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First Caravan Migrants Arrive In Nogales
The first group of Central American migrants with the so-called migrant caravan has arrived at the Arizona border in Nogales, Sonora.
Nov. 21, 2018
The Vaquita
Scientists, researchers and activists from all over the world have been working for years to find a way to save the vaquita. So far, nothing has worked. Part 3 of the series looks at what conservation efforts have failed, what’s being done now and what the future really looks like for the vaquita.
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Nov. 21, 2018
The Vaquita
In the Upper Gulf of California, many people fish to survive. And while some fishermen support efforts to save the vaquita, other feel that their own survival and way of life is being destroyed. Part 2 of the series delves into the experiences of local fishermen of San Felipe and their complex relationship with the vaquita.
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Nov. 20, 2018
The Struggle To Save Vaquitas, The Worlds Rarest Marine Mammal
The vaquita marina, or little sea cow, is the most endangered marine mammal in the world, with fewer than 30 left in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez. At this critical moment for the nearly-extinct porpoise, activists, scientists and legal fishermen are trying to do everything they can to protect the small porpoise.
Nov. 19, 2018
Border Lane Closures Worsen Holiday Border Wait Times
The recent closure of two lanes at one of Nogales’ ports of entry further slowed notoriously long holiday border crossing times.
Nov. 17, 2018
Part Of Caravan Passes Through Sonora, Now In Tijuana
A part of the Central American migrant caravan passed through the Mexican state of Sonora yesterday, on its way to Tijuana.
Nov. 13, 2018
Sonoran Government Welcomes Ducey’s Re-election
Some government leaders in Sonora, Mexico are celebrating Gov. Doug Ducey's re-election, saying they see it as a positive the Arizona-Sonora Megaregion.
Nov. 12, 2018
Barbed Wire Could Spell Trouble For Business
As Arizonans went to the polls in record numbers Tuesday, the U.S. military was stringing razor wire along the border in downtown Nogales, Arizona. Some are worried that more hostile look could impact business in Arizona and Sonora.
Nov. 7, 2018
Nogales No Longer Top Spot For Mexican Tomato Imports
Nogales, Arizona, has long been one of the most important hubs for Mexican produce imports. But recently a Texas port of entry overtook the border town in the value of one key commodity: tomatoes.
Nov. 6, 2018
Sonoran Zika Case Spike Prompts County Warning
The Mexican state of Sonora has seen a jump in Zika cases in recent weeks, prompting a travel warning from Maricopa County.
Oct. 24, 2018
AZ Firms Look For Opportunity At Sonoran Mining Event
Several Arizona firms were represented this week at the Sonoran International Mining Congress in Hermosillo, Sonora. The mining conference is considered one of the most important such events in the region.
Oct. 24, 2018
Mining Conference Takes Place In Hermosillo
Representatives of hundreds of mining companies the world over are descending on Hermosillo, Sonora, next week for a major conference.
Oct. 18, 2018
On AZ Border, Migrants Plan Arrest, Others Have No Plan
Border Patrol officials have been arresting massive groups of Central American migrants near Lukeville and elsewhere along the Arizona border in recent months. Many are families planning to be apprehended and then ask for asylum. Others are still hoping to evade arrest.
Oct. 17, 2018
Large Group Of Migrants Apprehended Along Arizona Border
The U.S. Border Patrol says they have been apprehending very large groups of migrants of along the Arizona-Sonora border. That's been putting pressure on their detention capacity, they say.
Oct. 11, 2018
Cananea Wants To Be A ‘Pueblo Magico’
A city in Sonora known as the birthplace of the Mexican Revolution is hoping to use that history to draw more tourists. Cananea is vying for recognition as a magical town.
Oct. 11, 2018
Grant Could Support U.S.-Mexico Higher Ed Collaboration
The U.S. State Department launched a new grant competition Tuesday to help build partnerships between U.S. and Mexican universities.
Oct. 9, 2018
Five Police Killed In Guaymas
In what is being called a purposeful and premeditated attack, five police officers were killed in the coastal city of Guaymas, Sonora, on Thursday afternoon.
Oct. 5, 2018
Natural Gas Exports To Expand Through South AZ Pipeline
Federal regulators gave approval Monday for a pipeline in southern Arizona to start carrying more natural gas to Mexico.
Oct. 5, 2018
Rocky Point Recovers From Hurricane Rosa Flooding
Torrential rains from Tropical Storm Rosa left the popular Mexican beach destination Rocky Point flooded earlier this week. But cleanup efforts are underway.
Oct. 4, 2018
Dangers Of Road Haven’t Deterred Pilgrimage
Every year, thousands of Catholics make their way to a small town in Sonora, Mexico, to honor a revered saint. Many come on foot as part of their sacrifice to the saint. But ongoing highway construction between Nogales and Magdalena has made the journey more dangerous for some this year.
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Oct. 4, 2018