UA Professor Working On Solution To Coral Reef Damage

Published: Thursday, August 17, 2017 - 4:13pm
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(Photo via Twitter)
Mo Ehsani

The warming of the world’s oceans — as a result of climate change — is having a devastating impact on the coral reefs.

The vibrant colors of the coral are being bleached white. As the water warms,  the corals expel the colored algae living in their tissues.

But now a University of Arizona professor thinks he just might have an answer to this crisis.

Mo Ehsani isn’t a biologist. He’s a civil engineer who spent much of his career designing carbon fiber products to repair crumbling buildings and bridges.

But today, he’s got a new use for one of his inventions, a pipeline that would deliver cool ocean water to the overheated areas that are hurting the corals.

He says it’s a low-cost and sustainable solution to the problem.

And if you want, you can vote for Ehsani’s submission to the National Geographic Chasing Genius Challenge.

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