Mexico Beheading Video: Who Is 'Jane Doe'?

By Lorne Matalon
November 05, 2013

She is now one of the nameless, likely soon-to-be forgotten victims of an intractable war, the war by Mexico's drug cartels against each other.

Only this time, the beading of a woman on her knees clad in blue jeans and a pink top has rippled its way to the Office of the British Prime Minister.

David Cameron was not mourning the woman's death specifically. He was lamenting Facebook's decision to allow the video to remain on its site, a decision that has now been reversed.

The BBC reports:

"Despite the fact the victim is clearly identifiable and that presumably someone somewhere in Mexico must recognise her - as their wife, daughter or sister - no-one has come forward to name her. As far as the BBC has been able to ascertain, there is no investigation under way in Mexico to establish the woman's identity, or find the culprits of her murder."

Later, Will Grant, a BBC reporter in Mexico City, makes this conclusion.

"If her execution is now considered so normal in today's Mexico that it doesn't even merit an investigation, in the final analysis, it is perhaps this - rather than any decision by Facebook - that is the most "irresponsible" element of this brutal killing."