Two Republicans to square off for District 6 seat

February 06, 2012

Two of Arizona’s Republican Congressmen will be squaring off in an August primary. This unusual political battle is the result of newly drawn congressional districts.

Rep. Ben Quayle Rep. Ben Quayle (Photo courtesy of the Office of Ben Quayle)
Rep. David Schweikert Rep. David Schweikert (Photo courtesy of the Office of David Schweikert)

PETER O’DOWD: The state’s redistricting process left Representative Quayle with a decision to make. Run in the new District 9, which has more registered democrats. Or, vie against a member of his own party in the new District 6, which is a much more conservative electorate. Quayle campaign spokesman Jay Heiler says the congressman decided to follow his constituents.  

JAY HEILER: More than two-thirds of Ben’s current constituents were drawn into the new District 6 in the redistricting process, so Ben is running where he must to maintain the constituency he’s been serving up to now.

O’DOWD: Quayle’s decision to run against Representative David Schweikert in the August primary means one of the freshmen congressmen will not be re-elected. Schweikert campaign spokesman Chris Baker says Quayle made a selfish move, and damaged the Republican Party’s bid to keep control of the House.

CHRIS BAKER: He said it’s all about me. It’s not about keeping the majority. It’s about keeping Republicans in control. It’s about me. That’s what his move smacks of.

O’DOWD: The Quayle campaign says a primary pitting two Republican congressmen against each other is unfortunate, but a common side effect of the redistricting process. Peter O’Dowd, KJZZ News, Phoenix.

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