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Meet Senior Field Correspondent Jorge Valencia and learn about his journey becoming a reporter for the KJZZ Mexico City Bureau.

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The Department of Treasury is sanctioning a former Mexican governor and a magistrate judge accused of corruption and links to drug cartels.
A 10-year-old girl from Guatemala who was in custody of Mexican immigration officials died on Wednesday night after complaining about a sore throat and after seeing a doctor, officials said.
May. 17, 2019
Hundreds of migrants have fled from detention in southern Mexico over the past month, as advocates say migrants are being held in overcrowded facilities with limited access to food and medical care.
May. 14, 2019
Arizona is not the only place being affected by serious ozone levels. As hundreds of fires and high temperatures hit southern Mexico, the air quality is getting worse in cities like the capital, where many citizens are growing concerned.
May. 14, 2019
U.S. immigration officials have sent more than 5,000 asylum applicants to Mexico under a controversial Trump administration plan that forces them to wait there for their day in court.
May. 13, 2019
Almost two years ago, Mexico City experienced a devastating earthquake. Nineteen children and seven adults died at the Rébsamen Elementary School. Shortly after, the school owner fled — until last weekend.
May. 13, 2019
Mexico's president is proposing major drug reform in his country, decriminalizing illegal drugs and transferring resources from fighting drug trafficking to efforts towards reducing drug addiction.
May. 10, 2019
It was an unusual shooting in a city just 50 miles away from Mexico City. It happened in daylight on the main square, and a few steps away from reporters doing interviews.
May. 9, 2019
Trade tensions between Mexico and the U.S. are currently centered in one of the quintessential ingredients of BLT sandwiches, salsas and Italian-American food: tomatoes. While the U.S. imposes a tariff on this Mexican produce, the president of Mexico speaks up, accusing electoral interests in the U.S.
May. 8, 2019
Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador says he doesn't want aid under the United States' so-called Merida Initiative — at least in its present form.
May. 8, 2019
Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador says his country’s economy is looking better than ever — but numbers show the opposite. The country's economic activity registered its biggest fall for starting a year in a decade. And among the main factors: nervous foreign investors.
May. 7, 2019
Crossing Mexico: An Economy That Depends On An Open Border
The economies of two towns — dependent on each other and on the relatively easy crossing across the Suchiate River — show how the free passage between Mexico and Guatemala is a way of life along this border, similar to how it once was between the U.S. and Mexico.
Part I: Migrants Idle Long Before Reaching U.S. Border
Part II: They Cross Oceans, Mountains And Rainforests
May. 2, 2019
They Cross Oceans, Mountains and Rainforests — And Wait in Mexico
They came from India, Nigeria and Cuba. They fled persecution, conflict and poverty. And they crossed oceans, mountains and rainforests. They thought they would reach the United States, but at least for now their journey has ended here: Mexico’s hot and humid state of Chiapas.
Part I: Migrants Idle Long Before Reaching U.S. Border
May. 1, 2019
Mexico has long been a thoroughfare for migrants hoping to reach the U.S. by land. Now, as caravans of thousands of people have begun to arrive to Mexico's border with Central America, Mexican authorities have been stopping the flow north. Is Mexico reacting to pressure from President Donald Trump to cut off migration?
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May. 1, 2019
The labor reform brings more rights to Mexican workers, and also allows Mexico to meet the requirements needed for the free trade agreement with Canada and the United States, known as USMCA.
Apr. 30, 2019
Social media is a powerful tool for politics, but sometimes its use becomes questionable. A recent study in Mexico reveals an unusual pattern on Twitter, where some attacks work in favor of a top politician: the Mexican president
Apr. 30, 2019
One of the largest aerospace fairs on the continent kicked off this Wednesday at the outskirts of Mexico City. And Arizona has one of the biggest pavilions there to promote the state’s industry and to look for new partners.
Apr. 24, 2019
The Mexican government estimates almost 300,000 migrants entered its territory in the first three months of the year, with the intention of illegally crossing into the United States.
Apr. 23, 2019
Electric shared scooters arrived in Mexico City with disruptive technologies and concerns. While some see in them innovation and an opportunity, others think that these vehicles need to be regulated — or even eradicated.
Apr. 18, 2019
"I met with the secretary of commerce from the United States, and he told me that President Donald Trump sent me a message promising they will invest on the train," Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said during a rally.
Apr. 15, 2019
Two of the main economic organizations in Mexico and the United States signed an agreement on Friday, during the U.S.-Mexico CEO Dialogue in Mérida, Mexico. The agreement will serve as a prelude to the renewed free trade agreement for North America, known as USMCA.
Apr. 12, 2019