Latest News on Coronavirus Disease

Latest News on Coronavirus Disease

The case and testing data in this map comes from the Arizona Department of Health Services, while the 2019 population estimates come from the U.S. Census Bureau. KJZZ is regularly updating as new COVID-19 data becomes available, but you can learn more about the outbreak in Arizona at the Department of Health Services's website

All death counts come from Health Services, with the exception of those from Greenlee County, which comes directly from its health department. Its death count is registered as “< 3” by AZDHS, but their health department provides a specific count.

The number of cases in each county are represented by the yellow circles currently shown. On the right, select "Deaths" to display the number of people who have died in each county with red circles. The county-level and state test totals include both PCR and serological test counts.

Click on each circle to get additional information, as well as a link to that county's health department or COVID-19 website. To get testing or death rate data, click on the county when its boundary is highlighted. All information provided here is current through the date shown in the legend in the top right corner and in each pop-up window.


Arizona State Fair Holds Drive-Thru Fair Food Event
Just because Arizona State Fair fans can’t pack the fairgrounds this year, it doesn’t mean they can’t get a taste of it. Fair organizers are hosting a drive-thru for two weekends featuring fair food favorites — from turkey legs to funnel cakes.
10 hours ago
Thousands Of Airport Jobs On Layoff Lists
In less than a month, thousands of people could be out of work at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. The federal government’s program to keep passenger airline employees on the job expires on Sept. 30.
Sky Harbor Assistant Aviation Director To Retire In October
Sept. 10, 2020
Michael Crow: Theres No Return To Normal Normal At ASU
ASU President Michael Crow may be one of the few people in the state who can sympathize with Governor Doug Ducey and the position he’s been in during the COVID-19 pandemic. Crow has been criticized from all sides for his response to the virus and decision to bring students back to campus.
College Towns Hit Hard By Loss Of Students Due To Pandemic
Sept. 9, 2020
West Valley Farmers Market Expanding Despite Pandemic
Thirteen years ago, when Christa Esquibel started Momma’s Organic Market in the West Valley, there were a few other markets in town — but they weren’t in her part of town. The Show spoke with Esquibel about the expansion amidst a pandemic.
Sept. 9, 2020
How COVID-19 Took The Air Out Of Goodyears Nike Plant
In the summer of 2019, Goodyear entered into an agreement that would have brought a Nike manufacturing plant to the city. The move was expected to create at least 500 jobs. But when the pandemic began to damage the economy earlier this year, Nike canceled its plans.
Sept. 9, 2020
Crowded Online Classrooms Worry AZ Parents
Lily Altavena covers education for The Arizona Republic. Recently, she’s written about crowded classrooms even online. That includes as many as 70 students in one virtual classroom.
Sept. 9, 2020
Hoffman: School Leaders Settling Into New Environment
Most Arizona counties have met the benchmarks for schools to be able to move to a hybrid model of classes, where students and teachers are in the classroom for at least some of the time. A number of districts have been working toward that goal of having in-person instruction. To get a sense of how that seems to be going, The Show spoke with Arizona’s Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman about whether she is comfortable with how things have been proceeding.
Sept. 9, 2020
Some Call For End To COVID-19 Rules As AZ Cases Decline
Arizona health officials reported Tuesday just over 80 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases and two deaths, fueling some business owners to call for an end to operating restrictions. Meanwhile, a judge concluded the governor’s orders on bars “are rationally related to expert data and guidance on minimizing the spread of COVID-19 in our community.”

Get The Latest News On COVID-19 In Arizona

Sept. 9, 2020
Restaurant Association Reminds Members To Follow COVID-19 Rules
The Arizona Restaurant Association is reminding its members to follow rules and guidelines established to keep their staff and customers safe during the pandemic. Several bars violating COVID-19 safety measures were recently shut down.
Sept. 9, 2020
Brain Fog One Of The Lingering Symptoms Of COVID-19
Many individuals recovering from COVID-19 are experiencing lingering symptoms that can last for weeks. One post-viral symptom is something called brain fog.
Sept. 9, 2020
Nursing Home Operator Talks About Risks, Benefits Of Reopening
Last week, long-term care facilities in Arizona came out with their own policies and procedures for family visits. Many in the aging services world would say, it’s a step in the right direction, but there are risks.
Sept. 9, 2020
Will Coronavirus Efforts Reduce Flu Shot Supplies?
With flu season looming, experts say now is the time to get vaccinated. But might the massive effort to crank out coronavirus vaccines restrict the supply of flu shots?
Sept. 9, 2020
More Hikers, Zero Mask Arrests: A Look At Phoenix COVID-19 Numbers
Despite the hottest Phoenix summer on record, more people are using the city’s outdoor recreation facilities. While COVID-19 has canceled many activities, the city’s hiking trails and golf courses have stayed open.
Sept. 9, 2020
AZ Chamber President: Congress Must Get Its Act Together
Hundreds of thousands of unemployed Arizonans are again facing a benefits cliff — more than half of the money they are currently receiving will disappear when their current federal supplement again expires. But the state’s troubles do not end there. With 44 other states also drawing on the available federal dollars, experts say the money may soon dry up.
Sept. 8, 2020
How Chandler Unified Plans To Mitigate Coronavirus As Schools Reopen
Chandler Unified School District intends to transition to in-person classes starting Sept. 14. For a look at how they plan to do it safely, The Show talked to Assistant Superintendent Frank Narducci.
Sept. 8, 2020
Apache Junction Students, Teachers Return To The Classroom
Students and teachers at the Apache Junction Unified School District are back in the classroom together on Tuesday. It's the first time since the school year started in July.
Sept. 8, 2020
University Of Arizona Set To Return To Sports After False Positives
The University of Arizona could return to athletic activities next week after retests of COVID-19 for 13 student-athletes have shown 11 false positives. There also were four false positives among 12 non-athletes tested at the campus health center in retests reported Sunday.
Sept. 8, 2020
Hotels House Those Most Vulnerable To Virus
During the pandemic, seven hotels across four Valley cities are housing people experiencing homelessness. Phoenix is using up to $3,488,927 in federal relief funds to cover about 100 hotel rooms for a year.
Sept. 8, 2020
In AZ Tribes Lawsuit, Judge Halts Plans To Speed Up Census Count
The deadline for Census counting had been Oct. 31, but last month, the Trump administration announced plans to cut that short and stop counting at the end of September. The Navajo and Gila River tribes joined civil rights groups in a lawsuit saying the expedited plan would harm hard-to-count communities.
Sept. 7, 2020
Navajo Confronting Challenges Of Census During Pandemic
The Navajo Nation has set up roadblocks to distribute information about the U.S. census. The Navajo face a number of challenges gathering census data, and are working to catch up before the Sept. 30 deadline.
Sept. 7, 2020
City Of Kingman Focuses On Getting Tourists Back
The pandemic is still taking a major toll on tourism. That’s been especially hard on Kingman. Mayor Jen Miles said the Mohave County city is trying to be proactive in keeping local businesses afloat.
Sept. 7, 2020