Cindy McCain Calls For Civility One Year After Her Husbands Death
The first anniversary Sunday of U.S. Sen. John McCain’s death was marked by memories from politicians and his family alike.
Aug. 25, 2019
Effects Of Trade War On Arizona
The trade war between the U.S. and China continued to negatively affect the markets Friday as the DOW closed down over 600 points. One Arizona business expert weighs in.
Aug. 24, 2019
New Civic Complex To Be Heart Of Goodyear
The Goodyear City Council has approved plans to build a new city hall, library and green space for public events. The goal is to create a destination for work and play. Goodyear is one of the state’s fastest-growing cities with more than 84,000 people. And for the past 35 years, plans to build a new city hall never materialized, until now.
Aug. 24, 2019
Experts: Hackers Targeting Smaller Businesses That Have Lack Of Security, Awareness
Computer experts say hackers are targeting smaller businesses and organizations due to a lack of security or awareness. Steve Woods explains what these companies can do to help protect their systems.
Aug. 24, 2019
County Public Health Investigating Measles In Tempe
A competitor at the World Hip Hop Dance Competition at the Arizona Grand tested positive for measles and may have exposed others to the disease from Aug. 9-11.
Aug. 23, 2019
After Mexican Tomato Deal, Farm Bureau Wants Same For Other Crops
With the ink barely dry on the draft of a Mexican tomato import deal, some farmers are saying they’d like to see similar agreements for other crops. The American Farm Bureau praised the deal reached by the U.S. Department of Commerce and Mexican growers.
Aug. 23, 2019
Mexicos Economy Registers No Growth In Second Quarter
Mexico’s economic activity was flat in the second quarter of the year, as Arizona’s leading trading partner narrowly dodged a recession.
Aug. 23, 2019
Douglas-Agua Prieta Host Annual Concert Without Borders
Artists and performers from Arizona and Sonora, Mexico will put on a free concert Saturday on both sides of the border in Douglas, Arizona and Agua Prieta, Sonora. It’s called the Concert Without Borders.
Aug. 23, 2019
Phoenix Company Fined Over Lie Detector Tests
A Phoenix medical clinic must pay a federal fine after asking its employees to take polygraph tests. The U.S. Department of Labor said West Valley Ear, Nose and Throat requested five employees submit to polygraph exams after noticing ongoing cash shortages.
Aug. 23, 2019
Woman Injured In Arizona Prison Wins Battle With Bill Collectors After Sharing Her Story
While incarcerated in an Arizona prison, Ashley Wilkeyson injured her leg. Bills for the subsequent medical treatment were erroneously sent to Wilkeyson’s family and her own address during her incarceration and for more than a year after her release.
Aug. 23, 2019
Tracing The Migrant Journey: On The Ground In Phoenix, Arizona
Tens of thousands of migrant families have passed through Phoenix this year on their way to destinations in other parts of the country. Area churches and nonprofits have offered these people aid, and just last month aid groups opened a 24/7 shelter. It's one stop on the migrant journey we've been covering over the past two weeks.
Special Series: Tracing The Migrant Journey
Aug. 23, 2019
Driest Monsoon Ever? Probably. 2019 On Track To Be Driest Ever
The 2019 monsoon season is on track to be the driest on record.
Aug. 23, 2019
DOJ Action Prompts AZ To Renew Pursuit Of Death Penalty Drugs
Arizona has not executed a death row inmate in five years, but recent actions from the U.S. Department of Justice have prompted a renewed pursuit of lethal injection drugs.
Brnovich Wants To Restock Lethal Injection Drugs, Resume Executions
Aug. 23, 2019
AZ DACA Students Will Now Pay Half As Much For Tuition
Undocumented high school graduates in Arizona will now pay about half as much as they once did to attend the state’s public universities.
Aug. 23, 2019
As Water Cutbacks Loom, How Dire Is The Situation?
This week, we told you about the lack of monsoon rains and upcoming water cutbacks. While that might set off alarm bells in some people’s minds, the situation may not be quite so dire, not right now anyway.
Aug. 23, 2019
Monsoon Stories 2019: Shelter From The Storm
While most of us would like a respite from the scorching temperatures, the wetter weather brings its own discomforts. Humidity, bugs and even storm damage.
Aug. 23, 2019
Q&AZ: What Is Ozone Pollution?
Phoenix has exceeded ozone health standards 32 days since May. A listener wanted to know what ozone is, where it comes from and what harm it can do.
Aug. 23, 2019
KJZZs Friday NewsCap August 23, 2019
KJZZ's Friday NewsCap revisits some of the biggest stories of the week. The Show discussed the week in news with Marcus Dell’Artino of First Strategic and former Attorney General Terry Goddard.
Aug. 23, 2019
Phoenix Water, ASU Use New Grant To Conserve Lawn Water
The city of Phoenix Water Services Department has received a grant for a new water conservation program. The $100,000 will be used to pilot a technology to reduce lawn water usage by 40 to 45 percent.
Aug. 23, 2019
Review Of Small Mouth Sounds At Stray Cat Theatre
Life is a messy, uncomfortable business, and playwright Bess Wohl is here to remind us of that. If her play, "Small Mouth Sounds," isn’t especially graceful, that’s fair enough: neither are the themes it gently pokes into.
Aug. 23, 2019