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AZ Is Spending More On K-12 Education, But Is It Enough?
Arizona is spending more on public education now than in past years, but not by as much as some advocates had hoped.
Health Officials: Sonoran Classrooms Could Reopen By March 15
In Arizona, Gov. Doug Ducey has mandated that schools offer in-person classes by March 15. And officials in neighboring Sonora say they’re now eying a similar date for a possible return to the classroom.
March 5, 2021
UA To Digitize Over 6,000 Recordings Of Native American Oral History
As researchers have been learning for decades, digging into history can be more challenging when elements include items like newspapers and analog tapes, because aging can render them brittle and sometimes unusable. So digitizing is a priority. That’s an important step that will be taken for oral histories of Native Americans that were recorded in the 1960s and 1970s.
March 5, 2021
Arizona Republic Follows 2 Third-Graders Through The Pandemic
For her final piece as the K-12 education reporter for the Arizona Republic, Lily Altavena spent a year profiling a third grade class at Catalina Ventura elementary in the Alhambra District. The Show spoke with her for more about her reporting.
March 4, 2021
Ducey: Schools Must Offer In-Person Classes By March 15
Gov. Doug Ducey has issued an executive order that requires Arizona schools offer in-person learning later this month. Students who have opted for distance learning can continue to stay in that learning mode.
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March 3, 2021
Bill Limits Sex Ed, Discussion Of Sexual Orientation
Arizona lawmakers are considering banning sex education before fifth grade. The measure also would require written parental permission before discussing sexual orientation or gender identity in any class.
March 3, 2021
Bringing Writers And Readers Together During A Pandemic
The Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing at Arizona State University has hosted a marquee event for writers, aspiring authors and readers of all genres for nearly two decades. This year, the 17th-annual “Desert Nights Rising Stars Writers Conference,” held in late February, connected people virtually.
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March 3, 2021
Word S5:E3 — NaHaiWriMo Finale, Plus Desert Nights Rising Stars
KJZZ's third-annual Haiku Writing Contest was a success. Catch up with the winner and hear more about haiku from a Phoenix-based writer. Plus, listen to invigorating discussion with nationally renowned writers from this year's virtual Desert Nights Rising Stars Writers Conference.
March 3, 2021
Students On Remote Learning To Start, End High School Careers
The pandemic has disrupted education in a lot of ways over the past year or so. And that disruption has been felt everywhere in Arizona, from school administrators to teachers to parents to students. The Show spoke with two Valley high school students, a senior and a freshman, about what their experiences have been like.
March 2, 2021
Report: Teachers Salaries May Not Increase The Promised 20%
A new report on Arizona school spending sews doubts on Gov. Doug Ducey’s promise to raise teacher salaries by 20%. The promise may fall short.
March 2, 2021
UA To Remain In Stage 2; In-Person Classes Under 50 Permitted
The University of Arizona anticipates it will remain in Stage 2 this week and next. University President Robert Robbins says that means in-person classes with fewer than 50 students are permitted.
March 2, 2021
Queen Creek District Uses App To Track Kids On Buses
The Queen Creek Unified School District has used a GPS system in their school buses since 2019. This past October, the district started using an app called Here Comes the Bus for parents to track their students.
Feb. 28, 2021
Survey: Rural AZ Voters Concerned About Education
A new survey by the nonprofit Expect More Arizona shows education is the top issue for voters in rural parts of the state, behind immigration and border issues and health care.
Feb. 26, 2021
Hoffman Supporting Safe Arizona School Reopenings
State Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman believes Arizona schools can safely reopening with strategies recently released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. She also encouraged by the fact that educators across the state have access to COVID-19 vaccines.
Feb. 24, 2021
What A Federal Plan To Offer Free Community College Could Mean For Arizona
The Biden administration says it’s looking to offer free community college to Americans; as a candidate, Biden said he would provide two years of community college without debt. For more about what the president’s plan could mean for Arizona, The Show spoke with Rufus Glasper, president and CEO for the League for Innovation in the Community College
Feb. 24, 2021
AZ Community Colleges Closer To Offering 4-Year Degree Programs
A bill that would allow community colleges to offer four-year degree programs recently passed in the Arizona House with a 57-3 vote. Linda Thor, a governing board member of the Maricopa County Community College District, has been supporting this effort since 1996.
Feb. 23, 2021
Education Advocates Discuss Fixes Needed To Support Latino Students
Better representation in Arizona's teacher workforce and a repeal of a 2000 policy known as the "English only" law are two barriers that need to be removed to better Latino students, said education advocates during a Tuesday webinar hosted by the Arizona Capitol Times.
Feb. 23, 2021
UA Begins In-Person Instruction For Classes Of Up To 50
Monday marked the return of in-person instruction for classes of up to 50 students at the University of Arizona. Along with this change, the university is relaxing some of its COVID-19 rules in dorms and allowing residents to access amenities like game tables and hang out with guests in common areas.
Feb. 22, 2021
Phil Boas: How To Compensate For Pandemic Learning Losses
K-12 education continues to be in flux because of the pandemic, with some students in classrooms, others learning at home and still others experiencing the hybrid model. What may happen when the pandemic is finally over and how will Arizona schools make up for lost time?
Feb. 22, 2021
ASU Professor Details History Of The Color Blue
Recently, a new pigment of blue was discovered. It’s being called YInMN, and it’s already moved into the mainstream with representation in crayons and paint. The Show spoke with Arizona State University associate professor Theresa Devine — who has a background in color theory — about the new blue and the history of other blues.
Feb. 22, 2021
UA Museum To Receive Funding For Tribal Oral Histories
The University of Arizona will receive funding to help revive the state’s tribal histories that were recorded decades ago.
Feb. 22, 2021