Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas wants to replace the state’s K-12 education standards with those developed by a conservative Christian college. The recommendation could override years of public meetings, input from teachers, experts and parents that have been used to formulate Arizona’s existing standards.
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The 287(g) program was established in 1996 as a partnership between Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and local law enforcement. Now, a new report presents new evidence on the impact of those partnerships on immigrant communities using data on public school enrollment of Hispanic students.
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Some leaders of the #RedForEd movement and some supporters of the Invest in Education ballot initiative are expressing concerns about the ruling that knocked Invest in Ed off November’s ballot. That includes the assertion that the Ducey administration knew how the state justices had ruled individually against Invest in Ed.
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During the 2013-14 school year, Arizona schools reported six cases of corporal punishment to the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights. The previous year, that number was 601.
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The Cooper Center in Tucson has three major focuses for its students: to enhance their positive experiences in nature, to give them basic ecological understandings, and to inspire them to live in more sustainable lives.
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Ramona Walls from the University of Arizona co-authored a recent Nature Ecology and Evolution paper detailing the importance of essential biodiversity variables.
In the summer, mesquite pods fall to the ground, usually to be raked up by people, or blown away by the wind, but one person’s yard debris is Peggy Sorensen’s main ingredient.
This is part of a larger push to bring housing, entertainment, a shopping center and other businesses to the region.
This spring, thousands of Arizona teachers walked out of the classroom to protest low pay and other concerns, and a similar protest could be on the horizon in California.
In high schools across the country, students are put onto a certain "track" for their math classes — it could be honors, advanced placement, college prep, remedial or any number of other-named tracks. But research is starting to question whether that’s helping or hurting students.
A state senator says she’s looking into changes to Arizona’s laws on charter schools in an effort to make them more transparent and subject to the same financial laws as district schools — and Governor Doug Ducey says he’s on board with that effort.
U.S. News and World Report earlier this month unveiled its 2019 Best Colleges Rankings. But John Byrnes argues these rankings, and others, are flawed and should not be the be all and end all of where a student goes to college.
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey says he’s open to ideas about how to reform the way charter schools operate. This comes after Republican lawmaker Eddie Farnsworth cashed in on the sale of his for-profit charter school and its four campuses.
According to the Arizona Auditor’s report, in August of 2017 Eunice Lopez admitted to school officials she had taken 151 cash payments meant for parking permits for herself.
Less than a month after Phoenix leaders approved plans to build a parking garage at Park Central Mall, a new tenant has been revealed.
The Takeaway: As Detroit Schools Shut Down Water Over Lead Concerns, Contamination Points To A National Crisis
In Detroit, drinking water was shut off across all 106 public schools, when new test results showed elevated levels of copper and lead. While officials map out a long-term solution, students are left drinking bottled water supplied by the district.
Future Mexican teachers are being required to learn English to earn their degree, no matter what subject they plan to teach. The new requirement is part of a a push for students in Mexico to learn English in school.
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Brach Drew is the junior class president at Marcos de Niza High School in Tempe, and when The Show talked to him, he said the problem is that Juuling is easy to hide.
The Takeaway: Poll — Majority Of Americans Support Diversity In Higher Education, Oppose Affirmative Action
Should race be a factor in college admissions? The results of a new poll conducted by WGBH News and released today reveal that nearly three in four Americans do not think it should be. But a majority of Americans also say that they value racial diversity on campus.
A researcher at the University of Arizona is trying to reduce the number of bilingual students who are misdiagnosed with speech disorders.
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