Tourists Find Ways Around National Parks Shutdown
Many people who traveled thousands of miles to hike, camp or paddle in a national park aren’t letting a government shutdown spoil their vacation. They’re finding there are ways around the park closures.
Oct. 5, 2013
Climate In Arizona Warming Faster Than Other States
A new report on climate change says here in Arizona, it’s already happening. Julie Cole is a Geoscientist at the University of Arizona. “We’re warming as fast as anywhere in the lower 48; faster than most of the lower 48 states,” Cole said.
Oct. 3, 2013
Shut Down Shuts Out Grand Canyon Visitors, Employees
With the government officially closed, 438 Grand Canyon employees are being furloughed today. Visitors are being turned away at the park’s gate, and those already inside have 48 hours to clear out.
Oct. 3, 2013
Keeping Up With Arizona Politicians Future Plans
Former Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman announced he was running for the Republican gubernatorial nomination. Then last month, he was convinced by a number of supporters to run for treasurer instead. Secretary of State Ken Bennett has had an exploratory committee, and almost every Capitol-watcher fully expects him to run for governor, but it seems some people would prefer him as a corporation commission candidate.
Oct. 3, 2013
Studying Who Heat Islands Hurt And Where They Live
This past summer was the hottest ever in Phoenix, according to the National Weather Service. Mikhail Chester is an assistant professor of civil, environmental and sustainability engineering at ASU. (Photo by Nick Blumberg-KJZZ) During the height of the heat, few places in the U.
Oct. 3, 2013
Shutdown Could Cost Arizona Tourism Industry Millions Of Dollars A Day
Arizona’s tourism industry stands to lose millions of dollars a day if national parks close as part of a possible federal government shutdown. Cronkite News says visitors to Arizona’s national parks spend an average of $2.
Oct. 3, 2013
Judge: Litigation To Proceed On US Airways-American Airlines Merger
One thing that won’t be delayed because of the government shutdown is the trial over the merger of American Airlines and Tempe-based US Airways.A federal judge in Washington denied a Department of Justice request to put the case on hold on Tuesday.
Oct. 3, 2013
Judge Orders Court-Appointed Monitor To Oversee Sheriff Arpaios Office
A court-appointed monitor will oversee the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office to make sure the department ends discriminatory practices. MCSO was accused of racial profiling as part of a civil suit. This is the result of a six year legal battle over a racial discrimination case against the sheriff’s department.
Oct. 3, 2013
Midwives Push For Access To Meds
Women who give birth at home are looking for a different kind of labor than a hospital typically provides, namely one that is drug-free. But in an emergency, medication can sometimes be a lifesaver, for them and their babies.
Oct. 3, 2013
Bedbugs Found At U Of A Library
An infestation of bed bugs forced the closure of parts of the Main Library at the University of Arizona for a time late last week. The first dead bug was noticed by a library employee, in the downstairs computer lab area last Wednesday, according to UA Facilities Management.
Oct. 3, 2013
The Uninsured Begin Signing Up For Health Coverage
Arizonans are beginning to sign up for health insurance on the new federal and state websites. Tuesday was the first day people could purchase plans on the exchange created by the Obama administration and others applied for state Medicaid coverage.
Oct. 3, 2013
Gov. Brewer Seeks To Dismiss Medicaid Lawsuit
Gov. Jan Brewer and the director of Arizona’s Medicaid program have asked a judge to dismiss a lawsuit challenging the state’s plan to expand its health care program for the poor. The Goldwater Institute filed a lawsuit last month on behalf of some state lawmakers and others.
Oct. 3, 2013
Did You Know: There Is An Aeolian-Skinner Organ At Gammage
If you have ever been to the fall convocation at Gammage Auditorium in Tempe, you have been a witness to something unique. Not the event so much as the massive pipe organ that makes the ceremony come alive.
Oct. 3, 2013
Maricopa County Project Encourages Restaurants To Open In Unusual Commercial Spaces
Maricopa County launched a new project that will change the cookie-cutter look of restaurants. It is aimed at getting new restaurants into unusual and old commercial spaces. Maricopa County will grant six month trial permits to new restaurants opening in buildings not designed for eateries.
Oct. 3, 2013
Health Insurance Exchange Opens Oct. 1
Much to the chagrin of some congressional Republicans who have tried tying the continued funding of the federal government to the elimination of the Affordable Care Act, the ACA’s implementation continues moving forward.
Oct. 3, 2013
Federal Shutdown May Force Furloughs, Cuts At State Agencies
The continued federal government shutdown is starting to affect some of Arizona's state agencies. According to the current state budget, the Arizona Department of Transportation is set to get about $178 million from the U.
Oct. 3, 2013