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Phoenix responds to citizen petitions advocating for unhoused people living in tents
Phoenix is responding to citizen petitions calling for action around the Human Services Campus, which includes the state’s largest homeless shelter.
Ducey praises Sinemas steadfast support of the filibuster
Gov. Doug Ducey had high praise for Sen. Kyrsten Sinema one day after she sided with Senate Republicans to reject a proposed change to the filibuster.
Jan. 20, 2022
Arizona progressives issue a call to arms against Kyrsten Sinema
Arizona progressives spent months trying to convince Sen. Kyrsten Sinema that voting rights are important enough to toss aside the filibuster, or at least change it, temporarily. Now to win re-election, Sinema may face a bruising primary challenge.
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Jan. 20, 2022
KJZZ Explains: How a bill becomes a law in Arizona
The Arizona Legislature kicked off its 2022 session on Jan. 10, but lawmakers have been introducing bills for several weeks already. But just because a bill is introduced does not mean it will get anywhere. Here's a breakdown of how it all works for for anyone trying to follow.
Jan. 20, 2022
Republican lawmakers target Arizona school boards group
The Arizona School Boards Association successfully sued the Arizona Legislature to invalidate key parts of the state budget last year. It's now being targeted by Republican lawmakers who have long opposed its efforts to lobby for local school boards.
Jan. 20, 2022
Senate panel OKs bill to allow dentists to preform cosmetic Botox treatments
An Arizona Senate panel voted unanimously Wednesday to allow dentists to provide Botox treatments and dermal fillers for cosmetic purposes.
Jan. 20, 2022
Bill passes House committee to make SNAP requirements easier for some
Those who have been released from prison after serving a sentence on drug possession may have to go through less testing to meet the SNAP requirements.
Jan. 20, 2022
Phoenix optimistic about new federal funding for transportation projects
As construction continues for two light rail extensions in Phoenix, leaders are feeling optimistic about adding more.
Jan. 19, 2022
Kelly announces conditional support for filibuster change
U.S. Sen. Mark Kelly of Arizona has announced his conditional support for changing the filibuster rules.
Jan. 19, 2022
AZ Legislature to hold hearings on health care bills for transgender youth
The Arizona Legislature is holding a hearing Thursday on two bills that some worry limit the rights of those in the LGBTQ community.
Jan. 19, 2022
House panel passes bill that makes teaching about racism in certain ways illegal
An Arizona House panel voted 6-4 along party lines to pass a bill that would make teaching about racism illegal in certain ways. Specifically, Rep. Michelle Udall says it bars teachers from teaching in a way that students should feel guilty based on their race, ethnicity or sex.
Jan. 19, 2022
Boas: Democrats will be glad Sinema helped preserve the filibuster
U.S. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema faced strong criticism from her fellow Democrats last week after saying in a speech that she wouldn’t support filibuster reform. Two Republic columnists, Elvia Diaz and Greg Moore, expressed their disappointment with Sinema.
Jan. 19, 2022
Political action group pulls future endorsements for Sen. Sinema
A group known as Emily's List, which backs pro-choice women for political offices, will no longer endorse Sen. Kyrsten Sinema after she refused to help change filibuster rules to make way for voter rights legislation.
Jan. 19, 2022
WATCH: Biden holds first formal press conference of 2022
President Joe Biden is holding his first formal press conference of the year at the White House on Wednesday.
Jan. 19, 2022
Indigenous woman arrested for blocking wall construction back in court
An Indigenous woman arrested for blocking border wall construction is back in court Wednesday, asking a federal judge to reconsider whether she can use a religious freedom law as her defense.
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Jan. 18, 2022
From economics to voting, how big a role does systemic racism play?
Systemic racism is a term that has become a more common part of the vernacular in the past couple of years, and the phrase is applied to many of the nation's traditional institutions — including government, law enforcement, education and business.
Jan. 18, 2022
GOP lawmaker proposes $250 fee for incumbents
Republican state Rep. David Cook is proposing a bill to provide incumbents options to get back on the Arizona ballot. Instead of requiring representatives to gather signatures through a petition, they can instead pay a $250 fee to the Arizona Treasury.
Jan. 18, 2022
Marchers remember MLK, speak against efforts to curb voting
People from across the Valley marched in downtown Phoenix on Monday to honor the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. The annual march comes at a time when passing national voting legislation is stymied by the U.S. Senate and as the state Legislature considers new voting restriction
Jan. 18, 2022
Phoenix adds new milestones to civil rights memorial
On a day designated to honor Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy, the city of Phoenix added history to a civil rights memorial. In 1997, the Civil Rights Memorial at Eastlake Park was created as a public art project to reflect a decade-by-decade history of the civil rights movement in the United States and Arizona
Jan. 18, 2022
State Sen. Kelly Townsend announces run for Congress
State Sen. Kelly Townsend (R-Apache Junction) will forgo a tough primary challenge in August against her colleague Wendy Rogers (R-Flagstaff) and instead set her sights on a congressional run in southeast Arizona.
Jan. 17, 2022
Phoenix plans ways to spend federal infrastructure funds
Phoenix is working on early plans to spend its share from the Federal Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Act of 2021, also known as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.
Jan. 18, 2022