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Mexican Supreme Court Passes Referendum To Judge Former Presidents
Mexico’s president recently proposed a referendum to ask voters if his predecessors should be brought to justice. The country’s Supreme Court has ruled in favor with some adjustments after raising questions about the judicial system and its independence.
Oct. 5, 2020
Mexico Tightens Migration Rules As Caravan Departs From Honduras
A new migrant caravan from Central America is on its way to the U.S. — the first one since the pandemic. And as the COVID-19 cases are still rising, Mexico is adding new rules to stop the virus and people from the caravan.
Oct. 5, 2020
Feminists Accused Of Violence And Sedition After Being Gassed
While the Black Lives Matter social movement has gained controversial notoriety this year in the U.S., a similar situation has happened with the feminist protests in Mexico. And the government from that country and its capital city are now accusing the protesters of violence and sedition.
Oct. 1, 2020
Mexican President Apologizes For State Crime Against Missing Students
The disappearance of 43 students in Mexico six years ago is still unclear, yet it has become a symbol in the fight for justice, as some theories say the government is behind it. Now, the Mexican president blames his predecessor and promises new arrests.
Sept. 28, 2020
Mexican President Faces Backlash After Mussolini Reference
Some opponents of President Trump have accused him of using fascist references in his speeches. And Mexico’s president is also receiving similar accusations after mentioning one of the most notorious dictators in history.
Sept. 25, 2020
Head Of One Of Mexico’s Anti-Corruption Office Resigns
Mexico’s current administration created an institute to sell and auction seized goods tied to tax fraud, organized crime and corruption. But the head of this office resigned after detecting internal corruption and clashing with the president.
Sept. 24, 2020
Mexican President Dismisses Trump’s Threats On Drug Report
President Donald Trump released his yearly report on illegal drugs trafficked into the US in September. In the document, he wrote that the Mexican government needs to intensify its efforts and do more to stop the flow of narcotics. But Mexico’s president says there’s nothing to worry about.
Sept. 18, 2020
Mexico Demands Reports On Alleged Unauthorized Hysterectomies
Two immigration detention centers were accused of serious violations of human rights, including involuntary surgeries and sexual abuse. Mexico’s government has formally requested from U.S. authorities a report on the alleged negligent practices.
Sept. 18, 2020
Mexico Celebrates Plane Lottery Amid Doubts, Hopes — And No Plane
One of the most important symbols of the Mexican president’s fight against corruption is the luxurious presidential plane used by previous administrations. After his government failed to sell it, he wanted to raffle it but that turned into a lottery ... without the plane. The lottery finally happened this week, but many questions remain.
Sept. 17, 2020
Farmworkers In Mexican Border State Seize Control Of A Dam
A 1940s agreement between Mexico and the U.S. has ignited a revolt in a Mexican border state southeast of Arizona.
Sept. 14, 2020
Is President Trump Pushing Expats In Mexico To Vote?
U.S. citizens are already casting their votes by mail, and they’re also doing it from the other side of the border. And President Donald Trump’s administration might be influencing their electoral behavior significantly.
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Sept. 14, 2020
Feminist Group Takes Mexico Citys Human Rights Commission
In Mexico, a feminist group has seized control of the office of the country’s human rights commission. They want justice for unsolved hate crimes against women and to stop the growing number of femicides.
Sept. 9, 2020
LeBarón Community Requests Protection, Autonomy And Electricity
A community in northern Mexico where nine women and children were attacked and murdered last year wants justice, but also solutions from the government and more autonomy for themselves.
Sept. 7, 2020
Former Military And Police Officers Linked To LeBarón Murders
In November, nine women and children from the LeBarón family were murdered in a brutal attack by gunmen on a road in Sonora, Mexico. A new update on the investigation is pointing to almost 20 new suspects — some of them former members of the security forces.
Sept. 2, 2020
Mexico’s State Of The Union: Bonds With U.S. Solid; Remittances And Murder Rates Up
In a small and private event, Mexico’s president delivered his second State of the Union address. Among some issues that the president addressed was the relationship between his country and the United States.
Sept. 1, 2020
Mexico Is Fighting A New War Against Junk Food
Like in the U.S., Mexico faces a severe obesity and overweight problem. The authorities are trying to stop those health issues with a new labeling system for processed food, while banning the sales of those products to underage consumers. But the strategy is being confronted — and even considered a distraction from the pandemic.
Aug. 31, 2020
Mexico’s President Faces Corruption Controversy
The Mexican president has built his platform on promising to fight corruption. But now, he’s been indirectly accused of allegedly accepting illegal campaign contributions.
Aug. 25, 2020
Republicans In Mexico Applaud Trump’s Nomination
The Republican National Convention is underway and President Trump has been nominated for a second term. In Mexico, Republican expatriates applaud the decision, despite the controversial image that the president has in the country.
Aug. 24, 2020
Mexico City Inaugurates Heroine Promenade
Paseo de la Reforma, or the Reform Promenade, is one of the oldest and most important avenues in Mexico City. Its sidewalks and medians were mainly adorned with statues of male heroes. But now, the avenue will include 14 bronze monuments to prominent women.
Aug. 21, 2020
Democrats Abroad Push For Voters In Mexico
The Democratic Convention marks the official start of the party’s campaign season. And in Mexico, its affiliates also are starting to work on gathering expat votes — regardless of their political preferences.
Aug. 18, 2020