Immigration Reform Activists Plan Phoenix March For Oct. 5
Immigration reform activists are planning a mass demonstration next month here in Phoenix.  Maricopa County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox says the 11 million de-facto citizens living in America need to be recognized through passage of comprehensive immigration reform legislation.
Sep. 18, 2013
Brewer To Stop Issuing Driver
Gov. Jan Brewer has opted to stop issuing driver's licenses to people in all deferred action programs. The decision comes after a federal judge told the state it’s action to refuse to issue licenses for people in the president’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals was probably unconstitutional discrimination, because the state allowed those in other programs to drive.
Sep. 18, 2013
Three Students Sick From Cough Medicine
Three male students at Poston Butte High School in San Tan Valley are recovering after taking cough medicine that had been brought onto the campus. Rural Metro spokesman Colin Williams says the three teens were having some serious side effects but are expected to be okay.
Sep. 18, 2013
House Speaker Tobin Urges Swift Action On Death Benefits For Fallen Prescott Firefighters
An Arizona House committee got its first look Tuesday at proposals that would grant full state death benefits to some families of the firefighters killed in the Yarnell Hill Wildfire.  Arizona House Speaker Andy Tobin testifies about death benefits for families of fallen firefighters before members of the House Public Safety, Military and Regulatory Affairs Committee.
Sep. 17, 2013
Policeman Convicted Of Assault, Not Murder
A former Phoenix police officer has been convicted of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, but a jury could not agree on charge of second-degree murder. Richard Chrisman was on trial for killing a man in 2010.
Sep. 17, 2013
Arizona Supreme Court Upholds Aubuchon Disbarment
The Arizona Supreme Court has upheld the disbarment of a former Maricopa County prosecutor. Last year, a disciplinary panel of the Arizona Bar took Lisa Aubuchon’s law license away – the complaints against the former Deputy County Attorney stemmed mainly from lawsuits filed against public officials and judges.
Sep. 17, 2013
Coalition Of Same-Sex Marriage Advocates Makes Its Public Debut
A coalition of national and local advocates have started a campaign advocating for same-sex marriage in Arizona. It is one part of a state-by-state strategy to legalize gay marriage through lawsuits, ballot measures and by winning public opinion.
Sep. 17, 2013
Navajo Nation Seeks Disaster Declaration For Rain, Flood Damages
The Navajo Nation is asking FEMA to declare a major disaster for the area, after heavy rains and floods damaged homes, roads and infrastructure in many Native American communities.  Navajo nation spokesman Ernie Zah says the Tribe has already spent more than a million dollars to cope with the damage from several different storms.
Sep. 17, 2013
Same-Sex Marriage Advocates Hope To Win Minds And Votes
A public campaign to get a majority of Arizonans to support gay marriage made its debut Tuesday morning. Supporters hope to win the public opinion battle, with an eye toward the 2016 election. At the podium, Nelda Majors and Karen Bailey are a lesbian couple who have been together for more than 50 years.
Sep. 17, 2013
Two Bitten By Rattlesnakes, Officials Warn Of Increasing Danger
Arizona residents are being warned about the dangers of rattlesnakes after two people were bitten north of Tucson. Adam Goldberg of the Northwest Fire District says a 23-year-old man riding a mountain bike was bitten on the calf, and three hours later, a 68-year-old man was bitten while he worked in his yard.
Sep. 17, 2013
Arizona Borrows $200 Million To Privately Pay Off Federal Debt
Arizona is borrowing $200 million this week in a bid to save business owners money. The state’s jobless fund is supposed to support itself with a tax on employers, but during the recession it went broke.
Sep. 17, 2013
Suspect Flees From Police, Falls Off Cliff
A Kingman man is recovering after falling off a cliff while he was trying to run from police. Mohave County Sheriff’s deputy Rusty Cooper says 30-year-old Michael Caughlin faces a number of charges after driving off when he was stopped, and running away on foot when his car got stuck.
Sep. 17, 2013
Hearings Begin On Benefits For Families Of Deceased Seasonal Firefighters
Tuesday afternoon an Arizona House Committee will hold the first of an expected series of hearings into the issue of benefits for seasonal firefighters. Some of the Granite Mountain Hotshots who died fighting the Yarnell Hill Fire were seasonal employees, meaning their survivors are not entitled to the same benefits as full-time employees.
Sep. 17, 2013
US Airways And American Airlines Employees Argue Merger In Washington DC
US Airways and its prospective partner American Airlines set out Tuesday morning on a two-day summit to Washington, DC. The companies are sending 300 employees to argue in favor of an imperiled merger.
Sep. 17, 2013
Mesa-Gateway Brings Big Money To The State
The Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport brought in more $1.3 billion in total economic benefits last fiscal year. That is according to a new study from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.
Sep. 16, 2013