Education News

New leaders in the Scottsdale Unified School District will weigh in on the search for a new superintendent early next year. The board considered appointing acting Superintendent John Kriekard the permanent leader at a meeting Dec. 20, but ultimately took no action.
Dec. 24, 2018
The Scottsdale Unified School District approved a settlement Thursday with the architecture firm at the center of multiple problems with construction projects.
Dec. 20, 2018
Arizona voters handily defeated Prop 305 last month, blocking a state law that would have expanded Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Accounts, sometimes referred to as vouchers.
Dec. 19, 2018
Grand Canyon Education is buying Orbis Education Services for $362.5 million. Orbis is a provider of health education programs for a number of universities across the country, including Marquette and Northeastern.
Dec. 19, 2018
The Federal Commission on School Safety has released its first report. Incoming Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman talked about how it may impact Arizona students and schools.
Dec. 19, 2018
The University of Arizona is leading a new multimillion-dollar project to boost date palm production in the Middle East nation of Oman. The program will have far-reaching implications for food development.
Dec. 19, 2018
“It is important that we have the flexibility to enter in partnerships with private entities and commercial entities,” said John Arnold, the executive director of the Arizona Board of Regents which oversees the colleges.
Dec. 18, 2018
Tempe started offering a free pre-school program to low-income families last year, but to keep the program going the city will next year start charging some families. The program, called Tempe Pre, will continue to be free to families currently enrolled.
Dec. 18, 2018
Nearly 20 million students were projected to attend American colleges and universities in this year’s fall semester. That’s about five million more students than in the year 2000, but lower than the peak of about 21 million students in the fall of 2010.
Dec. 18, 2018
Today, charter schools are a force in our state. And, as The Arizona Republic’s Craig Harris has been reporting all year, the massive industry is creating millionaires and raising questions about self-dealing and regulation.
Dec. 18, 2018
The Takeaway: A Familiar Story — Abuse Concealed By The Catholic Church
This next story is disturbingly familiar: an investigation into a long history of concealed sexual abuse by Catholic priests. Only this time those who were targeted included women and girls in native communities in Alaska and Indian reservations across the Northwest.
Dec. 18, 2018
Study after study has proven that starting a child’s education right — and early — is essential in helping them achieve their goals in the future. But, study after study has also shown that we often fail to do this for kids — especially those born into poverty.
Dec. 14, 2018
More medical students today are going into more lucrative specialties instead of pursuing the much-needed general practitioner route.
Dec. 13, 2018
From LeBron James to Michelle Obama to Oprah, what kind of effect can celebrities have in the education realm? And is it all a good thing?
Dec. 12, 2018
“It was quite a difficult decision for our executive leadership to make because of the drastic changes that took place in the Western States Football League,” said spokesman Kris McBride. “It became obvious that a schedule really wasn’t feasible for us.”
Dec. 11, 2018
The University of Arizona is facing two lawsuits alleging gender discrimination. Both suits come from employees of the university.
Dec. 10, 2018
Arizona Western College eliminated its football program last week, leaving just one community college team in the state: Eastern Arizona College. That school is now weighing its options.
Dec. 8, 2018
The Jesuits West Province of the Society of Jesus has released a report of credible claims of sexual abuse of minors or vulnerable adults by clergy.
Dec. 7, 2018
143 new school buses are coming to Arizona - is your school district on the list?
Dec. 6, 2018
“Everybody has somebody on their shopping list that is just impossible to buy for, so we’re hoping to be able to provide something that is very custom and very personal that doesn’t require a big outlay of cash,” said Librarian Cherise Mead.
Dec. 5, 2018