Dangers Of Road Haven’t Deterred Pilgrimage
Every year, thousands of Catholics make their way to a small town in Sonora, Mexico, to honor a revered saint. Many come on foot as part of their sacrifice to the saint. But ongoing highway construction between Nogales and Magdalena has made the journey more dangerous for some this year.
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Oct. 4, 2018
Plan For Street Repairs Could Kill Light Rail Project
Complaints from residents and business owners are driving Phoenix city council members to find ways to speed up street repairs.
Oct. 3, 2018
Mexico’s Lopez Obrador And Trump Talk Immigration
Mexican President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and U.S. President Donald Trump over the phone about investing in economic opportunities in Central America to stem migration.
Oct. 3, 2018
Maricopa County Recorder Warns About Voter Registration Scams
The deadline is fast approaching to register to vote in the Nov. 6 election. But you can never register through a phone call.
Oct. 3, 2018
New Trade Agreement
The executive branches of Canada, Mexico and the U.S. reached a new trade agreement earlier this week. But to put it into action, the congresses from the three countries still have to have to pass it — and in the U.S., the Democratic Party will play an important role.
Oct. 3, 2018
Crews Sent For Road Repairs Throughout The Valley
Following Tuesday’s heavy rainfall, the City of Phoenix has dispatched crews to clear downed trees, mud and fix potholes. And the intersection of 35th Avenue and Cactus Road remains closed due to a massive sinkhole.
Oct. 3, 2018
Flake Political Future In Limbo With SCOTUS Vote
Political analyst predicts Sen. Flake's political ambitions rest on his upcoming vote for or against SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh.
Oct. 3, 2018
Officials Monitoring Border Dam For Possible Breach
Authorities in Southern Arizona are waiting to see whether a dam near the U-S Mexico border will be breached following Tropical Storm Rosa.
Oct. 3, 2018
Questions People Have For The Next Arizona Schools Chief
At Tuesday night’s Arizona superintendent of public instruction debate, KJZZ asked the audience to write questions for candidates Kathy Hoffman and Frank Riggs. Here’s a look at what attendees are thinking about Arizona education ahead of the November election.
Superintendent Candidates Tackle Education Issues, Favorite Books
Oct. 3, 2018
How Punk Brought Down The Berlin Wall
In his new book, "Burning Down the Haus: Punk Rock, Revolution, and the Fall of the Berlin Wall," music journalist Tim Mohr uncovers the little-known story of a group of punk rockers in East Berlin whose teenage rebellion became the spark that proved the power of resistance.
Oct. 3, 2018
Scientists Researching
As antibiotics have become pervasive in our society, the bacteria they target have adapted. It’s resulted in various “superbugs” that can’t be beaten by the current antibiotics we have. New research from the University of Washington is tackling that problem with something resembling a Trojan horse.
Oct. 3, 2018
Emergency Text Alert Test Goes Out On Nation
For those concerned about the system being misused to convey a political message, akin to President Donald Trump’s tweets, the president will not be directly triggering these alerts. In addition, Johnson said there are safeguards in place.
Oct. 3, 2018
El Nino or No? The Challenges Of Forecasting This Winter
The rain moving through the Phoenix area has some of us dreaming about the winter — and forecasters believe we could be entering an El Niño this winter, which could bring more rain.
Oct. 3, 2018
Republicans Consider Switching Parties
Grant Woods served as Arizona’s Attorney General from 1991 to 1999 as a Republican. But Woods has recently spoken seriously about switching to the Democratic Party, saying he’s having a difficult time being in the GOP in the age of President Trump, and he isn’t alone in the party switch discussion.
Oct. 3, 2018
Rain From Tropical Storm Rosa Threatens Dam Protecting Village
Down on the border with Mexico, the Tonhono O’Odham Nation’s village of Ali Chuk in the Gu Vo District is facing a bigger problem caused by Tropical Storm Rosa.
Oct. 3, 2018
Scientists Put Forward Candidate For First Known Exomoon
Over the past 30 years, scientists have discovered nearly 4,000 exoplanets orbiting distant stars. Now, researchers have advanced a candidate for what could be the first known exomoon.
Oct. 3, 2018
The Takeaway: Trump
President Trump says he is a self-made man. But by age 8 he was a millionaire. That’s according to a new investigation by The New York Times, based on more than one hundred thousand pages of documents charting the financial history of the Trump family business.
Oct. 3, 2018
Northern Arizona Faces Road Closures After Storm
After the record rainfall Tuesday, there is flooding and rockfall in parts of the state. Oak Creek Canyon on State Route 89A is closed just north of Slide Rock for about four miles because of rockfall.
Oct. 3, 2018
Two Guys on Your Head: The Psychology Of Reinvention
When and why do we take risks? What goes into the process of remaking yourself at any age or stage of life? What is the role of grief when we talk about reinvention? These are some of the questions we discussed with Dr. Art Markman and Dr. Bob Duke at a recent Views and Brews at The Cactus Cafe.
Oct. 3, 2018
The Takeaway: Does America Have A Drinking Problem?
Last week America watched as Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh ducked and dodged questions about his drinking habits when he was a teenager. It forced many of us to consider our own relationship to alcohol.
Oct. 3, 2018