UA Study Researches Link Between Sleep And Developmental Disorders
Secrets to understanding developmental disorders may have links to infant sleep patterns, and a prominent funding group thinks a University of Arizona study needs to go further to find out.
Nov. 11, 2014
New Videos Released Of Deadly Yarnell Hill Fire
New videos have been released from last summer’s deadly Yarnell Hill fire. The images and sounds help give a sense of the day 19 elite firefighters died in the small-town wildfire.
Nov. 10, 2014
Maricopa County Elections Officials Finish Counting Early And Provisional Ballots
The Maricopa County Elections office finished counting early ballots.
Nov. 10, 2014
Lessons Learned From First ACA Enrollment Shape 2nd Enrollment Strategy
Open enrollment for insurance plans through the federal marketplace starts Saturday, Nov. 15.
Nov. 10, 2014
Arizona Cardinals Lose An Injured Carson Palmer For The Season
The Arizona Cardinals’ starting quarterback Carson Palmer is out for the rest of the season, a few days after signing a three-year contract extension. Palmer suffered a serious knee injury in Sunday’s win against St. Louis.
Nov. 10, 2014
The Arizona Zoological Society Changes Its Name
Visitors to the Phoenix Zoo can expect some changes. Specifically, a name change to the governing organization.
Nov. 10, 2014
 Judge Denies McSally Request To Halt Ballot Counting In CD2 Race
There is still not a winner named in Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District race between Republican Martha McSally and Democratic Incumbent Ron Barber. Over the weekend McSally’s campaign challenged the verification of provisional ballots in Pima County. On Monday a judge denied the request.
Nov. 10, 2014
Major Sporting Events May Bring Heavy Traffic To West Valley
Big wins may mean big traffic for the Valley. This weekend, Phoenix played host to a NASCAR race and an NFL game.
Nov. 10, 2014
Mexican Gray Wolf Deaths Investigated In New Mexico
The deaths of two Mexican gray wolves in New Mexico are being investigated.
Nov. 10, 2014
Tempes A Mountain Painted UA Colors More Than 2 Weeks Before Rivalry Game
The ASU vs. UA football game is more than two weeks away but the rivalry traditions are already underway. Students on the ASU campus woke up Monday morning with the A on "A" Mountain painted red and blue.
Nov. 10, 2014
Interstate Stream Commission Considers Proposals To Divert Part Of Gila River
The commission faces an end of the year deadline to decide whether to accept federal money to build a diversion and storage system along the Gila.
Nov. 10, 2014
Mesa Recycles Cooking Oil Year Round
For some families, a Thanksgiving turkey tradition involves a deep fryer and a lot of cooking oil. The end result is delicious. It can also be a mess to clean up, but the city of Mesa is expanding a holiday program to deal with that mess.
Nov. 10, 2014
McSally Now Leading Barber By Just 341 Votes
Elections officials in Pima County are set to count ballots that could decide whether incumbent Democrat Ron Barber or Republican Martha McSally wins Arizona's 2nd Congressional District seat.
Nov. 10, 2014
Congressman-Elect Ruben Gallego Supports Executive Action On Immigration
Arizona’s 7th District congressman-elect, Ruben Gallego, appeared Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union.
Nov. 10, 2014
Glen Canyon Release Will Flood Colorado River, Distribute Sediment
Officials say most campsites along the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon will be smaller and some sites might not be usable because of flooding intended to restore the river to mimic pre-dam conditions.
Nov. 10, 2014
TSA Pre-Check Popular Among Sky Harbor Travelers
The Transportation and Security Administration's pre-check location in the Phoenix airport is popular. Since the service at Sky Harbor airport opened last month, 1,300 people have qualified for expedited airport security.
Nov. 10, 2014
Fees Could Go Up At Grand Canyon
A trip to the Grand Canyon might get a little pricier, as fees to more than 100 national parks could be going up soon.
Nov. 9, 2014
Maricopa County Updates Election Ballot Count
The Maricopa County Elections Office updated the ballot count Friday night. These totals may affect at least one race in the 2014 general election.
Nov. 8, 2014
NASCAR Race And Cardinals Game Means Heavy West Side Traffic
The west Valley is bracing for heavier-than-usual traffic this weekend. Thousands of NASCAR and football fans are expected to clog local freeways, but people who live in the area are prepared to stay home and off the road.
Nov. 7, 2014
Phoenix Art Museum Hosts ArtFix Restoration Event
Even though Election Day is over, the voting continued this week — not in the political world, but in the art world.
Nov. 7, 2014