Arizona lawmakers plan to spend at least $125,000 to learn why parents say they are being forced to wait to use state-funded vouchers on private and parochial schools. Parents' complaints of long waits and unanswered phone calls have prompted the formal audit.
Report: Water Replenishment Program Faces Uncertainty
It has allowed developers to grow subdivisions since the early 1990s. A key water management tool that enables housing development in central Arizona does not have a rosy future. That’s a key finding of a new report from Arizona State University.
Oct. 17, 2019
Lawmakers Approve Audit Of School Vouchers
Lawmakers have ordered an audit of the state Department of Education’s handling of the roughly $1.3 million available to administer the Empowerment Scholarship program.
Oct. 16, 2019
UA Responds To National Survey On Sexual Assault On Campus
The Show recently covered a new survey on sexual assault and misconduct on college campuses from the Association of American Universities. Among the findings in this year’s version was that about a quarter of undergraduate women said they’d been the victim of nonconsensual contact.
Oct. 16, 2019
ASUs Wells Fargo Arena Is Now Desert Financial Arena
The multi-decade partnership between Wells Fargo and Arizona State University comes to an end as the university seeks new partnerships.
Oct. 15, 2019
AZ Superintendent Aims To Repeal Ineffective ELL Law
Eighty-three thousand Arizona students are struggling to pass state English and math standards because of a law that is nearly two decades old, and which has been proven ineffective.
Oct. 15, 2019
25% Of Female Undergrads Say Theyve Experience Sexual Assault
A new survey revealed the startling pervasiveness of sexual violence on 33 university campuses across the country. Over 181,000 students from 33 colleges and universities participated in the survey, including the University of Arizona.
Oct. 15, 2019
Are College Professor Evaluations Effective?
Professor evaluations by students in college seem like a no-brainer. After more than 40 years of teaching (and some excellent reviews), one professor disagrees with this practice.
Oct. 15, 2019
Search AzMERIT Test Score Results By School, District
The Arizona Department of Education released official AzMERIT test scores for the 2018-19 school year in October 2019. AzMERIT replaced AIMS as the state’s new standardized test in spring 2015. Search an individual school and/or select a school district to see the percentage of students who passed each section.
Oct. 14, 2019
Second Assault: A Womans Experience With The System That Failed Her
More than a decade ago, when Jillian Corsie was a student at the University of Arizona, she was raped by a classmate in her dorm room. That inspired Corsie, now a documentary filmmaker, to produce “Second Assault” with friend and co-director Amy Rosner, and the result is a film that allows Corsie to confront the system that failed her.
Oct. 10, 2019
Tucson Looks To Raise Purchase Age Of Nicotine To 21
On Thursday, the Tucson City Council will hold a study session on a proposed ordinance to raise the age to purchase nicotine-related products to 21. It’s an effort to curb e-cigarette use among teenagers. Todd Jaeger, superintendent of Tucson’s Amphitheater School District, wants action on the issue.
Oct. 10, 2019
Arizonas Rate Of Childhood Obesity Drops In New Report
Childhood obesity rates have remained fairly steady across the country over the past few years, but Arizona’s rates have dropped, and the state is now tied for 17th best in the country.
Oct. 10, 2019
A Space For Moms Of Children With Disabilities To Do Nothing
“Often people might say you're like this special person and therefore you have special kids and I totally don't necessarily agree with that,” said Heather Joy Magdelano, the mother of two children with disabilities. “I believe that my kids have given me the opportunity to go deeper.”
Oct. 10, 2019
Journalist Records Town Soon To Be Lost To Climate Change
Tangier Island is disappearing. The tiny community in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay is likely to be the first town that will be entirely lost to climate change as water levels rise and the island turns to marsh.
Oct. 9, 2019
New UA Research Looks At Challenges Of Treating Sepsis Patients
New research from the University of Arizona College of Medicine could reduce the number of deaths from sepsis, a life-threatening infection. The Centers for Disease Control reports one-point-seven million adults are diagnosed with sepsis each year. One in 5 patients don’t survive.
Oct. 8, 2019
More Than Half Of Arizona Students Fail AzMERIT Tests
The latest statewide standardized English and math test results were released Monday: 42% of students passed either test compared to 41% last year. These scores build on slight increases since Arizona first rolled out the test in 2015.
Oct. 8, 2019
Book Discusses Activism During Trump Administration
The phrase "civil discussion" being questioned on college campuses around the country, as some controversial speakers are uninvited and some students feel unsafe amidst ideas and rhetoric they find scary. Robby Soave of Reason magazine writes about those concepts in his new book Panic Attack: Young Radicals in the Age of Trump.
Oct. 8, 2019
AZ Budget For School Counselors, Officers Falls Short Of Requests
The state Department of Education received more than 800 applications for a piece of the $20 million available to schools for counselors and school resource officers.
Oct. 8, 2019
New Thunderbird School Breaks Ground In Phoenix
Construction of a new headquarters for the Thunderbird School of Global Management will begin soon as ground has been broken on the site of the new facility.
Oct. 7, 2019
Boas: The Proposition 123 Ruling
Last week, federal Judge Neil Wake issued a ruling on Proposition 123 — the ballot measure approved by voters that adjusted how funding from the state land trust was distributed to Arizona schools. His ruling said the plan was illegal, which Gov. Doug Ducey strongly disagreed with.
Oct. 7, 2019
Half Of Arizonans Say They Need More Education
Half of Arizonans between the ages of 18 and 65 with less than an associate degree said they need more education in order to advance in their careers.
Oct. 7, 2019