Hermosillo News


A defense of judicial independence from Supreme Court’s new president
Over the weekend, the new president of Mexico’s Supreme Court took advantage of a Constitution Day commemoration to defend judicial independence.
Feb. 6, 2023
Group believes new ship will help keep nets out of vaquita habitat
The conservation group Sea Shepherd has a new ship in the Upper Gulf of California, where it is working with Mexican officials to protect the world’s most endangered marine mammal.
Feb. 6, 2023
Plan Sonora would turn state into hub of clean energy technologies
Top Mexican officials and diplomatic representatives recently met in Rocky Point to discuss an ambitious energy and development plan. The basic goal of the Plan Sonora is to turn the northern Mexican state into a hub of clean energy technologies and generation.
Feb. 4, 2023
Mexico’s president says he will retire from political life at the end of his term
Mexico’s president has been an influential force in Mexican politics for decades, but he now says he plans to retire completely from politics when his six-year presidential term is up in 2024. President Andrés Manuel López Obradorr says that he doesn’t plan to stay involved in politics after next year’s presidential elections.
Feb. 4, 2023
Mexicans working abroad sent home more than $900M to Sonora
Remittances, or money sent back to one’s home country, have reached a new record in neighboring Sonora. In 2022, Mexicans working abroad sent home more than $900 million to Sonora
Feb. 4, 2023
Mexico’s president has broken with a longtime political ally
Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas, son of former President Lázaro Cárdenas whose progressive reforms included the nationalization of Mexico’s oil resources, is one of the country’s most important figures on the left.
Feb. 1, 2023
Sonora accuses desalination company of lack of ethics
The government of Sonora is criticizing a company proposing the construction of a desalination plant in Rocky Point that would send massive amounts of water to Arizona.
Feb. 1, 2023
Bengal tiger seized at Sonoran port of entry
A report from the Center for Biological Diversity released late last year found that wildlife trafficking is a major issue in Mexico.
Jan. 30, 2023
Mexican military must turn over spying software docs
Contracts with the Mexico representative of Pegasus-creator NSO Group are among the documents the military is being told to find.
Jan. 30, 2023
In Hermosillo, cyclists mourn the toll of deadly streets — and theyre demanding change
Despite a great deal, a vibrant cycling scene has taken root in the Sonoran capital Hermosillo. Deadly streets are among the many challenges riders face, and in the wake of a recent tragedy, the community is raising its voice to insist that a safer city is possible for all vulnerable road users.
Jan. 30, 2023
Sonoran governor denies extortion in beating videos
While denying that extortion was at play, he acknowledged that serious criminal offenses take place in the videos, and said they are being investigated.
Jan. 28, 2023
After electoral body says it will fight reform, AMLO lashes out
At a recent morning press conference, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador had harsh words for the National Electoral Institute (INE) and the nation's Supreme Court.
Jan. 28, 2023
Amid declining violence in Sonora, major port city is a troubling outlier
A security analyst said that struggles between organized crime groups is the key factor behind violence in Guaymas, but that the struggle may be for control of the port, which allows access to materials necessary for meth and fentanyl manufacture.
Jan. 24, 2023
Mexico looks to reach deal with firm holding Sonoran lithium concessions
Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador hopes that the firm — almost certainly Ganfeng — will turn over its concessions to the Mexican government.
Jan. 24, 2023
Hermosillo activist now has permit grow, smoke marijuana
Since getting his permit, Miguel Haro has been hearing from other people looking for help to get theirs.
Jan. 24, 2023
Sonora ends long streak of setting new murder record every year
It was a streak that no state wants: a new murder record year after year in neighboring Sonora. But now that streak has officially ended.
Jan. 24, 2023
Sonora governor outlines solution to critiques of military checkpoint from Nogales port authority
The head of the port authority in Nogales, Arizona, says the checkpoint in Querobabi, Sonora, has "long outlived its necessity."
Jan. 23, 2023
UNAM head blasts Supreme Court justice for plagiarism
The National Autonomous University of Mexico's rector shared a blistering condemnation of Justice Yasmin Esquivel's plagiarism scandal, and said the university is exploring additional measures it could take against her.
Jan. 20, 2023
Mexico has implemented a strict ban on smoking in all public places
Those hoping to light up a cigarette in Mexico will now be limited mostly to their homes and other private residences after a strict smoking ban went into effect this week.
Jan. 18, 2023
AMLO is looking into El Chapo complaint over conditions in U.S. prison
One of Mexico’s most notorious drug cartel leaders has sent a letter to Mexican officials claiming his treatment in U.S. prison has been unfair and inhumane. He is requesting to be returned to Mexico.
Jan. 18, 2023