Wife Of Venezuelan Opposition Leader Appears In Arizona

By Matt Kling
Published: Monday, May 6, 2019 - 8:21am
Updated: Monday, May 6, 2019 - 8:23am
Andrea Hanks/White House
Fabiana Rosales de Guaidó.

Days after opposition and military forces clashed in Venezuela, the wife of the country’s opposition leader spoke Saturday morning in Arizona.

Fabiana Rosales is a journalist and human rights activist, and she’s the wife of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido. She appeared at the McCain Institute’s annual Sedona Forum, an event that hosts policy makers from across the country.

She spoke on what happened earlier this week in Venezuela, when opposition and military forces clashed following a purported deal that would have seen president Nicolas Maduro leave office.

“We do have the support of the military," Rosales said, through an interpreter. "80 percent of the generals in the military [are] on our side. What happened is there’s a small circle around Maduro that is filled with hatred that did not change and that’s what remains.”

Vladimir Lopez, a defense minister under Maduro, went on national television and called what the opposition was trying to achieve a “coup.”

Guaido urged military leaders to “keep advancing” in their efforts to oust Maduro who was elected president by a majority of Venezuelans and sworn into office in January, but has since faced calls for his ouster from 50 countries.

Rosales said her husband’s movement is a risky one.

"But we’ve lost the fear," Rosales said. "They’ve stolen so much from us, they’ve even stolen our fear.”

The U.S. and dozens of other countries recognize Guaido as the country’s leader.