Growing Real Estate Boom (And Concerns) In San Miguel De Allende
A small town in central Mexico is attracting tourists, immigrants and realty investors from Arizona, the U.S. and the world. But its popularity is also generating concerns among locals.
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May. 4, 2018
Navajo Teachers Change Rally Cry To
Not all Arizona teachers walked out this week. Many rural schools remained open but still participated in the #RedForEd movement in their own ways.
May. 3, 2018
Bottoms Up! Mexico Wants Mezcal In Arizona For Cinco De Mayo
For many, Cinco de Mayo means “party”. And for those who sell Mexican products, that’s a business opportunity. At celebrations this weekend in Tucson and Phoenix, the Mexican government will be promoting mezcal, an alcoholic drink experiencing a boom worldwide.
May. 3, 2018
AZ Food Bank Needs Donations After School Closures
St. Mary’s Food Bank distributed tens of thousands of meals to children and families while schools were closed during the teacher walkout.
May. 3, 2018
Officials Implement New Fire Restrictions In N. Arizona
As the Tinder Fire continues to burn through Northern Arizona, officials are implementing new fire restrictions in the area.
May. 3, 2018
Feuding Water Agencies To Meet Next Week
The Central Arizona Project and the Arizona Department of Water Resources will meet next week in what could be a reboot of talks that stalled last year.
May. 3, 2018
Isaac Elementary School District Opens For Half-Days During Teacher Walkout
On the sixth day of a teacher walkout, the school is working with about three quarters of its usual staff and a few extra substitutes.
May. 3, 2018
High School Senior Talks Walkout, Getting Back To School
The teacher walkout is on its sixth day, and while the teachers are marching on the capitol building, students are out of the classrooms.
May. 3, 2018
Peoria Unified School District Officials Discuss Re-Opening Schools
Peoria Unified School District officials met on Thursday morning to discuss re-opening procedures.
May. 3, 2018
Koch Foundation Donor Agreements Indicate Kochs Influenced Professor Hirings, Firings
Donor agreements indicate the foundation gave millions of dollars to have a say in whether university professors should be hired or fired. And universities in Arizona have received funding from the foundation.
May. 3, 2018
Educators Filled House, Senate Galleries To Spectate Late-Night Budget Debate
Wednesday night, educators and school staff wearing red filled the state House and Senate galleries and viewing rooms until the early hours of the morning to see the budget plan pass.
May. 3, 2018
2 Rio Salado College Executives Put On Leave
Two senior KJZZ managers have been placed on administrative leave by Rio Salado College.
May. 3, 2018
After 6 Days Out Of School, Parents Ready For Kids To Go Back
“I kind of understand the teachers’ point of view, but it’s our kids’ education, they need it,” said parent Adriana Aguilar. “I’m a single mom of five kids. It’s a big help when they’re in school for me.”
May. 3, 2018
Sounds Of The City: Singing Along With The Girls Chorus
Listen to the sounds of Lucy and Alice Lundberg doing a progress check for the Phoenix Girls Chorus before the start of their next season.
May. 3, 2018
#RedForEd Demonstrators Say Passed Budget Falls Short
Supporters gathered for a sixth day to rally at the state Capitol on Thursday. They said they’ll continue the #RedForEd movement on to the elections this fall.
#RedForEd Strike: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5
Ducey Signs Education Funding Bill After Long Night Of Debate
May. 3, 2018
The Takeaway: Inter-Korean Peace Through The Eyes of a North Korean Defector
At the age of 13, Yeonmi Park staged a daring escape from North Korea. But the treacherous journey carried an uncertain promise of freedom; she faced a harrowing experience at the hands of the Chinese before eventually making it to South Korea.
May. 3, 2018
Maricopa County, Diamondbacks Reach Deal On Chase Field
Maricopa County has struck a deal with the Arizona Diamondbacks over Chase Field. It allows the team to immediately begin looking for another home and calls for the team to drop its lawsuit arguing the county should pay for $187 million in repairs.
May. 3, 2018
California Supreme Court Ruling A
The California Supreme Court earlier this week adopted a broader definition of who is an employee and could make it more difficult for companies to classify workers as independent contractors. That’s important in a lot of jobs, especially in the so-called “gig economy.”
May. 3, 2018
Hotter Temperatures Expected as Tinder Fire Grows
The Tinder Fire has burned for nearly a week in Coconino County, and so far, lower winds and high humidity have helped keep the progression of the fire down.
May. 3, 2018
Arizona Economist Weighs In On State Budget
Gov. Ducey signed the education funding portion of the budget early this morning, giving teachers a 20 percent raise by 2020. It’s a plan he first introduced weeks ago in an attempt to head off the teacher walkout that’s been going on for the last six days across the state.
May. 3, 2018