Blues Playlist for Sunday, June 2, 2019

Those Lowdown Blues Playlist for Sunday, June 2, 2019

Freddy King - Freddy's Midnight Dream - Just Pickin' 
Koko Taylor - I Got All You Need - What it Takes
Muddy Waters - I Got My Brand On You - You Shook Me 
Memphis Slim - I'm Lost Without You - I'll Just Keep On Singin' The Blues
Smokey Smothers - Smokey's Lovesick Blues - Sings The Backporch Blues
L.C. McKinley - Nit Wit - Best Of Chicago Blues
Buddy Guy - I Got A Strange Strange Feeling - Complete Chess Studio Sessions
Howlin' Wolf - I'm Leaving - Smokestack Lightning
Snooky Pryor - Dirty News - And The Country Blues
Snooky Pryor - Keyhole In Your Door - Too Cool To Move 
Homesick James & Snooky Pryor - Seems Like A Dream- Sad & Lonesome
Snooky Pryor - I'm Gonna Call Up My Baby - All My Money's Gone
Snooky Pryor - In This Mess - Shake My Hand
Chuck Willis - Whatcha Gonna Do When Your Baby Leaves You - Stroll On 
Ivory Joe Hunter - Rockin' Chair Boogie - Since I Met You Baby 
Nappy Brown - It's Really You - Don't Be Angry
Noble Thin Man Watts - Rickey Tick - Hard Times
Chuck Willis - Keep-A Driving - Stroll On
Big Maybelle - Rockhouse - Candy 

John Lee Hooker - House Rent Boogie - House Rent Boogie 
John Lee Hooker -Sally Mae - House Rent Boogie
John Lee Hooker - Mean Old Train - House Rent Boogie
B.B. King - Do You Call That A Buddy - Confessin' The Blues
Booker T & The MG's - Green Onions - Atlantic Soul Sensations
Ted Taylor - Daddy's Baby - Downtown Soulville
Derek Martin - Daddy Rollin' Stone - Downtown Soulville
 Sunnyland Slim - Trouble Of My Own - Classics
Snooky Pryor - Someone To Me - Telephone Is Ringing
Snooky Pryor - Goin Back On The Road - Snooky Pryor 
Floyd Jones - Schooldays On My Mind -Chicago Blues Vee Jay Era
Willie Nix - Just Can't Stay - Chicago Blues Chance Era
Leroy Foster - Take A Little Walk With Me - Classics
Mickey Champion - I'm A Woman - Bam-A-Lam
Ted Taylor - Everywhere I Go - Ebb Story 
Ted Taylor - Days Are Dark - Ebb Story 
Jimmy McCracklin - Gonna Tell Your Mother - Blues Blastin'
Linda Hopkins - Me And Dirty Blues - Rock And Roll Blues
Harmonica Slim - You Better Believe It - Come On 
Little Temple - Worries And Troubles - Dark Muddy Bottom
Willie Egan - Come On - Come On 

Snooky Pryor - How'd You Learn To Shake It Like That - Atone's 10th Anniversary
Little Milton - You're Welcome To The Club - Welcome To The Club 
Little Johnny Taylor - Part Time Love - All Night Long They Played The Bllues
Bobby Bland - I Ain't Doing Too Bad - Anthology
Mabel John - Guess There's No Love - Blue Evolution
Sammy Ward - Someday Pretty Baby - Blue Evolution
Robert Belfour - Stayed Awake - Pushing My Luck 
Pigmeat Markham - Your Wire's Been Tapped - Talkin' Trash 
Big Maybelle - Gabbin' Blues - Completye Okeh Sessions
John Moses - Night Out - T-Bird Party 
Big Boy Groves - You Can't Beat The Horses - Come On
Mr. Wiggles - Home Boy - Talkin' Trash 
Snooky Pryor - You Tried To Ruin Me - Telephone Is Ringing 
Sunnyland Slim - The Devil Is A Busy Man - Classic
Snooky Pryor - Boogie Twist - Rough Treatment 
Willie Nix - No More Love - Chicago Blues Chance Era 

Snooky Pryor - Work With Me Annie - SAhake My Hand 
Snooky Pryor - Decoration Day - And His Mississipi Wrecking Crew 
Snooky Pryor/Bob Margolin - Peace Of Mind - My Blues & My Guitar 
Snooky Pryor - Coal Black Mare - Too Cool To Move
 B.B. King - Hold That Train - Beale Street Blues Boy
Albert King - I've Made Nights By Myself - More Big Blues
Freddy King - Have You Ever Loved A Woman - Hide Away
Lilian Childs - 22 Minutes - Rock 'N' Roll Mamas 
Donna Hightower - I Ain't In The Mood - Men Are Like Street Cars 
Bee Bee Queen - Queen Bee - Rock 'N' Roll Mamas
Gwen Johnson - When A Trumpet Blows Away The Way - Men Are Like Street Cars
Big Maybelle - Blues Early Early - Candy
Cash Box - Ain't No Fun - Hail The Kings
Sugaray Rayford - Time To Get Movin' - Somebody Save Me

Johnny Young - Let Me Ride Your Mule - Snooky Pryor
Snooky Pryor - Judgement Day - Telephone Is Ringing 
Sunnyland Slim - I Done You Wrong - Classics 
Sunnyland Slim - Goin' Back To Memphis - Classics
Snooky Pryor - Eighty Nine Ten - Rough Treatment
Snooky Pryor - Real Fine Boogie - Snooky Pryor
Willie Nix - All By Myself - Chicago Blues Chance Era 
Snooky Pryor - Mr. Charlie's Mule - And The Country Blues
Snooky Pryor - Bluebird - All My Money Is Gone 
Snooky Pryor - Hold Me In Your Arms - Too Cool To Move 
Snooky Pryor - Pistal Packin' Mama - Shake My Hand 
Snooky Pryor - Someday Baby - Shake My Hand 
Snooky Pryor - Telephone Blues - Snooky Pryor 
Floyd Jones - Any Old Lonesome Day - Chicago Blues Vee Jay Era 
Snooky Pryor - Boogie Fool - Rough Treatment
Moody Jones - Rough Treatment - Snooky Pryor
Sunnyland Slim - Shake It Baby - Classics
Floyd Jones - Floyd's Blues - Chicago Blues Vee Jay Era