TV ad asks businesses and tourists to come to Arizona
A new television commercial is promoting Arizona as a business and tourism destination. It features some higher-profile Arizonans who made the state their home. KJZZ’s Paul Atkinson reports. PAUL ATKINSON: The three-second ad debuted during Wednesday’s Republican Presidential debate.
Feb. 24, 2012
Arizona Supreme Court reverses ruling on bus driver responsibility
The Arizona Supreme Court has reversed a decision that found Tucson’s bus system responsible for injuries to a wheelchair bound bus passenger. The case deals with the degree to which a bus driver is responsible for a passenger’s safety.
Feb. 23, 2012
CDC advises whooping cough vaccine for the elderly
A federal advisory panel is recommending that doctors administer a childhood vaccine to the elderly as well. That comes after an increase in the number of whooping cough cases in adults. KJZZ’s Al Macias reports.
Feb. 23, 2012
Helicopter collision in Yuma kills seven Marines
SAN DIEGO (AP) — Two military helicopters collided over the California desert during nighttime training exercises, killing seven Marines in the latest of several similar accidents in the region.The service members with the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing were based at Camp Pendleton north of San Diego, Lt.
Feb. 23, 2012
GOP debate viewing party draws hundreds
While the four remaining Republican presidential candidates debated inside the Mesa Arts Center on Wednesday, hundreds of people watched on a big screen outside. KJZZ’s Mark Brodie was among them, and has this report.
Feb. 22, 2012
GOP candidates argue over national, Arizona issues
The four remaining GOP presidential candidates sparred in Mesa on Wednesday night. The CNN debate addressed issues critical to many Arizonans, including immigration and border security. But much of the debate was taken up with national policy, and there was little discussion of job creation.
Feb. 22, 2012
Mesa holds the last debate before Super Tuesday
Mayor of Mesa Scott Smith, NPR Washington senior editor Ron Elving, and ASU assistant professor at the School of Letters and Sciences Kelly McDonald explain the significance of the Mesa Presidential Primary Debate for candidates and the state of Arizona.
Feb. 22, 2012
Paul Babeu denies he made threats and declares homosexuality
Last week the Phoenix New Times released a story about Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu threatening his Hispanic ex-lover with deportation if he made their relationship public. Tim McGuire, the Frank Russell Chair for the Business of Journalism at Arizona State’s Walter Cronkite School, talks about the media’s responsibilities when reporting on the personal lives of elected officials.
Feb. 22, 2012
Concerns voiced for state?s proposed no-growth budget
Dennis Welch, managing editor of The Arizona Guardian, talks about the most recent budget plan presented by Republicans and why Governor Jan Brewer is concerned. At the state capitol, Republican lawmakers have presented a no-growth budget plan, which proposes no new spending above the current level.
Feb. 22, 2012
Arizona?s presidential candidate legacy
Here and Now takes a look back at Arizona presidential candidates, and the excellent sense of humor they’ve maintained after a century-long streak of losses.Wes Gullett, Fred DuVal and Terry Bracy all have something in common.
Feb. 22, 2012
Join KJZZ for AZ SCITECH Forum on Personalized Medicine, March 8
Imagine a medical treatment uniquely designed for you.Science fiction or fact? Examine the potential of Personalized Medicine during an Arizona SciTech forum presented by KJZZ and Rio Salado College on March 8, 2012.
Feb. 22, 2012
Santorum tells Arizona voters good stuff is happening
Republicans will gather outside of Phoenix on Wednesday for the last prime-time presidential primary debate before Super Tuesday. All eyes will be on Rick Santorum, the latest candidate to challenge Mitt Romney’s grip on the nomination.
Feb. 22, 2012
Arizona issues will be addressed in CNN Presidential debate
What could be the most important debate among Republican Presidential candidates takes place tonight in Mesa. It’s the last debate before Super Tuesday when ten states hold primary elections. And as Paul Atkinson reports from Phoenix, issues important to Arizona will play a role in the debate.
Feb. 21, 2012
GOP budget clears first legislative hurdle
Legislative committees in the Arizona House and Senate today approved a budget plan crafted by GOP leaders. But the plan appears to be at odds with the proposal put forward last month by Governor Jan Brewer.
Feb. 21, 2012
Lovas appointed to fill House vacancy
The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday appointed Phil Lovas to fill a vacancy. This is the second vacancy in that legislative district.  KJZZ’s Al Macias reports. Lovas was appointed to fill the vacancy when representative Judy Burgess was named to replace former state senator Scott Bundgaard.
Feb. 21, 2012
Goldwater letters show he praised, chided Gingrich
Correspondence from the late Barry Goldwater shows the former senator thought highly of Newt Gingrich, but was also wary of Gingrich putting his foot in his mouth. From Phoenix, KJZZ's Paul Atkinson reports.
Feb. 21, 2012
Centennial Minute: Ranches
This month, Arizona turns 100. KJZZ is marking the centennial each week in February with stories of our state’s history, people and places. We're calling it the Centennial Minute. This morning, authors and Arizona residents Fred DuVal and Lisa Schnebly Heidinger tell us about generations-old ranching families in Arizona.
Feb. 21, 2012
Sedona Film Festival features
The Sedona Film Festival is underway in the red rocks of Northern Arizona. One of the films featured at this year’s festival is “In Good Time.” It’s a documentary about the life of jazz pianist and long-time host of NPR’s “Piano Jazz,” Marian McPartland.
Feb. 21, 2012
Anti-public employee union bills as much about politics as policy
Public employee unions say they’re under attack by legislative proposals mostly written by a conservative think tank. The Goldwater Institute claims Arizona taxpayers could save half-a billion dollars by targeting collective bargaining, union dues, and government funded salaries of union leaders.
Feb. 19, 2012