Arizona Sets Coronavirus Spread Guidelines For School Reopenings
Arizona health officials laid out a three-part test Thursday for when they say it is safe for schools to reopen. But it’s unclear whether any of the more than 200 traditional school districts and charter schools will actually follow it.
County Working On COVID-19 Data Dashboard To Guide Reopenings
NAU Lists COVID-19-Related Expectations For Students This Fall
Northern Arizona University listed its COVID-19 related expectations for students for the fall semester which starts on Aug. 12 in a Friday statement. They include mask wearing and physical distancing when on or off campus.
Aug. 8, 2020
Parent Group Rallying On Monday To Advocate For Reopening Schools
A group of parents are holding a rally on Monday in support of in-person learning in Arizona. This comes after the state released public health benchmarks that finds that the state is not ready to fully reopen school buildings.
Aug. 8, 2020
ASU, UA And NAU Outline Plans For Fall Reopening
Back in March, the state's three public universities — Arizona State University, the University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University — all moved their classes online. Now they're each rolling out their plans for how they'll pick up again in the fall. The Show spoke with KJZZ's Rocio Hernandez, who has been covering all of this, about the upcoming semester.
Aug. 7, 2020
Arizona State University Begins Modified Move-In
Arizona State University began their modified move-in process on Wednesday, bringing more than 13,000 incoming and returning students to campus within the next two weeks.
Aug. 6, 2020
Teachers Tweet Obituaries In A Stand Against Reopening
Some Arizona educators are trying to make clear just how important on-campus health and safety requirements are to them in this pandemic. A series of tweets included images of a template which teachers could fill in with their obituaries or epitaphs. The message was being sent to Gov. Doug Ducey to not open schools and risk the health of educators and students.
Aug. 6, 2020
An ASU Professor Didnt Die From COVID-19 — It Was A Twitter Hoax
Arizona State University faced online criticism recently for an event related to its treatment of the pandemic. Except, the event hadn’t actually happened, and the connection to ASU may have been entirely random. The confusing story begins with the Twitter account @Sciencing_Bi and ends with a Vanderbilt University professor admitting to creating a fake controversy.
Aug. 6, 2020
AIA Announces Fall High School Sports Schedule
The Arizona Interscholastic Association voted on Wednesday to a phased-in approach to fall high school athletics. The high school football season will be pushed back a month.
Aug. 5, 2020
Maricopa County Preparing Guidance On School Reopenings
Maricopa County public health department officials are preparing to release a COVID-19 data dashboard that school leaders can use to determine when it’s safe to offer in-person classes, they said in a Wednesday press conference. The data will be divided by zip code, school district and city.
Aug. 5, 2020
Professor Urges Reflection On Southwest Colonial History
Two Confederate monuments were recently removed from state property in Arizona as the debate continues across the country about what should happen to these kinds of relics of our country’s often racist past. But some say it’s not just Confederate monuments we should be paying attention to.
Aug. 5, 2020
Using TV And Radio, Mexican Students Will Go Back To School
While the U.S. debates the safety of reopening schools amid a pandemic, the Mexican government has announced that students will start school from home.
Aug. 4, 2020
School Risk Retention Trust Will Not Provide Coverage For Coronavirus Claims
As schools face the challenge of trying to find a way to reopen safely in a few weeks, they got some bad news from their insurer. The Arizona School Risk Retention Trust, which provides coverage for nearly 250 school districts in the state, notified members that it will not provide coverage for claims related to coronavirus.
Aug. 4, 2020
Expect More Arizona Concerned About Future School Funding
While most people seem to agree public schools need more funding, there is not a consensus about how to deliver it. Not all public education champions threw their weight behind Invest in Ed, for example. Expect More Arizona has taken no stance one way or another on the initiative. The Show caught up with Erin Hart to talk about the ruling and the future of the education funding debate in general.
Aug. 4, 2020
Concerns Arise Over Charter Schools Requests For Federal Funds
Arizona schools didn’t lose any funding because of the pandemic — Gov. Doug Ducey and lawmakers made sure they received all public funding last academic year. But a new investigation from the Arizona Republic found many charter schools, which are also publicly funded, also applied for federal Paycheck Protection Program loans.
Aug. 4, 2020
Hoffman Says Schools Reopening By Aug. 17 Unlikely
While schools await guidance on reopening from the state health department, Arizona’s top education official said it’s unlikely any school can reopen by Aug. 17. That’s the date Gov. Doug Ducey ordered schools to reopen, at least in a limited capacity to provide a place for students who have nowhere else to go during traditional school hours.
More Arizona Education News
Aug. 3, 2020
University Of Arizona To Expand Global Campus Initiative Online
The Arizona Board of Regents is working with the University of Arizona to expand its Global Campus Initiative, with the goal of expanding online education during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Aug. 3, 2020
Educators Consider Strikes, Walkouts As Schools Reopen Amid Coronavirus
As educators and families express concern about the possible safety of returning to in-classroom instruction, the head of the American Federation of Teachers said July 28 that individual branches of the organization may need to consider strikes and walkouts.
Aug. 3, 2020
Invest In Ed Supporters To Appeal July 31 Ruling
An initiative to raise taxes on wealthy Arizonans to fund public schools may not make it to the ballot — again. A Maricopa County Superior Court judge ruled July 31 that the 100-word description on petitions used to collect signatures for the Invest in Education Act included misleading statements.
Aug. 3, 2020
Chandler Libraries Offering Service To Help Students Distance Learn
Many Chandler students are starting school remotely this week, and the Chandler Public Library is launching a new service to help them.
Aug. 3, 2020
AEA Leader: Invest In Ed Ruling A Loss For Students
On Friday, a Maricopa County Superior Court judge blocked a voter initiative that would have raised taxes on wealthy Arizonans to increase funding for education. Supporters plan to appeal the decision to the Arizona Supreme Court.
Aug. 1, 2020
Judge Rules Against Invest In Ed Ballot Measure
Initiative backers seek to raise $940 million a year for K-12 education by imposing a 3.5% income tax "surcharge" on earnings exceeding $250,000 a year for individuals and $500,000 for married couples filing jointly.
AEA Leader: Ruling Is 'A Loss For Students'
July 31, 2020