turned in their petitions, in an effort to refer a universal school voucher bill to the ballot, but questions remain about whether they collected enough signatures to get it done.
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Sept. 26, 2022
Law restricting video recording police sparks legal battle
A federal judge temporarily blocked an Arizona law that would have made it a misdemeanor to video record police within 8 feet. Whether that block becomes permanent, it has raised concerns about free speech.
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Sept. 27, 2022
Pollsters say AZ politicians should pay attention to voters over 50
Political candidates might want to pay closer attention to voters 50-plus this election season. That’s because this group will be the decision makers, according to a new poll that was commissioned by AARP.
Sept. 26, 2022
Republicans quiet as Arizona Democrats condemn abortion ruling
A Pima county judge upended Arizona’s abortion landscape on Friday, allowing a near-total ban from territorial days to go into effect. And with an election on the horizon, the political implications could be vast.
Sept. 26, 2022
Volunteers turn in signatures in effort to block AZ school voucher expansion bill
Volunteers with Save Our Schools Arizona turned in 141,714 signatures Friday in an effort to refer a school voucher expansion bill to the ballot.
Sept. 23, 2022
Arizona judge says the state can enforce near-total abortion ban
Arizona can enforce a near-total ban on abortions that has been blocked for nearly 50 years, a judge ruled Friday, meaning clinics across the state will have to stop providing the procedures to avoid the filing of criminal charges against doctors and other medical workers.
Sept. 23, 2022
New ads promote federal internet credit for low-income families
A program to assist low-income families with stable internet connection received a record level of funding last year. So far only a third of eligible families have signed up.
Sept. 26, 2022
Judge allows Jan. 6 committee to subpoena head of AZ Republican Party
The Jan. 6th House Select Committee will be entitled to get the phone records of the head of the Arizona Republican Party.
Sept. 23, 2022
These new Arizona laws just went into effect
Dozens of new laws go into effect this weekend in Arizona. For example, hospitals are now required to allow daily, in-person visitation. And HOAs must let residents fly flags that support law enforcement and first responders.
Sept. 24, 2022
NewsCap: What we learned from secretary of state debate
This week wrapped up with the secretary of state debate Sept. 22, where Democratic candidate Adrian Fontes debated his Republican counterpart, Mark Finchem, who claimed the 2020 presidential election was "irredeemably compromised."
Sept. 23, 2022
During debate with Fontes, Finchem claims 2020 election was irredeemably compromised
Mark Finchem, the Republican candidate for Arizona secretary of state, claimed the 2020 election was “irredeemably compromised” when asked to account for his belief that former President Trump won the popular vote in Arizona two years ago.
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Sept. 22, 2022
Working for the railroad is like an abusive relationship, union leader says
The White House has brokered a deal to avoid a potential railroad strike, but approval from unions is still pending. Meanwhile, Greg Hynes of SMART still hopes labor unions and railroad workers can reach an agreement without government intervention.
Sept. 22, 2022
Investigation finds migrants flown to Marthas Vineyard were misled
A Texas sheriff has opened a criminal investigation into the transport of migrants to Martha's Vineyard. And a group of migrants who were put on the flights are filing a lawsuit against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.
Sept. 22, 2022
Judge to hear challenges on 2 new AZ election laws
A judge will hear arguments Thursday on challenges that claim two new laws could interfere with the rights of some people to register and vote.
Sept. 21, 2022
Why Virginias governor is endorsing Kari Lake
Kari Lake has a new ally from the East Coast: Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin. He will join Lake to stump for votes in her campaign against Democratic nominee Katie Hobbs.
Sept. 21, 2022
Voter registration deadline Oct. 11. Heres how to register
Midterm elections are right around the corner. The deadline to register to vote is Oct. 11. Here is how to register.
Sept. 20, 2022