Mexico City Bureau

Mexican Diplomats Removed After Facing Complaints
The Mexican government has taken the unusual step of removing two high-ranking diplomats working with the United States. Both faced serious accusations.
Feb. 14, 2020
Women Unite With Blankets To Heal From Violence, Raise Awareness
A group of women from all over the world have found a way to connect and share concerns and experiences with violence: They are sewing a giant blanket. The project, which started in Mexico, will soon visit the United States. Marietta Bernstorff is an artist and activist leading the Patchwork Healing Blanket project.
Feb. 6, 2020
Mexican Conservationists From Butterfly Sanctuary Found Dead
Two environmentalists protecting the Mexican sanctuary of the monarch butterfly were allegedly murdered last week. Activists and civil rights organizations are demanding answers and solutions from the Mexican government.
Feb. 3, 2020
Violence And AMLOs Indifference Unite Victims In Mexico
Last year was Mexico’s most murderous and violent year in decades. It was also the first year in office for Mexico’s current president, and his apparent indifference to the rising bloodshed is uniting many victims.
Jan. 29, 2020
LeBaron Family Lead Rally For Peace In Mexico City
Hundreds of people rallied on Sunday in Mexico City demanding peace and justice to the victims of organized crime. Among them were the relatives of the women and children murdered in November in Sonora, Mexico, allegedly by traffickers.
Jan. 27, 2020
LeBarón Family Marches With Thousands Against Violence In Mexico
Relatives of the women and children murdered in November in Sonora, Mexico, are among the leaders of a rally heading to Mexico City. Their goal is to put pressure on the government to stop the violence in the country.
Jan. 24, 2020
Controversies In Mexico As Migrant Caravans Arrive
Caravans of thousands of Central American migrants are crossing Mexico on their way to the American Dream. But the Mexican government is trying to stop them and sending many back to their homeland. Is Mexico still honoring its open-door policy to refugees or following instructions from Washington?
Jan. 24, 2020
Family Of Gunman From Mexico School Shooting Linked To Crime
Last week, two people died in a school shooting in northern Mexico; one of them was the shooter himself, an 11-year-old student. The investigation is now leading to a possible link between his family and organized crime.
Jan. 15, 2020
Mexican Presidential Plane Back From U.S. After A Year
For about a year, Mexico’s presidential airplane has been for sale in California as part of the Mexican government’s austerity plan. But a deal hasn’t been made, and the plane will go back to its homeland.
Jan. 15, 2020
Mexican Consulates Will Reinforce Legal Protection To Workers
Mexico is asking its consulates in Canada and the U.S. to help strengthen protections for Mexican workers before the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement (USMCA) takes effect.
Jan. 14, 2020
Number Of Mexicans With Work Visas In The U.S. Increase
The Trump administration has been trying to restrict all forms of legal migration in the U.S.. But Mexico is praising the increase of Mexican migrants in the U.S. under work visa programs.
Jan. 13, 2020
School Shooting In Northern Mexico Leaves 2 Dead
Two people died in a school shooting in northern Mexico. The country is in shock, as these kind of incidents are uncommon in the neighboring nation.
Jan. 10, 2020
Mexican Asylum Seekers Might Be Forced To Apply In Guatemala
Mexicans seeking asylum in the U.S. might be forced to apply thousands of miles away from the border between both countries, in Guatemala. The Mexican government is not pleased.
Jan. 8, 2020
NBA Plays To Score And Win In Mexico
Mexico has become an attractive market for American sports leagues. That includes the NBA, which wants to expand its presence and build strong alliances — and the Phoenix Suns are part of that effort.
Jan. 8, 2020
Family Traveling From U.S. Attacked Near Mexico Border
Many travelers drove back from Mexico last weekend as the holiday season came to an end. But one family was unable to make it back, after being attacked a few miles from the U.S. border.
Jan. 6, 2020
Fear Steps In The Way Of Mexico’s Hunt For Human Traffickers
Mexican authorities have been grappling with their own immigration issues, including trying to stop humans from being smuggled into their country. It’s a problem that statistics may not be able to capture.
Jan. 6, 2020
From Mexico, A Christmas Tale — With A Feathered-Snake Tail
For years, Santa Claus has been bringing gifts to children from all over the world on Christmas Eve. But there was a time in Mexico when the man on the sleigh was threatened to be replaced by an ancient god.
Dec. 23, 2019
Accusations Against EX-Amazon CEO In Mexico Ignite Feminist Debates
In recent months, a movement in Mexico against machismo and femicides has gained more notoriety. And the recent murder of the wife of the former CEO of Amazon Mexico added fuel to the fire, pushing for changes in the laws.
Dec. 19, 2019
Phoenix Suns Treat Mexico City To Its First NBA Overtime
Mexico City experienced its first-ever overtime for an NBA game Saturday. It was also the sixth time that the Suns played there, on what ended up being a tense and tight game against San Antonio.
Diamondbacks Will Play In Mexico City's First Regular-Season MLB Game
Dec. 15, 2019
First Time For The Diamondbacks In Mexico City
For the first time, Mexico City will host a regular-season Major League Baseball game. The Arizona Diamondbacks will face the San Diego Padres at the recently inaugurated Alfredo Harp Helú Stadium on April 18 and 19.
Dec. 15, 2019